Paper Origami: schemes for beginners. Origami: color schemes. Origami for Beginners: Flower
Paper Origami: schemes for beginners. Origami: color schemes. Origami for Beginners: Flower

Today, the ancient Japanese art of origami is known all over the world. Its roots go back to ancient times, and the history of the technique of making paper figures goes back several thousand years. In the past, the process of creating crafts was accompanied by lengthy rituals, many of which are no longer known today. Meanwhile, children and adults love to create original paper models to decorate the interior of the house or just for fun. Consider what a beginner should understand before starting work, and also get acquainted with one of the options for creating beautiful and bright origami flower arrangements from paper. The schemes for beginners presented in this article are simple and accessible for both adults and preschool children. To make a beautiful flower arrangement, you will have to be patient. The result will definitely meet all your expectations.

paper origami diagrams for beginners

The history of origami art

Schemes of flowers, animals and birds made by folding paper began to be invented in the distant past. No one knows the exact date of occurrence of this interesting technique. Some believe that this art is older than paper itself. The first figurines were created from pieces of fabric and used to drape Japanese clothes. Others associate the origin of origami with pagan cults. In ancient times, in China and Japan, paper was often used for various religious rites. For example, at a funeral, it was customary to burn all the clothes and household utensils of the deceased. Later they began to burn only the names of objects written on paper. Even later, some things useful in everyday life began to be folded out of paper. Such figurines are most widely used in Japan. Paper was used there for the production of lanterns, umbrellas, screens, and even for the production of clothing. Gradually, the art of origami, the scheme for assembling simple figures and things useful in everyday life, was improved. Paper models became more and more expressive and elegant. Origami ceased to have a religious connotation and moved into court art. At that time, only a select few could fold paper figurines, since paper was considered a very expensive pleasure. The ability to make a figurine from a leaf was considered a sign of refined taste and excellent education. Today, when anyone can buy paper, the origami technique has become publicly available. Now everyone can try their hand at creating bright and unexpected compositions.

Paper Origamifor beginners

It turns out that beautiful figurines are not so difficult to make. It is enough to purchase the necessary materials (usually white or colored paper) and be patient. Beginners should start by getting acquainted with the basic schemes for creating the simplest models. These are flowers and animals. You can read special literature and collect elementary circuits. At first, you will need more patience and self-confidence. You should train by folding origami out of paper. Flowers, the creation schemes of which are presented in this article, are just right for those who are just starting their journey of acquaintance with this ancient Japanese art. The work will not take you much time. The main thing is to do everything in sequence, carefully following the instructions.

origami flower for beginners

Paper origami composition

Flowers, the schemes of which we will master today, are prepared according to traditional technology. One model has five petals. Each bud petal is made separately. Then they are all fastened with PVA glue. Having mastered the technique of making one petal, you can easily cope with the rest of the work. If you wish, you can create a flower arrangement and decorate your home for the arrival of guests.

paper origami for beginners


You will need simple equipment that can be found in the home of any modern person. If something is missing, then buy everything you need at the nearest stationery store. So, to create one flower, you will need 5 sheets of colored paper. Choose color byyour wish. Accordingly, if you have the patience to create a whole bouquet, then stock up on 30 sheets of paper. The size of each square will depend on how large your bouquet will be. It is optimal to cut squares with a side of 10-15 centimeters. To form the buds, you will also need glue. It is better to take PVA, as it does not leave stains and does not deform the paper. You can use office sticky paper already cut into even squares.

origami assembly diagram

Making the first petal

So, let's take the first square and start preparing a simple origami for beginners. The flower will consist of five petals, each of which is performed separately. First you need to fold the square diagonally, carefully ironing the fold. Lay the work angle up in front of you. Now bend the right and left corners up so that you get a rhombus, and the bases of the triangles are closed. Next, visually divide the right triangle in half and bend it down along this imaginary line. Do the same with the left side. Now take two “protruding” triangles with your fingers and close them. Your petal should turn into a tube. The former lower corners should be at the top. They should be bent down and put into a small "pocket", formed by bending the rhombus. So your petal is held tight by this design. It remains to carefully iron all the corners so that the model becomes neat.

paper origami flowers scheme

Form a bud

We continue to make our productpaper origami. Schemes for beginners, as a rule, are simple and of the same type. At this stage, the hardest part is over. Now you should repeat everything that has already been done. That is, for one bud, you need to design four more exactly the same petals. After you're done, apply glue to the center seam of each piece. Gently start gluing the petals to each other, aligning the length of the structure. Continue working until all five petals are glued on. Hold the place where the petals are glued until the glue dries.

origami color scheme

Create a bouquet

If you successfully completed the previous step, you have already mastered the technique of making paper origami. Schemes for beginners, as a rule, are described in great detail so that the beginner does not get confused. Therefore, you should not relax if you are ready to create a whole bouquet. Make five more buds by carefully gluing each one. Now you should correctly combine all the flowers into one large and beautiful bouquet. Everything must be done so that the glue is not visible, so it is important to be very careful. Glue the first two flowers together first. It is important to correctly determine the place of gluing. It should be two leaves next to each other. Glue the third flower to the second, also on two leaves. Do the same with the remaining two colors. Only one leaf from each bud on the outside of the bouquet should not be touched by the glue. Thus, you should get a ring of five crafts. Now it remains to insert the last, sixth, bud from above to completeour paper origami design. The schemes for beginners, as you have seen, are very simple, if you do the work carefully and slowly.


So, your craft is ready. Now you can use it to decorate the wedding table or the interior of the living room for the holiday. You can make several of these bouquets and lower them into the pool before the guests arrive. Beautiful, floating bouquets will not leave indifferent any guest. And your holiday will surely be remembered by all those present for a long time.

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