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How to knit a skirt with knitting needles - a step-by-step description, diagrams and reviews
How to knit a skirt with knitting needles - a step-by-step description, diagrams and reviews

Knitted skirts are a staple of top designers' collections, making them a wardrobe essential for any fashion-conscious woman.

Knitted skirts

The only difficulty is to choose the right style, because knitted skirts not only emphasize the dignity of the figure, but also reveal its shortcomings.

Variety of patterns

How to knit a skirt that can attract attention? Whatever style the girl prefers, among the variety of models she can easily choose the one she likes. These are strict office skirts, and "grunge" ones made of thick yarn with dropped loops, and ethnic-style models with ornaments, braids and arans. Also models for an evening out of shiny yarn and casual skirts.

Especially attentive to the choice of style should be the owners of magnificent forms. General recommendations: avoid excessive fitting and large volumetric pattern. It is better to stay on the A-silhouette and the length is just above or below the knee. Among the possible styles can be considered:

  • skirt-year;
  • A-line skirt;
  • loose straight silhouette.

Slender girls can choose any style, but very tall girls are not recommended to wear miniskirts, as they violate the proportions of the silhouette.

What to look for when knitting

Feature of knitted fabric - elasticity and extensibility. It is good if there is a small amount of elastane in the yarn. According to knitters, it is best to choose natural yarn with the designations “antipilling”, “laster” or “superwash” for work - such threads are pre-treated with a special composition to minimize the formation of coughs. To prevent the product from deforming during wear, you need to make a cover or petticoat for it.

When knitting in a circle, the sides are likely to sag, so for figures with a pronounced difference between the waist and hips, it is preferable to knit a two-piece skirt with darts.

When knitting a knee-length straight silhouette skirt for medium size (44-46), you will need about 400-500 g of yarn. This value may vary depending on the selected pattern, length and fluffiness of the skirt

Ways of knitting a skirt with knitting needles

Even the simplest straight skirt can be made in many ways.

  1. From the bottom up is a familiar method for many. A number of loops are cast on the knitting needles, equal to the width of the skirt along the bottom. To the line of the hips it is knitted with a straight fabric, and then the loops are reduced only on the sides or also in the place of the darts.
  2. From top to bottom, knitting a skirt with knitting needles is very convenient. The belt of the skirt is immediately knitted, increases are made for expansion to the hips. Working in this way, it is easy to try on a future skirt,by adjusting the width and length of the product.
  3. Another option. How to knit a skirt with knitting needles? It is necessary to start work from the line of the hips. Loops are recruited from the auxiliary thread, then knitting continues with the main thread to the bottom of the skirt. The auxiliary thread is unraveled and knitting continues upwards on open loops.
  4. You can knit a skirt for women diagonally. In this way, a perfectly fitting thing is created without additional darts. And, if the work is made of sectional dyeing yarn, the effect will be amazing. How to tie a skirt on the bias? Three loops are cast on the knitting needles, in the next front row on both sides a loop is added with the help of a crochet. From the inside, the yarns are knitted with a crossed loop to mask the holes. Increases are made at the beginning and end of each front row until the side of the resulting triangle is equal to the height of the side seam. After that, the loops are added only at the beginning of the row, and at the end one loop is reduced. When the skirt panel reaches the desired width, reductions must be done on both sides.
  5. Another way to make a skirt is cross knitting. With the help of short rows, it is convenient to knit darts, and pleated skirts also work great.
  6. Separately, it is worth noting the knitting of a skirt using a seamless method on circular knitting needles. This option is similar to knitting on straight knitting needles, only edge loops are not typed in.
How to knit a skirt

How to knit a straight silhouette skirt with knitting needles

You can find the pattern in a special magazine or draw it yourself,guided by the algorithm for constructing the basis of the direct model. In the future, this basis will be useful for obtaining various styles through modeling.

This example is designed for sizes 40/42, 44/46 and 48/50 with allowance for a loose fit.

How to knit a skirt with knitting needles
  1. Starting any knitting project, you need to make a sample of the pattern with which the work will be performed. You need to tie a fragment 15 by 15 cm, moisten it and dry it in a horizontal position.
  2. Next, the number of loops and rows in 1 cm of the pattern is calculated. After that, you need to calculate the number of loops along the bottom of the skirt and along the waistline. The difference between these values ​​​​is 4 ​​cm for all sizes. Multiplying the number of loops in 1 cm by 4, we get the number of loops that need to be reduced from the hips to the waist.
  3. Having calculated how many rows from the hip to the waist, you need to evenly distribute the reduced loops. The waistband of the skirt can be knitted or sewn on. For a one-piece knitted belt, knitting continues above the waistline for another 3.5 cm, then the front row is knitted with purl loops to form an inflection, and another 3.5 cm with the main pattern. From the inside of the belt loop, tie along the waistline, leaving a small area for pulling through the elastic.

