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How to make a hair band with your own hands: a master class
How to make a hair band with your own hands: a master class

Girls love to make their own jewelry. They use fabric, beads, beads for this purpose. This article will focus on headbands for hair. Beautiful accessories of this kind are difficult to buy in a store. But every craftswoman can make them with her own hands. Find tips and ideas below.

Fabric headband

fabric headband

Do you like to create feminine images? Then you will like this accessory. How to decorate a hair band with your own hands? To do this, you will need a thick plastic base and a plain lightweight material. It is best to use silk or chiffon. From the fabric you need to cut round blanks. The edges of the circles should be singeed with a lighter. We take a thread and a needle and collect the center of the flower with a seam "needle forward". We pull the workpiece. The result should look like a flower. Using this technology, you need to flash all the blanks. When the preparatory work is done, you can start making the headband for the hair. Glue the flowers to the plastic base. You need to glue the blanks so that they fit snugly against each other. You can upgradethis decoration and use colored fabric instead of plain fabric or make multi-colored blanks.

Flower headband

lacquer flowers

Are you romantic? Then you need to take a closer look at this hair band option. To make it, you will need wire and nail polish. We begin the creative process with the creation of blanks. Flowers are made according to the following scheme. Take a wire and any handle or other cylindrical shape. Wind the wire around it and twist it. As a result, you should get a petal. By analogy, on one flower you need to make 4-5 petals. Make flowers in different sizes. When the blanks are made, you can start painting them. Take two colors of nail polish. Apply a thin layer to each petal in turn. You can make the flowers monochromatic, or you can create unique color combinations. Similarly, you need to color all the blanks. Take a thin metal bezel that will act as the base. Alternately, you need to attach to the base of the workpiece. Alternate flowers of different sizes and colors. A headband with flowers will look presentable if you add beads and rhinestones as decor.

Ribbon headband

Do you like not only beautiful, but also comfortable things? Then this headband is for you. How to make it? You need to pick up two contrasting ribbons and a long metal chain or a thread with beads. Let's start making the headband. The hair band will be the starting point for the product. We tie all three to it on a knotcomponents. Weave a thin braid from ropes and chains. The product periodically needs to be applied to the head in order to approximately navigate in its size. When it looks like the headband is finished, tie all the ends of the ribbons to the other side of the elastic. The rim is ready. With such a product, you can clean your hair daily, or you can use the headband as a thing to fix your hair during sports. If you want to do something more feminine, you can replace one of the ribbons with a piece of lace.

Wire rim

wire bezel

This accessory looks very solemn. It won't work for every day. But such an ornament will look good on the head of a bride or a graduate. How to make a hair band with your own hands? To make such a craft, you will need a coil of silver wire and large beads. You can use natural stones or replace them with plastic ones. The headband will be created on the principle of trees, which are woven from beads. So, if you have already done similar crafts, you can use the usual scheme. Take a bead and put it on the wire. Now do 5-6 transplants. Put another bead on one of the ends and again strengthen it with twists, but this time they should be made no more than 3-4. Twist the two ends of the wire together. You have a part with two branches. Similarly, you can make blanks with 5-6 branches. When you have a lot of blanks, you can start creating the base. Wind the bundles on top of each other, periodically removing already reinforceddetails so as not to create excess thickness.

D&G style headband

headband with rhinestones

This accessory is suitable for both girls and women. In such a headband, you can go to the cinema, on a date or to meet with friends. How to make a stylish accessory? To make it, you will have to find a wide plastic base. Degrease it and start decorating. You need to fill the space with flowers, rhinestones and large beads. Place the flowers in the center of the rim. Surround them with one row of beads, and decorate the sides of the rim with rhinestones. Do you think this decoration option is too simple? You can draw a sketch more difficult. For example, create an ornament from beads or semicircular rhinestones. Baroque counterparts are ideal for this purpose. In a similar technique, it is easy to repeat the pattern of sea waves or frosty patterns. If you have large decorative pieces, place them in the center. Otherwise, they will cling to the hair.

Lace Headband

lace headband

Love headbands? You can make such an accessory for yourself. The photo of the headband is presented above. Delicate jewelry will help to make any image feminine and romantic. How to start the manufacturing process? From the choice of material. It is advisable to use dense lace, which will not rub or tear over time. Buy a section woven by craftswomen by hand or tie a small ribbon with a crochet or knitting needles with your own hands. Do not use leftover curtains or a nightgown. This lace willlook cheap. When you have decided on the material, bend it several times so that you get a thin tourniquet. In this position, you can fix the lace with the help of threads. Take another small piece of the same material and intercept the bandage in the middle with it. Thus, it will turn out to create a semblance of a bow. You can decorate the accessory with rhinestones or large beads.

Headband with branch

headband with branch

Many accessories look stylish thanks to catchy decorative details. Therefore, if you want to make a fancy thing, then make a semblance of a branch, and then glue it to a plastic or metal blank. How to make an interesting thread? To create it, you need a wire of two different diameters. From a thick metal wire you need to assemble the frame. First make the sheets. Make an oval, and then sharpen both edges with pliers. Attach the sheets to the base branch. To make the central axis stronger, roll two pieces of wire into a bundle. You can decorate the branch with large beads. Fix them on a less thick wire, and then attach them to the central part of the branch. It remains to duplicate the sheets. Cut them out of nylon, tulle or any other translucent fabric. If your chosen material does not hold its shape, fill it with hairspray. Attach the blanks to the branch with a hot gun. It remains to fix the decorative detail on the rim.

Headband with feathers

headband with feathers

Do you visit your grandmother in the village in summer? Don't waste your time. Collect feathers from birds. Fromthey can make stylish accessories. How to make a hair band? From feathers of the same size, you will need to make a composition. Take acrylic paint and paint the feathers gold with a brush. You can paint over blanks from a spray can, but watch carefully so that the paint layer is thin. Otherwise, the pen will stick together and become a shapeless mass. It is advisable to choose long feathers for the manufacture of the product. But if these are not available, you can use small ones, for example, chicken ones. While the blanks dry, paint over the base. We tint the bezel in gold color. Attach feathers to a hot gun. Arrange the parts in the same direction with a good overlap on each other. The accessory does not need additional fittings, but if you wish, you can decorate the headband with beads and rhinestones.

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