How to make a Snow Maiden costume?
How to make a Snow Maiden costume?

Before the New Year, most kindergartens organize small holidays, including all kinds of masquerades, for which the kids will definitely have to make a carnival costume. If you look at the prices in stores for such outfits, you can be very unpleasantly surprised by the high numbers.

In this case, you can save a lot and make a Snow Maiden costume with your own hands. It will not take much time, and if you have some skills in sewing, then it will not be difficult at all.

Snow Maiden costume for girls photo

What is the costume made of?

Everyone probably clearly imagines the image of the Snow Maiden. The granddaughter of Santa Claus comes to the holidays dressed in a fur coat, the sleeves and collar of which are trimmed with fur, a beautiful embroidered kokoshnik on her head, and graceful boots complete the costume.

Snow Maiden costume for girls

What do you need for work?

Before sewing a children's costume of the Snow Maiden, you need to purchase the following materials:

satin fabric, length and width - 1.5 X 1.5 meters;

faux furwhite;

gray braid - 4 m;

ยท snowflakes for decorations - 1 pack;

Thin construction steel for shoes.

Costume work

As for the colors of the fabric, the material can be blue, white, silver - at the discretion of the needlewoman. By the way, it is absolutely not necessary to use satin, you can take lining fabric with padding polyester. The option is very inexpensive, and the impression of a winter coat will be created. There is one nuance: the material is very warm, and therefore it is better to sew the Snow Maiden's costume from thick satin or curtain fabric.

Suit of Snow Maiden

Step by step instructions

The pattern of the Snow Maiden's costume is based on a sun skirt, the markings are applied directly to the material based on the knowledge of two values:

neck girth;

Product length.

It is worth considering that for a small child, the long dress of the Snow Maiden costume for a girl will not be very convenient, because it can start to get tangled in the legs, and therefore it is better to take the length to the knees or a little less.

The selected piece of fabric is folded in four, twice in half. From the central part, the desired length along the arc should be set aside. The inner circle will serve as the neck.

It is necessary to mark the lower part, setting aside the desired length from the size that will be obtained if the neck girth is divided by 6. Add the length of the product to the resulting value. Then you need to draw a line that will be semicircular.

According to the resulting basting, a part is cut out that has a round shape.

The workpiece is foldedin half so that the wrong side is outside. The result is a semicircle, which must be divided into 4 identical parts. The sides will be sleeves. Here you need to cut both layers of fabric to the armpits. In order for the details to turn out as they should, it is recommended to try on the Snow Maiden costume for a child. Only one layer of material is cut along the central part to the neck.

Here you will need one more fitting to determine the length of the sleeves. After trying on, the fabric is laid out evenly and the sleeves are shortened if necessary.

Now you need to fold the workpiece again so that the wrong side remains outside, and make a basting of the side seams and sleeve seams. For this purpose, it is best to use a sewing machine.

Fur is sewn on the lower part of the sleeves. It also needs to be sewn to the neck. If there is a suitable pattern, the collar is made with its help, or a simpler method is used. It is necessary to cut out a rectangle having a neck length and an arbitrary width.

To make the Snow Maiden's costume more elegant, you can take beads instead of buttons. With a sufficient amount of fur, the hem of the product is sheathed, if it is not enough, then tinsel or beads can easily be replaced. To decorate the outfit, rhinestones, tinsel, beads, rhinestones, sequins are used, in general, with everything that comes to the mind of the craftswoman.

Below is another version of the pattern for the future costume.

Snow Maiden costume pattern

How to make a kokoshnik?

To complete the image, you will need to make a kokoshnik. Here you need to take a thickcardboard, from which a triangular figure is cut out. If we talk about the size of the headdress, then the measurement is taken from the head of the child. The corners are rounded, and a recess is made under the head, after which it is necessary to try on, and, if necessary, make adjustments.

Satin ribbons are used for decoration, which will serve as ties at the same time. The cardboard itself is pasted over with the remaining material or paper, which will be in harmony with the dress in color. Sequins, rain, tinsel or lace are attached over the headdress.

Do-it-yourself Snow Maiden costume

If there is no desire to make a kokoshnik, or it seems very difficult, then you can sew a hat to replace it. The size is determined by the head of the child, there is no need to look for additional fabric. The one that's left is fine. The bottom of the product is decorated with fur.

What shoes should the Snow Maiden have?

You can make graceful boots from steezol if you plan to use them once. The leftover fabric is used for upholstery.

The measurement is taken on the child's shoes, and then it is necessary to cut out the details from both materials, and then baste the fabric to the steel.

It remains to sew the toe with the top, sew on the sole and turn the boots inside out.

This part of the costume is decorated with tinsel, beads, rain, sequins.

Children's costume of the Snow Maiden

If there is no desire to reinvent the wheel and work on shoes, then you can use the shoes that are in the house. Any boots or shoes will do. Covers are simply made for the selected pairfrom fabric. Fur, beads or something else is used as decoration. Of course, such shoes are not suitable for walking along the street, but for a matinee they will be just perfect. Another option would be to use white boots.

As you can see from the article, there is nothing complicated in sewing an elegant dress, and if you make a little effort, you can get a Snow Maiden costume for a girl as in the photo in the article.

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