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How to make a chair with your own hands. How to make a rocking chair with your own hands
How to make a chair with your own hands. How to make a rocking chair with your own hands

Furniture can be made not only from boards, but also from any available material. The only question is how strong, reliable and durable it will be. Consider how to make a chair with your own hands from plastic bottles, cardboard, wine corks, a hoop and thread.

Bottle chair

The chair needs the same bottles (do not remove the caps). You make modules out of them so that the furniture is durable. For one module you will need three bottles. One bottle should be whole, cut the other two into two unequal parts (the top should be smaller). Now insert the top with the cork down into the second half. Put the whole bottle on top. Cover it with the second half of the third bottle. Rewind the module section with tape.

Now fasten two or four modules together with tape or packing tape. You need to collect as much as you need for the chair. To figure out which blocks to form, fold the modules into a chair shape with armrests, then bandage them.

For example, connect the armrests, backrest, bottom separately, and then fasten everythingdetails among themselves. Don't skimp on packing tape as bottles shouldn't move.

Instead of plastic bottles, you can take iron cans from baby formula and make an armchair, a bed with your own hands. Once the body is ready, fit it with foam rubber. Separately sew cushions for the seat and back of the chair. Attach them to the foam. Cover with upholstery fabric. Now you can cut the cape and decorate the chair. If you make the body fixed, then the furniture can last for several years.

how to make a chair with your own hands

Hanging chair

For this model you will need an iron circle (hoop), polyester cord (thickness 5 mm, length 900 meters), hook No. 9, gymnastic ring, hook. Try to take the longest cord, as the knots under the pressure of the weight can unravel over time.

Crochet the "seat" according to the size of the hoop. Any pattern or napkin pattern will do, even a simple arched mesh. Please note that under the weight of the bottom will sag. Therefore, if you want a hard chair, the size of the napkin should be smaller than the hoop. That is, we pull the bottom onto the base. You can not knit a seat, but with the help of macrame make a hanging chair with your own hands.

Next, you need to knit or weave the top. To do this, from the cords (the number depends on the weight of the person, and the length - on the height of the ceiling), weave a small segment, drag it through the mount. Begin to expand the knitting by weaving the cords together. After 20 centimeters, braid the gymnastic ring. In this case, all the cords are distributed into an even number, andfill the rest of the space with other polyester pieces.

Continue weaving all the cords together, forming the back of the chair (reminiscent of a tent). Next, braid the hoop with the same cords. Therefore, the segments must be long, and the fastening must be reliable. In fact, the chair is ready, but for beauty, you can tie the bottom a little and decorate with a fringe.

make your own hanging chair

How to make a chair with your own hands from papier-mâché

This model takes a lot of time to make, but the result is worth it. This chair is perfect for toddlers. You need to take a big ball for fitness, inflate it, put it in a bag, attach a cardboard round bottom to the bottom with adhesive tape (“peep” is on top).

Next, glue the ball with newspapers, wallpaper with wallpaper glue and PVA. To make it convenient to glue the ball, put it in the basin with a “pip” down. The process is the same as in the manufacture of papier-mâché: pasted the first layer, left to dry. So you need to glue until the thickness reaches one centimeter.

Next, turn the ball over, lower it. With a clerical knife, make an oval shape (it looks like a shell). Now it remains to make an easy chair with your own hands. Take a blanket, blanket, foam rubber or other filler. Attach the fabric to the body from all sides with a construction stapler.

Last of all, upholster the body with a decorative fabric. Sew a seat cushion, sheathe it with the same material and insert it into a chair. Attach the wheels to the bottom. It turned out a soft baby seat for kids. adult backrest and armrests cancan't stand it.

make your own easy chair

Bean bag chair

Children can sew a bean bag chair. Not only professional seamstresses can make it with their own hands. To do this, you need templates. They can be of any shape, but the most popular is pear-shaped with an oval end. You make patterns twice - on raincoat and upholstery fabric.

It is undesirable to take lining fabric for the inside, as it will spread under the weight of the weight. It is better to buy raincoat matter, it is durable and waterproof. This is especially important if you have small children.

Sew patterns, fill them with special foam balls. Do this outdoors or in the garage, as they are magnetic, stick to your hands and scatter in all directions. Got an inner bag. Now you sew a cover from the same nine patterns (six wedges, one top and two halves of the bottom), only sew a zipper to the bottom or between two wedges. As you can see, it is not difficult to make a bean bag chair with your own hands.

It is impossible to predict which shape is best for a seated person. Only with the first experience will you be able to understand how many granules you need to pour, what fabric to use, what patterns should be.

do-it-yourself bag chair

How to make a DIY rocking chair out of cardboard

Cardboard, when properly folded, creates a durable material that can support a grown man. There are several options for making a cardboard chair.

  • Cut out rectangles from cardboard to the width of the chair. Fold each rectangle into threeequal halves. Make a triangle out of them. Then you fasten all the triangles together with hot glue or cords, forming the shape of a chair. Wrap it in foam rubber, cover it with fabric and decorate it with a cape.
  • You can make a rocking chair with your own hands from one pattern. Draw a side sketch with the back, seat and bottom. It can be in the form of a lowercase letter “a”, an oval, a hockey stick, etc. You need about 70 identical templates, between which you glue cardboard inserts (triangles, plates). Next, you also cover it with foam rubber and fabric.
  • Draw on cardboard four sketches of the chair (side view) and inserts of different lengths and thicknesses. In the inserts, make cuts and insert the sidewalls into them. Sheathe it with thick foam rubber, fabric, and you get a chair-chair.
  • make your own baby seat

Tire chair

If there are two car tires, a piece of felt, dense and thin foam rubber, flexible plywood, then you can make garden furniture. So, how to make a chair with your own hands from tires:

  • wash and dry the wheels;
  • put tires on top of each other;
  • fasten them with self-tapping screws;
  • cover with felt on top;
  • fix it with a construction stapler;
  • cut off excess felt;
  • turn the wheels;
  • according to the size of the tire, cut out two circles from dense and thin foam rubber;
  • insert a thick piece into the wheel;
  • top cover with a thin circle;
  • from thin foam cut another circle covering the entire tire;
  • staplersecure material;
  • screw flexible plywood with self-tapping screws;
  • wrap the resulting back on both sides with thin foam rubber;
  • staple the fabric;
  • sew a cover that covers the whole chair;
  • put it on.

It is better to sew a cover from a dense fabric with a padding lining. If the chair will stand in the house, then upholster the entire body with a cloth, then put on a cover.

make your own bed chair

Hammock chair

A hammock chair is suitable for a summer house or a balcony, which both adults and children will love. To do this, you need a thick stick, thick fabric, cords, belts, fasteners. Cut out a rectangle from the fabric (its size depends on the parameters of the person sitting). Sew it in half if the fabric is not very thick, or just finish the edges.

Sew the straps to the width of the rectangle. Drill two holes at the stick and thread the cords with fasteners. Attach the straps collected in a bundle to it with the help of clamps. Hang your hammock from the ceiling. You can also make a baby seat with your own hands in another way.

From cords weave using macrame technique or crochet a long and wide rectangle. On the sides, tie the strap handles and tie a stick around them. Also fix the cords with fastening. It turned out a mesh hammock. Now sew a mattress and a cape for a chair. The shape of the hanging chair can be any. The main thing is that the material is solid, without cuts (that is, a seat made of solid fabric or long cords).

make your own rocking chair


There is a massways to make a chair with your own hands. It can be bottles, cans, cardboard, newspaper tubes, car tires, fabric, thread, boards, plywood, boxes. Home-made furniture in appearance is no worse than purchased, it will decorate any interior.

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