Knitting by hand: technique and recommendations. What is finger knitting?
Knitting by hand: technique and recommendations. What is finger knitting?

Knitting by hand is the process of casting on loops without the use of knitting needles and hooks. All you need are fingers and yarn. You can weave a scarf, jewelry, belts using this technique.

Basics of hand knitting technique

Man has five fingers on his hand. While knitting, you can use all of them, or you can only use four, three or two. If you dial five, then the canvas is obtained from the same number of loops. That is, the number of loops in a row corresponds to the number of fingers that were involved in knitting.

We suggest learning the four-finger typing technique.

hand knitting

Tie the end of the thread to your thumb. Then stretch it "eight" between the four remaining. Wrap the thread around the little finger and return to the index finger using the same technology (wrap the "eight"). Got the first row. The next one can be done in several ways.

First and easiest - pull the thread over all the fingers. The second (difficult) way is to repeat the drawing of the thread with the “eight”, as at the beginning, in one direction and in the other. The second row will go above the first. Then remove the loop of the first row from each finger. Leave the second one.That is, it turns out that the loops of the first row will be linked to the loops of the second. Repeat previous steps until finished.

Close knit like this. Only one row should remain on the fingers. That is, remove the bottom loop from the little finger and throw it over the top loop to the ring finger. And do the same with the rest of your fingers. Tighten the last loop.

The positive aspects of needlework

Knitting by hand is an affordable hobby for people of all ages. They can be practiced everywhere. For example, even in airplanes where it is forbidden to use piercing objects. After all, no one can forbid you to use knitting on your fingers.

knitting on the fingers

This is a pretty useful activity in a bad mood, stress. It calms, brings pleasure and uplifts the mood. Also safe for little needlewomen. After all, it does not use sharp objects such as knitting needles and hooks.

Tips for Beginners

When starting the knitting process, do not tighten the loops tightly, otherwise they will be difficult to remove later. The threads can also tangle your fingers, which can stop circulation to your joints. And your hands might go numb.

For knitting, you can use any thread (cotton or wool), it is best to choose those with a diameter of more than three millimeters.

First, carefully study the technique and then get to work.

Finger knitting is a fun craft for everyone, from beginners to experienced knitters. Let's try to do something new and different.

If you are ready to start knitting without knitting needles with your own hands, we suggest creating such a fashionable and bright scarf.

How to knit a colorful scarf

To work, you will need six skeins of yarn of different colors, a hook and, of course, your "skillful hands".

Proceed to a set of eyelets. Place your palm on the table. Take the thread and pull it over the index finger, under the middle finger, then over the ring finger and under the little finger. Then pass it in reverse order between your fingers. Repeat this one more time. The result is two loops on each finger. Now let's start creating a unique masterpiece.

Knitting on fingers

hand knitting scarf

Hold the end of the thread with your thumb. Take the bottom loop that is on the little finger. Take it off. Pass through the top loop. That is, with such actions you will allow the loop between the little finger and the ring finger to tighten. Repeat the same with all fingers. Then stretch the thread between the middle and index. Wrap the yarn around the last one and pull it through all the fingers again. Make two loops. Again, starting with the little finger, remove the lower loops from all fingers. Repeat the whole process from the beginning.

Be patient and you will create amazing handmade crafts. Knitting should look like a narrow strip four centimeters wide. Knit to desired length. In our example, this parameter is sixty centimeters. When the strip is tied, fasten off the loops (see above for how to do this). In this way, dial five more multi-colored elements.

Assembling the finished product

So, from each skein you have knitted six multi-colored stripes. Then take two blanks that more or less match in color and connect them with a thread.

knitting without knitting needles

You can use the crochet. Pass them through the yarn crosswise. Then do the same with the rest of the blanks. In order for us to assemble the product into one canvas, it is necessary to connect all the resulting strips to each other with a thread.

Scarf decoration

You can decorate a scarf with buboes. To do this, take a white thread and wrap it around four fingers or use a piece of cardboard. Remove the winding from your hand and pull the thread inward. Tie tightly. Cut the resulting loops. Bubo is ready! Make five more of these. Place three buboes on each end of the scarf and sew. You can make them plain or multi-colored. Rely on your taste.

handicraft knitting

Which other product allows you to knit on your hands?

Snood Scarf

handicraft knitting

To make the product, you will need:

- skein of thread;

- scissors;

- your hands.

Pick up the initial loop with your fingers and put it on your right hand. Take the ends of the thread with your left hand and dial six loops with your right. Do it as if you are knitting with knitting needles. Then remove the first edge with your left hand, and pick up the rest with the front surface. Knit until the length you need.

Finish knitting as follows. Twoloops transfer to the left hand. Take the nearest loop, pull over the second and tighten. So on the left hand there should be one loop. Repeat the steps until you run out of knots on the right. Leave the last loop on the left hand. Cut the thread coming out of the ball. Pass the tail through the remaining loop and tighten. Take a needle and thread. Turn the scarf inside out. Sew the edges of the product.

handicraft knitting

Thanks to such amazing needlework as hand knitting, we got such an unusual snood scarf. Is it hard for you to make such a product with your own hands without knitting needles and a hook?

If you know how to use these tools, then knitting with your hands will be easy for you to understand. Surprise yourself. Good luck with your work!

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