How to knit a turban with knitting needles? We knit ourselves
How to knit a turban with knitting needles? We knit ourselves

In the 20s of the last century, the turban became a trendy accessory. The headdress itself comes from the East and was exclusively masculine, but the Art Deco era breathed new life into it. One of the great designers of that time, Paul Poiret, was very fond of oriental ethnic motifs and styles: harem pants, lampshade skirts, kimonos and, of course, a turban (or turban). All Parisian fashionistas were required to have this accessory, made of silk or velvet and richly decorated with stones, pearls, feathers.

Things are a little easier today. A turban does not have to be made of expensive fabric, and stone jewelry is almost bad manners. The knitted turban looks the most relevant. Consider how to knit a turban with knitting needles (description will be later).

how to tie a turban

Choosing yarn and knitting needles

Turban is a headdress, so you need to choose the yarn that you would use to knit a hat. For the winter, you can choose a thick bulky wool yarn. In combination with embossed knitting or large braids, the thing will turn out to be very relevant. You can also use thin woolen yarn with the addition of silk. A slight sheen of the canvas will give a reference to the oriental roots of the headdress.

How to knit a turban with your own hands for the off-season? For spring and early autumn, you can knit a turban from cotton yarn. Try to choose a thread of natural composition, so as not to harm the hair and scalp. It is better to choose an openwork pattern so that it is not hot.

Knitting needles for work, take those recommended by the yarn manufacturer. A warm turban can be knitted on circular needles (a little later it will become clear why). Consider the types and how to knit a turban with knitting needles.

how to knit a turban with knitting needles

Types of turbans

Turban can be made in two forms. One, simpler, looks like a bandage around the head. This one is distinguished from the usual bandage by the imitation of the “branded” knot on the forehead. This accessory is more adapted to everyday wear, it can be combined with parkas and down jackets.

The second option is made in the form of a hat. This accessory is warmer, completely covers the head. Such a turban can be made in a casual style, and it can also be worn with everyday clothes, or you can knit a classic or even an evening version.

Turban bandage

How to tie a turban bandage? Such an accessory can be knitted in just a few hours. If you want to knit a headband made of thin yarn, but still warm and windproof, it can be done in two layers. Start with calculations, measure the circumference of your head and decide on the width. Turban bandage should not be too narrow, the wider, the more effective it will look.

If you decide to make a two-layer bandage, then you can take circular knitting needles for work. Knit the productcircle, like a sleeve, only without adding loops. Having knitted a strip of the desired length, twist the bandage once, and sew the edges. The turban headband is ready!

You can choose absolutely any pattern for knitting, but since the product itself is quite bright and original, it is better to stop on the front surface or pearl knitting.

how to knit a turban with knitting needles with your own hands

Elasticated turban hat

How to knit a turban with knitting needles with your own hands? Let's knit a turban hat with a 4x4 elastic band.

First, let's do the calculation. Measure the circumference of your head from ear to ear over the crown. Divide the resulting number in half and calculate the number of loops. This is the width of the item.

Knitting resembles a scarf, the length of which will be about 80-10 cm. But during the process, try on the product for yourself so that the turban fits snugly.

Having finished knitting in a straight line, connect the ends of the resulting strip into a ring, twisting (or tying it in a knot) in the middle with knitting needles, crochet or with a needle and thread. Now connect the inner sides of our strip starting from the base at the neck. Knowing how to knit a turban with a simple model, you can experiment with patterns and different types of knitting.

how to knit a turban hat with knitting needles with a detailed description

Embossed turban hat

Another way to knit a turban hat with knitting needles, with a detailed description.

Cast on so many stitches on the needles that the band is 10 cm wide. The number of stitches should be a multiple of six plus one more stitch for symmetry.drawing.

Next, we knit a relief elastic band.

  • In the first row, alternate one wrong side with two facial ones.
  • In the second and in all purl rows we knit according to the pattern.
  • In the third row we knit one purl, and we knit the next two loops as follows: first, the second behind the back wall, without removing it from the knitting needle, knit the first behind the front wall, and remove it from the knitting needle.

Next, repeat the pattern from the third row.

Knit with such an elastic band four to five centimeters. Now we begin to make additions between the reliefs of our gum. We add in the front rows the wrong loops, five in a row. We add until there are six loops in the extreme sections, on the central sections we add up to eleven loops. Now knit five or six rows without additions and also begin to evenly decrease the loops, knitting two together. Along the edge, you can tie a strip of embossed elastic. How to knit a turban hat with knitting needles with a detailed description can be found in any needlework publication, but if you already know the basics, it will be easier to work on more complex models.

how to knit a turban with knitting needles description

What to wear?

Now you know how to tie a turban. And with what to wear it? A turban, made in a casual style, can be worn with insulated parkas, down jackets, cropped fur coats, both natural and faux fur. A light, strict turban goes well with velvet jackets, elongated sleeveless jackets, and woolen coats.

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