Beanie hat - what is it? How to knit a trendy beanie yourself?
Beanie hat - what is it? How to knit a trendy beanie yourself?

This is a regular knitted hat that fits snugly around the head. She has been firmly in the lead among headdresses for several years now.

Where did this trendy accessory come from

It is believed that the first such hats began to be worn back in 1920 by London workers: loaders, mechanics, carpenters, welders and so on. This thing was part of their work uniform. It was warm, comfortable, and most importantly, you could hide your hair under it.

Then, in the 1940s, the beanie hat became a mandatory element of the uniform of first-year students in English and American colleges. The emblem of the educational institution was sewn onto the headdress.

beanie hat

In recent years, this accessory has been modernized and taken on new forms. In the 90s, the beanie entered the fashion scene. Until recently, it was an inconspicuous hat, part of a work and student uniform, and now it is a bright accessory that is often found in the images of fashionistas and fashionistas. This type of hat is adored by representatives of the star beau monde, for example, Rihanna, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashlee Simpson and many others.

knit beanie hat

Now the trend is a beanie hat with various inscriptions,brand names, solid color, patterned, ears, pom-poms, crystals and so on.

Variety of patterns

The following types are distinguished:

  • Baggy. It is made from textured fabric. This type of hat goes well with loose-fitting things. You can complement the image with ankle boots and a huge bag.
  • Oversized style. Large knit item. This headpiece creates a playful look. Complement it with a dress made from light fabrics in a delicate shade.
  • High. Made from various materials (fleece, cotton, and so on). This look has stuck with bloggers' street looks.
  • Hat with pompom. The latter can be made with large viscous or English elastic. The main element is the pompom. This hat will add a little frivolity to your look. Better wear it with light-colored clothes.

Surely many people have a similar cut hat in their wardrobe. This accessory is ideal in the autumn-winter period, but you should not forget about it in the summer either.

How to choose a model

The beanie hat has a loose fit and is considered by many to suit every face type. But still pay attention to our advice: first of all, pay attention to knitting. A hat made of thick threads and having a large pattern is best suited for a person with expressive facial features. And for people with small features, knitted patterns are best suited. You can also choose a plain hat with a soft print.

knit beanie hat

About the color scheme. We advisegive preference to pastel colors, shades of green, orange and, of course, classic colors - white and black. All this is very relevant today. But in no case do not forget about your own preferences, choose your favorite model and wear it with pleasure!

What material is it made of

Headwear for the cold season is usually knitted from natural wool, angora, cashmere or mohair. Also, hats are sewn from dense knitted material.

For the manufacture of summer options, cotton threads, fleece or water-repellent fabrics are used. Recently, new materials have been used, such as bamboo yarn, soybean silk.

Next, learn how to wear a hat and what you can combine it with.

How best to wear

With long hair, this headdress looks perfect and stylish. Try to cover your forehead with a hat, and you can let your hair down on your shoulders or make romantic waves and lay them on one side or simply collect your hair in a low ponytail. It's up to you.

how to crochet a beanie hat

If you have short hair, then wear a hat so that the curls peek out slightly from under the headdress. To do this, lower your hat a little to the back of your head and open your forehead. If you have bangs, then lay it to the side.

With the help of a hat, you can correct the presence of a high forehead or an elongated face. To do this, simply slide the accessory over your eyebrows.

This headdress can be worn as you like: pull it on the top of your head, and on your forehead,and wear straight, and move a little to the side. Experiment!

What to wear with

The chunky knit hat goes well with down jackets, leather jackets, pullovers, jeans and leggings, as well as with tracksuits. And if there is a pompom on the hat, then it will add some zest to your image.

Knitted model will match a dress made of the same material, denim skirt, cardigan, blazer and skinny pants.

knitted beanie hat

Cashmere hat will look great with a coat, pencil skirt or formal trousers and blouse.

If you have purchased a bright accessory, then do not oversaturate your image with a lot of other colors. Do not combine more than three colors, otherwise your image will be too ridiculous and colorful.

Hat and scarf look good together. They can be of different shades, it is not necessary that they match in color and texture.

You can make such a trendy accessory yourself. The beanie hat is usually knitted or crocheted. This article will present several options for working.

How to knit a beanie hat (for beginners)

To work, you will need 150 grams of yarn and knitting needles No. 5 and No. 6. Head circumference: 56 centimeters.

how to crochet a beanie hat

Cast on 68 sts on needles 5. Knit in a circle eight rows with an elastic band. Then switch to needles No. 6 and knit further with a pearl pattern. That is, in each odd row, change the front loops to purl ones. Dial twenty-nine rows in this way. Then subtract at the beginning4 sts each row until 12 sts remain. Then finish your work. Thread the remaining loops and pull tight. Tie the ends of the thread and hide. So, the beanie is ready. A beginner can also knit such a model. To make it, one evening is enough. Treat yourself to this new thing!

In specialized knitting magazines you can find a huge number of master classes on how to start knitting a beanie hat with knitting needles. Then we offer another option that is suitable for more experienced knitters.

How to crochet a baggy beanie hat

You will need 150 grams of a light shade of yarn and stocking needles No. 7 and No. 8. Head circumference: 58 centimeters.

how to crochet a beanie hat

Cast on 78 sts on needles 7. Then follow the pattern:

1. Knit ten rows in rib. Further, for beginners there will be incomprehensible actions - the creation of shortened rows (that is, you do not need to knit several loops). We advise beginners to read carefully if you still choose this model.

2. Take needles number 8. In the eleventh row, knit 74 loops and leave them on the right needle, and do not knit four and leave on the left.

3. Flip your work. Work 74 sts in garter st.

4. Dial the next row again in a shortened way.

5. Work two rows in garter stitch.

6. Repeat steps two through five.

7. Thus, knit forty centimeters. More if you wish.

Pay attention to the product,and you will see that one side is narrower than the other. The narrow part will be the crown.

8. When the product is completely connected, pull the loops with a thread, and tie and thread the end well. Everything is ready!

Today, the beanie is the most popular accessory. She has been at the peak of popularity for several seasons now. This headpiece is perfect for a variety of outfits. For any image you will find the right model. Don't be afraid to experiment. Good luck!

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