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Lovebirds dolls: DIY making, meaning
Lovebirds dolls: DIY making, meaning

Russian amulet dolls were used by our ancestors not only for games or interior decoration, they were considered powerful helpers in all areas of activity. They were created to take care of everyday life, improve personal and social life. The Slavs made such dolls before important holidays, for example, on the day of Ivan Kupala or for seeing off Maslenitsa. They were also a valuable gift for a wedding or the birth of a child. Charm dolls accompanied our ancestors all their lives, from the cradle to the deathbed.

Meaning of amulet dolls

The ancient Slavs did not have everything that fills our life now. They couldn't watch TV or surf the Internet or call anyone and ask how things were going. They lived according to natural laws, obeyed the cyclical flow.

Agriculture played an important role in their lives, so calendar and climatic conditions were also important for them. Seeing off winter, the time of sowing fields, harvesting a new crop - for all these vital stages for our ancestors, special ritual dolls were created. Each had their ownpurpose, purpose. Some dolls were burned, hoping to be cleansed, others were filled with cereals and put up in a conspicuous place in the hut to bring prosperity and abundance.

Why amulet dolls don't have faces

Each such traditional doll was faceless. Usually needlewomen made a face simply from a white rag. So they sought to leave the object inanimate, so that evil forces could not move into it. The main purpose of such a talisman is to bring he alth, prosperity, and joy to its owner.

The amulet dolls were a real miracle: without arms and legs, without a marked face, created from just a few rags, they were still alive. Each doll had its own character, she was many-sided, she could cry and laugh.

lovebird dolls

The ancient amulet doll was supposed to become the protector of its owner, save him from misfortunes and evil forces, protect him from diseases. Needlewomen made them without the use of needles and scissors. It was impossible to cut pieces of fabric, it was only allowed to tear them. From this, another name for dolls is "rvanki".


At all times, the wedding was a bright event that was remembered for a lifetime. The energy of the love of the young fascinated and inspired. Our ancestors treated wedding ceremonies with all respect. They had their own elements of jewelry, amulets and traditions. The Slavs made many dolls for this day. All of them had their own meaning and were made solely for the well-being of the future family.

lovebirdsdoll amulet

The mother of the bride sewed a special doll - "Mother's Blessing". It was important to make this amulet in secret from the young. When the wedding ceremony was going on, the parent would take out a large doll that had been made, to the hem of which two more small ones were sewn: a male and a female figurine. These two dolls were torn off from the big one and passed on to the young family. The newlyweds had to keep the gift so that their family would have prosperity and childbearing. A large doll remained in the parental home, she helped the mother survive the separation from her daughter.

Sometimes an ash doll was given to a young family. She was considered a symbol of the family, multiplied and protected offspring.

Slavs cared about the well-being of the future family. When the wedding train left the bride's house for the groom's house, where the young people were supposed to live, two dolls were hung under the shackle of the horse harness. These were fake bride and groom, which evil people looked at in the first place. Thus, unkind glances did not touch the young.

a strong family

Even now, at the head of the wedding procession, a car decorated with ribbons and garlands rides, on the hood of which a doll sits. An echo of ancient customs, she protects the new family from evil looks.


The most important doll for the wedding was another double doll. It was believed that the Lovebirds dolls presented to the newlyweds would bring family happiness to the young. They symbolized the masculine and feminine principles combined into a single whole. Among our ancestors, according to custom, bridesmaids made such a doll.

love energy

They used white, red and other bright patches of fabric, scraps of multi-colored threads. At the base of the doll was either a thin sliver or a torch. Usually the width of the stick was no more than 1.5 cm, and the length was 25-30 cm. Any tree was suitable, except for aspen and alder. Our ancestors believed that these trees were associated with evil spirits, so they tried to stay away from them.


"Lovebirds" - a charm doll, symbolizing the strong union of the young. The dolls have one hand, which means that the newly-born husband and wife will go hand in hand all their lives, they will be together in sorrow and in joy. This is the only way to make a strong family.

This doll has strong power. Made from one piece of fabric, tied with one thread, it connects the young into a single whole. As long as they are together, they are fine. But if the fateful thread breaks, the doll will fall apart into its components. And there will be no more union of two lovers.

Slavic doll lovebirds master class

Once the doll falls apart, it will be difficult to put it back together again. As a result, there will be a completely different doll. It will show the knots made to hold the thread.

To have a strong family, you need to take care of the doll - the thread that unites the young, makes them family to each other.

How the Slavic doll "Lovebirds" is made. Master class

Even in our time, you can make and give such a doll for a wedding. If you want, try to make it for an existing family. She will bring prosperity, relationships betweenspouses will improve, the energy of love, mutual understanding will reappear. This is a good gift.

Lovebirds dolls are kept for life. They are placed in the red corner of the house. With each child that appears in the family, a bell or a tassel of thread is tied to the doll. They need to be placed between mom and dad, in the middle of the doll.

Russian dolls amulets

So, how to make a Lovebirds doll with your own hands? You will need the following materials:

  • a piece of fabric measuring 20 by 20 cm;
  • filler (suitable synthetic winterizer);
  • spool of red thread.

It is important not to use sharp objects. Therefore, no scissors and needles. Everything is done by hand. You can’t cut the fabric for the doll, just carefully tear off the desired piece from the canvas. Remember that the thread cannot be cut. During the manufacture of the Lovebirds doll, it must be continuous.

Fold the flap horizontally. Mentally divide the resulting rectangle into two squares. You can use an iron to iron the fold to make it easier to find the middle.

First doll

Work should start from the left square. From it the first doll is obtained - female. There is an opinion that such traditions originated during the matriarchy. You have the opportunity to do otherwise.

Take some filler and make a knot head in the middle of the left square, wrap it with thread. Make sure there is enough fabric left to make the arm. The thread must not be cut.

The next step is to form the figure of the doll. Starting witharms. Thread the fabric from the neck to the palm, then go back. Determine where the waist should be, and form a skirt with a thread. At the finished doll, the thread is crosswise fixed on the chest. The woman is ready.

Second doll

Wrap the thread around the common arm of the pupae. The right square of fabric has remained unused so far. A male doll will be formed from it.

Starting with the head. Take about the same amount of filler and form a knot head, secure everything with a thread. A start. The thread is crosswise fixed on the chest of the male doll.

The next step is to form his legs. Everything is done with the same thread. When the legs are done, go back upstairs and make a hand to this kid. Wrap the remaining piece of fabric and return to the head.

Before us are the almost completed Lovebirds dolls. The thread must be brought to the middle of the common hand of the figures, then it should be cut off. First, make sure you leave a long enough piece of thread to make a loop out of it. In the future, such a doll can be hung. She will guard family happiness.

how to make a do-it-yourself lovebird doll

In addition to the above, there are many other variations of this doll. The main thing is that its creator put affection, joy, kindness into his creation. Then she will bring happiness.

In closing

"Lovebirds" - a doll-amulet of the happiness of the young. She binds them with family ties, leads them on the same path to their common happiness.

In our time, the tradition is returning. Now many peopledevastated by constant loneliness. They are increasingly beginning to protect the main values. And the Lovebirds dolls help many.

You can make such a gift for any married couple. Present them from the bottom of your heart, wish your husband and wife to always be together. They will appreciate such a gift.

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