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Cross-stitch daisies: schemes and tips for beginners
Cross-stitch daisies: schemes and tips for beginners

Counted cross stitch has been around for centuries and is still the easiest option to get started with this type of needlework. With these simple skills, you can create real paintings without being an artist. When you first start entering the world of cross stitch, you need to know the basics. You can master them very quickly if you wish.

Where to start?

cross stitch flower bouquets scheme

Only a few elements form the basis of this technique: floss threads, canvas divided into squares, a special needle and a cross stitch pattern. Daisies or other wildflowers are great options for beginners. But this plot is also suitable for experienced embroiderers. For example, the “Baby in Daisies” cross stitch pattern is popular among women who dream of replenishing the family, it may be too difficult for those who have only recently become acquainted with this type of needlework.

Many signs are associated with different plots, and needlewomen often focus onthem to fulfill their desires. For example, according to embroidery signs, daisies bring peace and love to the house. Because schemes with them are so popular. You can immediately purchase a set with a plot you like or choose your own threads for a pattern found on the Internet. The first way is often easier and faster. Cross stitch of a bouquet of daisies, the schemes for which can be easily found, can be black and white or color. For beginners, it is advisable to choose the first option in order to get used to associating an icon and a color.

color scheme

Composition of the embroidery kit

The hoop is an optional attribute for this type of needlework, if the canvas is thick enough. It is more important that the material has a grid of 10x10 squares of holes. Its presence greatly facilitates the calculation and helps not to get confused in the process. Cross-stitch kits of flower bouquets, which are usually in color, often contain unmarked canvas. Therefore, before starting work, you will have to work hard and, armed with a water-soluble marker, apply the markup yourself. Then the center of the embroidery is marked - usually it is in the picture. The kit must contain a special needle, a full set of threads of the required colors and instructions.

cross stitch pattern daisies

How to cross stitch daisies

Floss is usually sold in skeins, which consist of 6 threads. On the pattern for embroidering daisies with a cross, it will be indicated how many additions each element of the pattern needs to be embroidered. If a cross is depicted in one addition, then one thread should be pulled out of the skein and embroidered, notfolding it in half. “Two-fold” means that the thread is folded in half, as in normal sewing. The cross when embroidered can be full and half. This is usually also indicated on the diagram. With a half-cross, only one part of it is embroidered.

cross stitch pattern baby in daisies

Decorative elements

There is also a special stitch “back to the needle” or “backstitch”. It is needed to emphasize details or circle something. As a replacement for a line, that is, a stroke, in an artist's drawing. It is performed in one or two additions. And, as the name implies, when sewing, the needle comes out of one point and returns back to the previous one, and not forward, as with a regular seam. An additional decoration can also serve as a “French knot”. To perform it, the thread is taken out of the canvas, wrapped around the needle several times, after which a puncture is made in a millimeter from the exit point, and the knot is tightened. This is a special technique that requires practice and is rarely seen in daisy cross stitch patterns.

cross stitch baby in daisies


Having chosen a set and read the instructions for embroidery, you can start working. It is not necessary to move from the center, but sometimes it is more convenient. Daisies are easy to embroider, the main thing is not to lose count and make sure that all the crosses are neat and directed in one direction. It is important not to make knots, but to fasten the threads on the wrong side, holding the tail with your finger. Embroider, focusing on the icons and replacing the threads according to the pattern.

When work will befinished, it must be washed in warm water, and then ironed through cheesecloth. Then the crosses will straighten out and no matter how complicated the scheme was - cross-stitch daisies will look clean and neat. After that, it's time to move on to the design. The picture can be framed or used to decorate pillows and other decorative items. Daisies will look gentle and elegant in any of these options.

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