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Openwork knitting: patterns, patterns, products
Openwork knitting: patterns, patterns, products

Openwork knitting allows you to create extraordinarily beautiful things for yourself and your loved ones. Basically, thin yarn is chosen for such products. These products are very light. They are often worn in the summer. Girls in such outfits look very attractive. You can knit your own summer sundresses, stoles, shawls, sweaters and even swimwear.

openwork knitting

Openwork - the beauty of products

Openwork knitting requires utmost care. After all, it is necessary to monitor the number of knitted loops in each row and make decreases or yarn overs in time in accordance with the scheme. First you should choose a model of the future product and decide on the pattern. After all, there are many schemes with descriptions that help create original, attractive products.

Among the wide variety of elegant clothes, openwork jumpers stand out. Delicate, attractive and at the same time practical products have many advantages.

Each needlewoman, having decided to master openwork knitting, will be able to create a gentle and attractive image. A jumper with a through ornament transforms a woman, adds charm and freshness to an image. That's why so many people wantto have at least one such thing in the wardrobe.

openwork knitting descriptions

Fashionistas of all ages use such clothes, thereby emphasizing their own unique style and originality.

Openwork jumper

Jumper - a product that resembles a sweater, put on over the head and has no collar. It is functional, comfortable and comfortable clothing. Openwork knitting allows you to create a festive outfit that adds zest to the image of a fashionista. A distinctive feature of such a product is lightness, volume, texture.

Women's openwork jumper is a great option for walking, and for important meetings, and for festive events.

Modern designers offer many models of openwork products. They differ not only in shape, length, but also in the way they are decorated. The age of the model should also be taken into account. For young girls, it is better to choose cropped products with a deep neckline and short sleeves. For older women, products with a V-neck and a length below the conditional hip line are suitable. Jumpers with openwork inserts are suitable for absolutely everyone.

Stoles, shawls

These extraordinarily beautiful products are loved by many women, regardless of age. Many fashionistas have modern openwork stoles in their wardrobe. Mohair is often used for their manufacture. This yarn is not only warm, delicate, but also extremely fluffy.

To make such a cozy and beautiful product on your own, you need to choose a suitable and simple openwork knitting pattern. Description of one of them -later in the article.

openwork knitting with a description

Experienced needlewomen recommend that beginners choose simple patterns, knit a pattern several times, and only after that start working on an openwork product.


Stoles and shawls are knitted from thin threads, but with large knitting needles. For example, a tippet is knitted on knitting needles No. 4, 5-5, 0 mm from yarn 100 g / 550 m. The choice of knitting needles directly depends on the size of the future holes on the openwork product.

Such stoles and shawls protect well from cold and wind. They will be a great gift for family and friends.

Easy openwork pattern for beginners

Description of openwork knitting will help novice needlewomen quickly complete the work. As the first "openwork" experience, you can use the scheme below.

Prepare fine yarn. Using this pattern, you can knit an attractive, delicate jumper. In it you will feel confident both at work and at special occasions.

openwork knitting pattern description

So, let's write a diagram of a simple openwork pattern. Pattern repeat: 16 + 13 loops, do not forget to leave 2 edge loops. The diagram shows only the front rows. The main thing, when starting to work with openwork patterns, you should learn how to properly make crochets and knit loops with an inclination to the left or right.

In even rows, purl all stitches.


As you can see, openwork knitting is quite popular. A light, gentle element can be associated with the description.clothes that will emphasize your uniqueness and individuality. The main thing is to carefully monitor the sequence of loops in the circuit. And before starting work, practice a little and knit the desired pattern several times.

A self-knitted jumper or stole made of thin, fluffy threads will delight you every day. Warmth, tenderness, grace - these are synonyms for the word openwork.

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