Christmas bead toy: DIY
Christmas bead toy: DIY

Beads can be used to make a lot of things: jewelry, crafts, decor items, handbags, flowers and so on. Here are some tutorials on how to make beaded Christmas decorations that will shimmer under the light of the garland and won't break over time.

Snowflakes like Christmas decorations from beads

Snowflake Making Workshop:

Christmas toy made of beads
  1. You will need a fishing line, tweezers, two types of beads (one larger, the other smaller) and a cord to hang the craft (picture 1).
  2. String five beads, which is smaller, on the wire, thread one end of the wire through the last one to make a loop (picture 2).
  3. Next, string on one side a large bead and five small ones, and then another large one. Pass the other end of the wire through the last bead to form another loop (picture 3).
  4. In the same way, make another loop, only now you do not need to first put on a large bead (picture 4).
  5. Whenyou will already have five large loops, it remains to make one more. To do this, string three beads on one end of the wire, and two on the other. After that, pass the second end through the third bead on the first wire and tighten the loop (picture 5).
  6. Make three rings of four small beads, as in the picture 6.
  7. Now pass the ends of the wire through the side beads so that they come out on the second ring (picture 7).
  8. String three beads on each side and pass through the one from which the fishing line comes out (picture 8).
  9. Lower the wire down through the beads (picture 9).
  10. Bring the wire to the middle of the adjacent petal (picture 10).
  11. Make loops on the top of each petal, as described in steps 6-10 (picture 11).
  12. Thread string or ribbon (picture 12).

Christmas bead toy is ready!

Christmas wreath

Very beautiful DIY beaded Christmas decorations can be made in the form of Christmas wreaths. They are made quite simply:

Christmas decorations from beads master class
  1. Prepare a piece of wire, green beads (preferably elongated or just large), smaller red beads and one large silver or gold bead.
  2. Make a circle out of the wire. Wrap one end around the other, and make the tail of the second bigger (illustration 1).
  3. Wrap another wire closer to the tail of the ring (Figure 2).
  4. String a green bead on the extra wire (illustration3).
  5. Press the bead firmly against the ring (Figure 4).
  6. Wrap the wire around the ring so that the ponytail is at the back (Figure 5).
  7. String another green bead (Figure 6).
  8. String a lot of green beads, constantly wrapping the wire around the ring. As a result, your entire circle should be covered with beads (Figure 7).
  9. Then wind the remaining wire around the ponytail once (Figure 8).
  10. String a red bead on the wire (Figure 9).
  11. Thread a few more red beads and make a loop (Figure 10).
  12. Make another red loop on the right side. Then wind the wire around the ring and string the last green bead (Figure 11).
  13. Tie up the end of the wire to keep the beads from unraveling.

Christmas craft is ready!

Decorate the Christmas ball with beads

You can still not make whole crafts from beads, but simply use them to update old, bored and lost their beautiful appearance Christmas decorations. From beads for beginners, a master class on making an openwork cape for a ball is suitable.

Christmas toy made of beads

Working order:

  1. Take beads of two different shades of approximately the same size and a few beads larger. You will also need materials for beading and a Christmas ball.
  2. Make a ring out of small beads of different colors. You can alternate colors arbitrarily. For example, six green beads and one white, and so on several more times. Ringshould cover the top of the Christmas ball.
  3. Tie a knot and pass one end of the wire through several beads (illustration 1).
  4. String the beads on the wire drawn out in random order by color and size and make a ring by passing the line through the first bead from the chain (illustration 2). The height of the new ring should be equal to the size of the balloon.
  5. Pass the line through another piece of beads (Figure 3).
  6. Thread a little less bead on the wire than last time (Figure 4).
  7. Pass the line through a pair of side beads of the adjacent ringlet (Figure 5).
  8. String on a few beads and pass the line through the first bead in the chain (Figure 6). As a result, you got a petal.
  9. Make a few more of the same petals around the entire diameter of the first ring (Figure 7).
  10. Bring the working end of the fishing line through one side of the last petal (Figure 8).
  11. Put the craft on the ball and string beads on the working end of the fishing line, duplicating the color order of the first ring (Figure 9).
  12. Pass the line through the bottom beads of the petals (Figure 10).
  13. You should end up with a ring that goes through one bead of each petal (Figure 11).
  14. Tie a knot in the fishing line.

Updated Christmas bead toy is ready!

Other ornaments for balloons

how to make Christmas decorations from beads

You can make absolutely any ornaments from beads. Be sure to do the first firstring, and then randomly string beads of different sizes and colors, intertwine chains and rings with each other, make pendants from below, and so on. As a basis, you can use patterns for weaving bracelets and necklaces.

Beaded Santa Claus

How to make a beaded Christmas toy in the shape of Santa Claus? The order of operation is as follows:

DIY beaded Christmas decorations
  1. Take red, black, white and beige beads.
  2. String eight black beads in the middle of the long wire, and one white one between them.
  3. Then string the same number of beads again and pass the second end of the wire through them.
  4. You have two rows of beads.
  5. Do all subsequent rows in the same way. That is, string beads at one end in the desired color sequence, and then pass the second edge of the fishing line through them.
  6. The color of the beads and the order of stringing you can choose any, for example, as in the picture above. The main thing is that in the end you get Santa Claus.
  7. Tie a knot at the very top and make a loop through which you need to thread the ribbon so that the craft can be hung on the Christmas tree.

Spring herringbone

Christmas decorations from beads for beginners

This Christmas tree can be made very easily, but it turns out an original Christmas tree toy. Just take a thick wire and roll it into a spiral. Then straighten the wire, as in the picture above, and string green beads. You can hang a large bead on the bottom, and on toptie a small bow. Make a hook for a beaded Christmas toy to be put on a Christmas tree.

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