Cross-knit skirt

Cross knitting involves working from one side to the other. The peculiarity of this knitting is shortened rows, with the help of which a fit is achieved along the waistline and expansion along the bottom of the product.

Knit skirt for women

Models made of section-dyed yarn look very attractive. Unlike conventional knitting, vertical stripes are created in the cross section that can advantageously adjust the silhouette. Fans of the Missoni style and pleated skirts will find plenty of designs done this way.

Flare skirts

Knitted flared skirts are especially suitable for women with curvaceous forms - they emphasize the waist, smoothing the fullness of the hips. Such models are represented by the following types:

1. Trapezoidal skirt, consisting of several wedges or gradually expanding towards the bottom. The difference is in the method of adding loops: when knitting wedges, increases are made at the beginning and end of the segment, so that the line of the wedge stands out clearly. Very often, a pattern runs along the line of decorative additions: a tourniquet or a braid. In a regular A-line skirt, increases are made along the side seam and, if the yarn is thin, in the middle of the fabric. At the same time, the number of darts in the "blade" skirts is equal to the number of borders between the wedges.

Knitted skirts for women

2. Corrugated skirts, or pleated, can be knitted in the transverse direction and from top to bottom. In both cases, to obtain a scar between a certain number of loops of garter or stocking knitting, forming the width of the fold, vertical tracks are knitted from the front or back loops. For a more pronounced pleated effect, folds are formed along the waistline.

3. The skirt-year is knitted according to a pattern of a straight silhouette, and at a certain height, at regular intervals,increments, forming wedges. In this style, it is very important to choose the right place for the beginning of the flare, so that the folding bottom does not weigh down the voluminous hips.

How to knit a skirt

Skirt with pleats from the waist will suit slender girls. For sizes where a visual correction of the figure is needed, it is preferable to use folds from the hip line or along the bottom of the product.

Knitted skirt for girls

Features of a child's figure make it possible to choose any model you like. A knitted skirt for a girl can be with folds and frills, straight and fluffy, plain and colorful. The product will be decorated with colorful stripes, ornaments and knitted images of your favorite characters.

How to tie a skirt so that the baby wears it for more than one year? Firstly, the work should be done from top to bottom - when the girl grows up, it is easy to increase the length by simply knitting a few rows. Secondly, it is better to choose yarn with a natural composition, the presence of a large percentage of acrylic will lead to the formation of coughs, and the skirt will lose its attractive appearance. About 100 g of yarn is enough for a skirt for a girl of 3-4 years old.

Knitted skirt for a girl

When knitting with threads of different colors, it is desirable that they be of the same thickness. The knitting algorithm for such a skirt is very simple.

  1. Measure the circumference of the girl's waist, calculate the required number of loops according to the pattern knitted with the front stitch. Calculate the desired width of the skirt from the bottom and determine the number of loops that need to be added for expansion.
  2. The skirt is knitted in one piece - front and back.Work can be done on straight or circular needles.
  3. Start with a one-piece knitted belt with an elastic band 1 by 1. If you wish, create splendor along the waistline, already in the first row of the front surface, the number of loops can be doubled. Another option is to add a certain number of loops at regular intervals of the rows.
  4. The skirt is thus knitted to the desired length, the last rows are worked in a stabilizing pattern with alternating knit and purl loops: in this case, garter stitch. In the future, these rows can be dissolved and knit a few more strips.
  5. At the end of the work, sew the side seam, if any, finish the design of the belt and pull the elastic through.

Crochet skirt

The most common type of crocheted skirt is an openwork summer model made of cotton threads with the addition of silk or viscose. Such models can be straight silhouette or flared. Knitting can be done in tiers or individual motifs.

Crocheted skirt

Crocheting a skirt, like knitting, is easy. It is enough to choose the pattern you like, execute it in the sample and calculate the required number of rapports that fit into the width of the fabric of the product. It is better to crochet a skirt from top to bottom. To make the lace look more expressive, you can use a fabric in a contrasting color as a cover.

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