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DIY leather bracelets: master class
DIY leather bracelets: master class

The final touch in creating style is the selection of accessories. They are able to refresh and complement the image, make it unique and memorable. One of these items is the bracelet. This piece of clothing is equally appreciated by both women and men. Leather bracelets look especially stylish and original. They will be appropriate both in everyday life and for special occasions. Leather accessories are best suited to casual, boho and ethnic styles.

leather bracelets

Bracelets are presented on store shelves in a wide range, so choosing a stylish addition to the image is not difficult. However, many prefer exclusive jewelry, so they decide to try their hand at creating accessories. Making a leather bracelet with your own hands is quite simple, even a novice craftswoman can handle it. In this article we will tell you in detail how to weave a femaleand men's bracelets, what materials will be needed for work and what you should pay attention to so that the accessory fits well into the image.

Simple beaded leather bracelet for women

This accessory is very easy to make with your own hands, and the work will not take much time. It will look good with both jeans and a cocktail dress.

simple women's bracelet

To create a leather bracelet with your own hands, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • Leather. You can take natural or artificial. You will need a 30 x 40 cm cut.
  • Medium size beads. Choose the design of the element to your taste, the size is 5-6 mm in diameter. To work, you need 10-12 pcs.
  • Thick cardboard. We will make a stencil out of it.
  • Pen, scissors, needle, strong thread.
  • Glue. You can use the usual "Moment", just make sure that it is suitable for gluing leather and textiles.
  • Velcro.

Making a bracelet

Let's start by making a stencil. Let's draw three types of details on a thick sheet of cardboard, such as in the photo below. The width of the elements is about 2 cm. The length of the “eight” is about 4 cm, the middle part is 2-2.5 cm, the last one is 3 cm. The dimensions are advisory in nature, they can be changed at will. The main thing is to make sure that the selected beads pass freely through the inner hole.

stencil for making a bracelet

Now let's get to work with the skin. Lay out the material on a flat surface and, attaching a stencil, circle it with a pen."Eights" will need 10-12 pieces, the remaining parts - one at a time. Cut out blanks.

You can start assembling the bracelet. We fold the single parts with the wrong side to each other so that the inner hole matches. Now we pass the first "eight" through it, fold it in half. The first link of the bracelet is ready. Attaching the rest of the details. The exact number of links depends on the circumference of the wrist.

Starting to fix the beads. We return to the beginning of the bracelet and fasten the thread. Silk is best suited for work, it is thin and durable. We string the bead and fasten it with a few stitches. We fix the rest of the elements in the same way. Leave the last link empty, this will be the loop for the clasp.

bracelet with beads

We glue the last "eight" so that the edges of the part do not fall apart. Sew Velcro to the first link. For a stronger fixation, it can also be glued.

The original DIY leather bracelet is ready! It will be a spectacular addition to a fashionable look.

Stylish woven men's leather bracelet

Bracelets can be found not only in women's wardrobe. The strong half of humanity is not afraid to follow fashion trends and harmonize the image with stylish accessories. Men's leather bracelets are characterized by restraint, and a pronounced texture gives them originality. Knots, braids and weaving are the most popular decor options.

braided leather bracelet

In this master class we will tell you how to weave a bracelet from naturalleather.

To make a stylish accessory you will need:

  • A strip of natural leather 1 cm wide, 50 cm long. It is better to take a thick, soft material, then the bracelet will turn out more voluminous and beautiful.
  • Clip fastener. You can buy it in a needlework store.
  • Round nose pliers.
  • Pen, ruler, scissors.

Step by step instructions

First you need to cut the leather strip lengthwise into two equal parts. The resulting narrow blanks are folded in half and together, then fixed with a clip fastener. Before weaving a leather bracelet, the workpiece must be fixed so that it does not move during operation. Now, according to the diagram in the photo below, we weave a braid of four elements. Try not to twist the stripes, then the product will turn out to be more accurate. We fix the end of the braid with a clip.

bracelet weaving pattern

Stylish woven men's bracelet is ready! It will perfectly complement the rebellious style so loved by many young people.

Original leather bracelet with cord

This accessory is suitable for both men and women. You can decorate it with beads, buttons, rings, special connectors for jewelry.

leather bracelet with lace

To make your own leather bracelet with lacing you will need:

  • A strip of thick leather 1.5 cm wide and a length corresponding to the girth of the wrist.
  • Thin textile cord, you can take waxed or leather (60 cm).
  • Glue "Moment".
  • Scissors,stationery knife, pen, ruler, awl, pliers, hammer.
  • Decor (optional).

Step by step master class

The ends of the prepared strip of leather must be rounded off with scissors or a utility knife.

Next, we will make markings for the holes for the cord. On the reverse side, along the bracelet, we draw two strips with an interval of 0.5 cm. Thus, we conditionally divided the width of the workpiece into three equal parts. Stepping back 1 cm from the edge, we outline 2 holes along the lines for the future fastener. We do the same on the other side. Then, stepping back from the first marks of 3 cm, we mark the bracelet along the length. Holes should be 0.5 cm apart. For accuracy, it makes sense to use a ruler. Using an awl, we make holes for threading the cord.

Textile lace needs to be impregnated with glue for ease of use. We impregnate the edge of 2-3 cm, clamp the very end with pliers and flatten it. Glue sets quickly, within 5 minutes. Now you need to sharpen the end of the cord. We cut it at an acute angle with a clerical knife. A kind of "needle" is ready. The same must be done on the other side. Now you can start weaving.

Thread the cord into the hole to the middle, align the ends so that they are the same length. We cross them on the front side and skip into the following holes. So that there are no “gaps” in the weave on the front side, the ends of the cord must be crossed on the wrong side and threaded through the same holes. Thus, crosses are obtained on the front side, and stripes on the inside.

Continue to weave to the end of the bracelet. In the process, you can attach various kinds of decor. At the end of weaving, we pass the ends of the cord to the wrong side, we tie a double knot. So that it does not come loose during wearing, you need to impregnate the knot with glue and make it flat with a hammer, then the knot will not rub the skin.

connectors for jewelry

Use the rest of the cord as a fastener. We pass it through the extreme holes on both sides and tighten the bracelet into the ring. To prevent the lace from unraveling, its ends can be impregnated with glue.

Stylish leather bracelet in ethnic style is ready!


A leather bracelet is an original accessory that will accentuate your boho, ethnic or casual look. Making it yourself will not be difficult if you use one of the master classes described above. A handmade leather bracelet will be a good gift for a loved one.

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