Needlework lessons: how to knit a scarf with knitting needles
Needlework lessons: how to knit a scarf with knitting needles
knit a scarf with knitting needles

Hand-knitted scarf is not only a warm piece of clothing, but also fashionable. In the wardrobe of both women and men, there should simply be a couple of such accessories. Of course, you can buy them in stores or on the market, as an option - order the masters. But we suggest you knit a scarf with knitting needles yourself. This product is made with a straight canvas without additions and subtractions, so every novice needlewoman can make it. If you know how to cast on, as well as how to knit and purl, then soon you will be wearing an exclusive handmade scarf around your neck. For all beginners in this business, we have prepared tips and useful tips on the topic "How to knit a scarf with knitting needles". Take them into service.

Choosing yarn and knitting needles

Winter scarf should be warm, so use 100% wool or wool with acrylic threads to make it. Also, for knitting such an accessory, you can use yarn with the addition of mohair in several additions. Suchthe product will be not only warm, but also fluffy.

The autumn-spring version of this accessory is knitted from pure cotton. Such a product is pleasant for the body, retains heat well and protects from cold. Wool mixture is also ideal for making demi-season scarves.

The number of knitting needles for knitting a scarf is selected depending on which thread will be used. When buying yarn, look at the label. It indicates which knitting needles are suitable for working with this type of thread.

knit an openwork scarf with knitting needles

How to knit a scarf with knitting needles?

To complete this accessory, choose double-sided patterns. They look beautiful both from the front side and from the wrong side. Here are examples of such knitted patterns.

  • Garter stitch. All loops in all rows are knit only or purl only. This pattern is perfect if you are knitting a striped scarf. Change the thread color every two rows for a beautiful nautical-inspired accessory.
  • Pearl pattern. Perform the first row of the product by alternating the front and back loops. Turn the work around. On the next row, knit purl and purl knit. In this way, complete the entire product.
  • Elastic band. The canvas, made in this pattern, is embossed. It is more suitable for warm scarves. The simplest version of this pattern is 1 x 1 ribbing. It is obtained by alternating one front and back loops in all rows.
  • Track. With this pattern you can knit an openwork scarf with knitting needles. Performedhe's so. Even rows:4 front, yarn over, one of two loops. Repeat from - to the end of the row. Knitting is turned over. Odd rows: Purl all sts.
how to knit a scarf for men

Learning to knit a scarf with knitting needles (classic)

Cast on loops. Their number depends on how wide you want to have a scarf. Next, knit with the selected pattern to the desired length. The classic version of this accessory is a strip of about 1 meter. If you plan to wrap a scarf around your neck, then make it up to 2 meters long. In the last row, close the loops, cut the thread.

How to knit a men's scarf with knitting needles? Follow the same description. There are no special techniques in the manufacture of this accessory for representatives of the strong half of the population.

We hope that the information and photos presented in the article will inspire you to be creative, and you will be able to knit a scarf with knitting needles. Let beautiful hand-knitted accessories settle in your wardrobe.

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