Knitted blankets - do-it-yourself comfort
Knitted blankets - do-it-yourself comfort

Knitted blankets, bedspreads and pillows always evoke in our memory the most touching memories of childhood, home and the warm atmosphere of a friendly family. You can’t buy such things in a store and you won’t find them on sale, they are created with love by your own hands to warm you on a cold evening, to become part of family history. A unique feature that distinguishes knitted blankets is the ability to make them from almost any yarn or its remnants, even with a complete lack of crochet experience. In fact, you can learn to knit precisely on a simple model of a plaid of motives, which we will now consider.

Knitted blankets

The motley multi-colored bedspread consists of twelve square motifs, connected according to a simple principle. The chain of air loops closes in a circle, 3 double crochets, 4 air loops are knitted, the operation is repeated four times. In each next row, an air loop is knitted above the columns, and double crochets are knitted above the air loop (“under the arch”). At the corners of the motif, 4 air loops are added to form a square, herethe principle of work in the first row is repeated. Finished motifs can be sewn or connected to each other when knitting the last row. The plaid shown in the photo is knitted with a two-fold thread, which makes the transition from one color to another more uniform. In the same way, you can create motifs in any other color scheme.

Knitted blankets from separate fragments of any shape are not only dense, but also openwork, they can be made according to your favorite pattern, attaching to each other in the process.

Knitted blankets bedspreads

An elegant white plaid is an alternation of squares made with double crochets and mesh with bumps. The squares of the grid consist of ten cells in length and width, dense squares - 20 columns with a crochet in 10 rows. Such knitted blankets made of cotton yarn may seem unnecessarily easily soiled, but they can be easily washed in a washing machine. It is not recommended to use "Whiteness" for bleaching the product, from which the yarn may acquire a yellowish tint.

Knitted blankets for children

If you have accumulated enough threads at home, approximately the same in composition and thickness, you can knit a striped plaid from a combination of posts and air loops. This simple bedspread in cheerful colors is made of rows of different colors. Along the contour, it is tied in compliance with the same rules as a multi-colored plaid of motifs. Almost any yarn can be used to create it, so you can turn a few old knits into a cozy new bedspread.

Knitted blanketsfor children - a special kind of these attractive products. The crochet technique allows you to create not just a rectangular canvas, but also a blanket or rug for games in the shape of a character from your favorite cartoon. Very comfortable blankets for babies with a hood on one of the corners, you can wrap the child in them after bathing. It is better to knit a bedspread or an envelope in a stroller from woolen thread or special yarn for children. To make the product soft, take a larger hook for work, you can also use knitting needles. Making blankets with your own hands is a useful, enjoyable and interesting activity.

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