Original paper ballerina snowflake: master classes
Original paper ballerina snowflake: master classes

On the eve of the New Year holidays or any other time, you can do with the children the manufacture of various paper crafts. For example, make snowflakes-ballerinas. The article will present several options for such creations. So let's get started.

Master class number 1: snowflake paper ballerina

Call your kids. Every child loves to cut out snowflakes from paper. Such an interesting activity will help you keep yourself busy, and the kids will develop creative, figurative and spatial thinking, fine motor skills, perseverance, accuracy, diligence.

Usually white paper is used to make this craft, but you can experiment and use colored paper. The choice is yours. Prepare the following materials for work:

  • one sheet of paper (A4 size);
  • ballerina figurine template;
  • white thread;
  • sharp scissors;
  • sequins;
  • snowflake patterns;
  • drawing paper;
  • glue;
  • pencil.

How to make paper ballerina

Our craft will consist of two parts: a torso and a pack of snowflakes. So, take a ready-made figure templateballerinas. And start cutting carefully the workpiece. Apply the resulting stencil to thick paper. Whatman will do. Circle the stencil with a pencil. Cut it out with sharp scissors. For children, it is best to give scissors with rounded ends so that they do not get hurt. The same as in the picture below, you should get a paper ballerina.

paper ballerina

You can find a ready-made pack template, or you can make it yourself (see below). Take your pick.

Folding pattern

A snowflake can be made by anyone, there is nothing difficult about it. The manufacturing technology is very simple. So let's start. Take an A4 sheet, a simple pencil and scissors. First, fold a sheet of paper so that you get an equilateral square. Cut it out. Then fold the square diagonally. It should be a triangle. Then fold according to the scheme:

paper ballerina pattern
  1. Fold the triangle in half. Then unfold.
  2. First bend the right corner so that the tip of the corner extends beyond the edge of the sheet. Do the same with the left side.
  3. Fold the resulting workpiece in half.
  4. Take a simple pencil and draw the pattern of the future snowflake on the folded sheet.
  5. Cut out the outline of the pattern carefully.
  6. Spread the workpiece. Best placed under a heavy book.

Then apply glue to the cut out snowflake and sprinkle with sparkles. You can also decorate the ballerina figure itself. Insert the body into the center of the snowflake. Glue the thread to the head of the dancer. Everything is ready!

paper ballerina patterns

Now start decorating the apartment. Fix the craft on the ceiling or on the handle of the cabinet, door. Such a snow ballerina, made of paper with your own hands, will delight your guests. And if you make ten more similar dancers, you will get a real garland. How beautiful and elegant your apartment will look, decorated with such lovely and graceful figurines!

how to make paper ballerina

Master Class 2: Dancing Ballerinas

To create an entire ballet group, you will need the following materials:

  • thick paper (drawing paper, white cardboard);
  • tulle;
  • paper clips (if not, you can use tape);
  • scissors;
  • line;
  • needle and thread;
  • glue.

First, choose the silhouette of the dancer you like. The necessary templates can be found in specialized magazines or created independently. Print out ballerina charts.

how to make paper ballerina

From the paper, then carefully cut out the selected silhouette along the office. Put the resulting stencil on thick paper and circle with a pencil. Draw the same figure, only in a mirror image on another sheet. Cut out both pieces according to the office. Glue them together, but don't forget to insert the thread or fishing line into the top of the head. You will get the same lovely paper ballerina as in the picture on the right. Now start sewing the skirt.

Making a pack

Take any color of tulle (necessarily medium hardness). If it's not therethen you can use lace. Cut out a strip of forty centimeters long and ten centimeters wide from the matter. With small stitches, gather the ribbon from one end with a needle and thread. You can decorate the pack with ordinary confetti, beads or rhinestones. Rely on your imagination.

Next, carefully put the tutu skirt on our charmer. Secure it by pulling the threads. Spread the folds evenly and tie a bow. So, our unusual paper ballerina is ready!

Make five more figures in this way. Then hang the ballerinas from the chandelier with a fishing line and enjoy. With every breath of the breeze, the beauties come to life and begin to dance. These crafts can decorate a girl's room for her birthday.

how to make paper ballerina

We hope you liked the proposed ideas for creating paper ballerinas. And you will take them into service and use the master classes if necessary. If you carefully read the article, then it will not be difficult for you to make a beautiful craft. Create with joy!

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