What can be made from a champagne cork: do-it-yourself crafts
What can be made from a champagne cork: do-it-yourself crafts

After the celebration of the New Year, there are usually champagne corks that are thrown away immediately. But in vain. It turns out that you can make a bunch of different stuff out of them. If you have developed a creative imagination and you are also the owner of "skillful hands", then you will probably be interested to know what can be made from a champagne cork. We hope the article will be interesting and informative.

What can be made from a champagne cork: interior design ideas

Cork is a unique material for creating various crafts. It is easily crumbled, pierced, cut, glued and painted. Crafts made from this material can become interior decoration, everyday items or unique souvenirs and decorations. So why neglect such good material? Let's use it to create a new masterpiece. You ask a question - what can be made from a champagne cork - useful and interesting?For example, make a rug in the bathroom. To do this, you will need from 200 to 400 traffic jams. The quantity depends on what size you want to make the product. You will also need an old rubber mat, a knife and waterproof glue.

How to make an original bath mat

Cut the corks in half. Take the backing and start sticking corks on it.

what can be made from a champagne cork

You can place them both vertically and horizontally. When all the corks are glued, take a knife and cut off the excess backing. Of course, to bring such a project to life, you will have to empty more than one bottle of champagne. Enlist the help of family and friends to collect the required amount of material.

What else can be made from a champagne cork? For example, a cutting board, a lampshade, an ottoman, coasters for hot dishes, a box, an original panel, a candlestick and much more.

We also offer to make a chair out of champagne cork. Such a decorative element will fit perfectly into the interior of your miniature flower garden.

How to make a chair

To make this craft, you will need: a used cork, or rather an iron basket from it and pliers for twisting the wire.

champagne cork toys

So, let's start making a chair.

Cut with pliers the bottom of the basket that connects the four twisted wires. Pull it out and straighten it. The wire is strong enough, be careful.Then twist the back of the chair out of it. Next, remove the aluminum plug from the twisted wire. She will be a "seat". The legs for the chair will be four twisted wires. Connect them to the back. Then put the "seat" on top of the structure. Bend the legs so that your chair does not fall. This craft will also look original on the Christmas tree.

Champagne cork toys

Wonderful crafts for children are also obtained from this material: cars, fairy-tale and New Year's heroes, houses, boats and so on. We offer to make a New Year's favorite of all children - a snowman.

This craft can be made together with children. They will surely love this idea. Rather, call them and get to work. For this you will need:

- paint (white, black, blue, red and orange);

- toothpicks (two pieces);

- satin ribbon;

- brush;

- pen;

- awl;

- red and black beads (two each);

- thin wire;

- scissors;

- cork itself;

- transparent glue "Moment".

champagne cork chair

How to make an unusual snowman from ordinary material

Take the cork. Paint white. It is best to use acrylic paints. Next, paint the top of the craft red. This will be the hat. Cut off the edge of the toothpick with scissors and paint it orange. It turned out a nose in the form of a carrot. Make holes in the cork with an awl and then stick it in theretoothpicks. Now create the face of the snowman. Start with the eyes. Take black beads and glue on the future face. Then dip the brush in blue paint and carefully outline the eyes around the beads. Draw the cheeks with red paint, and the mouth with black. Take a satin ribbon and tie it around your head. Got a scarf. Now on to the handles. Take a whole toothpick and break it into three pieces. The two extreme ends will go to making hands. Discard the middle part. Cut off small pieces of satin ribbon. Wrap them around the blunt end of the toothpick, secure with wire. Got mittens. Make holes with an awl and stick

champagne cork chair

thread handles. Glue two red beads on the belly of the snowman. Take the wire and wrap it with a feather. Then twist this design around the head of the craft and connect the edges of the wire at the back of the head. Here is such a wonderful snowman turned out.

Flash drive cork: a second life for old things

Thanks to such material as cork, you can give old things a new life. For example, if the case of a flash drive does not look presentable or just broke, then do not rush to throw it away. Use the following advice. So, break the old flash drive case. Take the cork and poke a hole in it with a screwdriver. Then install the flash drive board there. And everything is ready! This flash drive looks very original and unusual.

This is how champagne corks are made. Good luck with your work!

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