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DIY photo frame decor: ideas, instructions for doing it
DIY photo frame decor: ideas, instructions for doing it

Photos of loved ones and relatives adorn many homes. This gives the family hearth coziness and warmth. Decorating photo frames with your own hands is easy to do, and there are a lot of ways to decorate a wooden or polyurethane base. You can fantasize using a variety of materials. These are paper and cardboard, fabric and lace, satin or crepe ribbons, organza or chiffon. Rope, hemp and burlap, waste and natural material are used to cover the frame.

The choice of the master depends on the desire and possibilities, as well as the overall design of the room, the color of the walls or wallpaper, the surrounding furniture or curtains. The type of room also matters, for example, a gentle design in pastel colors is suitable for a bedroom, brighter colors can be chosen for a living room, for a children's room, do-it-yourself photo frame decor can be done together with a child, accustoming him to creative work. For joint activities, you can take simple materials, such as paper or newspaper tubes, paint the frame with acrylic paints, or decoupage from a comic book magazine.

In the article we will consider several interesting decor optionsdo-it-yourself photo frames with a photo, we will tell you in detail the sequence of the work and acquaint the reader with the materials that need to be prepared before it starts.

Quilling decoration

To decorate a photo with beautiful flowers from paper strips, choose a frame with a flat front side. You will also need PVA glue of a thick consistency and large semi-beads for the centers of the flowers. They can be made multi-colored or use only one selected color. If you are fond of quilling, then you probably have a hook for twisting strips into skeins. If you are new to this technique, you can use a toothpick or paste pen refill for convenience.

quilling stripe decor

DIY photo frame decor is done as follows: the edge of the strip must be attached to the rod and the paper wrapped around. For circles that fill voids, wind tightly, and for petals - loosely. To make all the details of the flower the same, use a template, for example, a round hole in the ruler. It is necessary to give the element the necessary shape by squeezing one or two ends. The edge of the strip is glued to the last turn with PVA glue. When the petals are curled, stick them side by side in the shape of a flower, smearing glue on the end of the strips. Place a half bead in the center.

Paper version

The following decor of the photo frame is made of colored double-sided paper in A-4 format. Tubes for pasting the frame itself are made by twisting a rectangular sheet diagonally, starting from any corner. When allthe elements are cooked, trim the edges with scissors so that the tubes are the same size. Glue them with a glue gun with a shift of each element with a ladder.

paper frame photo frame

Then, flowers are cut out according to the pattern and the petals are twisted outward with a round stick so that they are voluminous. Place a bead in the center of each element, securing it to the paper with hot glue. It remains to cut green quilling strips and collect thin leaves, placing them between the flowers. It is easy to make such a decor for a photo frame with your own hands, even a schoolboy or a novice master can handle it.

Use of natural material

Easy to make photo frames with natural material. You can collect it while walking in the park or the seashore. Sea pebbles and fine gravel, dry moss and straw, shells and tree branches are used for decoration.

use of natural material

The frame, pasted over with round cuts of wood, looks beautiful. As a natural material, coffee beans and any cereals, beans and peas, cones, chestnuts and shells of any nuts, fruit seeds, etc. are used. Several types of material can be combined in one design. From above, effectively paint the frame in any color with a spray can or brush. Stones and cones will shine beautifully in the rays of an electric lamp if they are covered with a layer of acrylic varnish.

Almost nothing

Handmade photo frame decor from improvised materials looks spectacular and is unique. Consider a sample designegg shell frames. When peeling the egg, save the large pieces of the shell. Be sure to get rid of the inner film. You can paint the craft with gouache or acrylic paints, and after drying, varnish the work.

egg shell decoration

The mosaic design looks beautiful, where small elements are painted in different colors. For such a composition, both a flat frame and a semicircular one can be taken as a basis.

Acrylic photo frame decor

The photo below in the article shows how you can beautifully arrange a photo frame, even if you do not have artistic abilities. Purchase acrylic paints in white and blue and mix them together to make several different shades, placing them in separate jars. To paint the frame with spectacular stains, just pour paint on it one by one.

acrylic staining

Be sure to put thick packing cardboard under it or spread plastic wrap so as not to stain the surface of the table with paint. After drying, you will get a unique frame. Thus, you can make the design in any color.

If you have the talent of an artist, then using acrylic paints you can decorate the frame with any geometric or floral pattern or ornament.

Children's room frames

Any child will love a frame made from toys. To strengthen the plastic decorative elements on the base, use a glue gun. You can invite the child to independently compose a composition from the Lego constructor, as inphotos below in the article.

frame in the children's room

The frame pasted around the perimeter with small cars or soldiers will look spectacular. In the girl's room, you can paste over the frame with butterflies, ladybugs or dragonflies, attach lush bows of organza or nylon ribbons in the corners.


It is very easy to decorate photo frames using decoupage technique. Pictures cut from napkins, magazines or comics are used, as in the sample below. First, degrease the surface of the frame with alcohol or vodka. It is desirable to paint the frame with acrylic paint as a background or varnish so that it is smooth. Then choose a suitable picture or several fragments that need to be combined.

decoupage frames

Apply PVA glue on the surface and lay out the pictures in the right order, get rid of air bubbles. After drying, coat the surface of the frame with transparent glue or acrylic varnish to fix the picture on the base.

Decorating photo frames for the New Year

Designers use wooden frames not only for their intended purpose, they can be used as an art object, supplemented with decorative elements. Next, we will present the MK of the winter decoration of a wooden photo frame with our own hands for the New Year's celebration.

christmas decor

First of all, prime the frame and paint it blue, cyan, white or festive red. Depending on the chosen shade, select jewelry. Easiest to find in a box withChristmas decorations a few matching balls. Attach them with long threads or beautiful thin ribbons and tie them in a bundle, tying them to a small screw screwed into a wooden frame on top. The knots are hidden under a lush bow located in the center. This is the easiest winter decor option.

If you try, you can decorate the frame with Christmas tree branches around the perimeter, tie the needles with a red ribbon and add a few bright balls. To strengthen the decorative elements use a glue gun. You can choose natural or artificial spruce for decoration. Bows made of bright paper ribbon and polyurethane snowflakes look beautiful. You can decorate the frame as you wish, for example, seat a small snowman or gnome in the corner, attach Santa Claus reindeer or his hat.

Vintage Frames

The decor of the photo frame with lace looks incredibly impressive. You can make voluminous flowers with your own hands by carefully cutting them out of a lace ribbon. Some masters make lace elements on their own, using thin cotton threads and a crochet hook. They decorate the craft with beads or pebbles in a frame, add purchased foamiran roses or sew fabric flowers. Flowers or kanzashi bows created from satin or crepe ribbons will look beautiful with lace inserts.

vintage frames

You can combine lace with plain fabric by wrapping the frame with a strip of canvas. Recently, combinations of lace with coarse burlap and hemp ropes have been popular.

As you can see, DIY craftsvery interesting. This is a creative and exciting work that will not only decorate your home, but also bring satisfaction. The description of a detailed master class for decorating a photo frame with your own hands will greatly simplify and facilitate the task for beginners. Choose your favorite pattern and try your hand at decorating.

As you already know, the most diverse materials are used for decorating wooden or polyurethane photo frames. Prepare the necessary elements and harmoniously combine them into a single composition. Good luck!

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