How to start crochet? For beginners, we offer schemes of simple products
How to start crochet? For beginners, we offer schemes of simple products

Some women would like to learn simple needlework to relieve stress after work or just do something useful in front of the TV. Learn how to start crochet. For beginner craftswomen, it is better not to choose some difficult pattern. It is advisable to opt for such simple products as scarves or napkins for the kitchen. See how you can make very useful things in just a couple of evenings.

Crochet doily

crochet doily for beginners

For beginners, such a thing is just a godsend - it will come in handy in every kitchen. It can be tied as a gift to a friend or mother. Therefore, the time you devote to this activity will not be wasted. This is a great workout. So, how to start crochet?

For beginner needlewomen, it is recommended to choose a square or rectangular shape of a napkin (kitchenmini towels).

• Prepare several colors of yarn and a not very thin hook.

• As you can see in the photo, cast on about 60 stitches or more, according to your desire (the length will depend on this napkins).

• Next, you need to perform double crochets. How to start crocheting? For beginners, the first columns are difficult, because there is no skill yet. But by the end of the work, you will notice that the hands themselves already remember all the movements. The double crochet is done like this: the hook enters the air loop and grabs the thread, which it pulls out. Once again, the hook picks up the working thread, which it pulls through the loops. The easiest way to understand how it's done is to look. Ask someone who knows how to crochet to show you once. This will suffice.

• Alternate two rows of sts of different colors of yarn.• When you're done, single crochet over the two short sides of the napkin. Fasten off the end of the thread.

Instructions: how to start crochet (for beginner needlewomen) a children's scarf?

crochet patterns for beginners

Yarn will need quite a bit, because the scarf will be openwork. Such a model is needed not so much for warmth as for decoration. In addition, the scarf will help fix the collar of the baby overalls so that the cold wind does not blow. It can be done in one color, or you can use several shades of yarn.

• Tie a chain of air loops. Their number must be a multiple of 3 plus 1 loop. In our case - 24+1.•Turn the knit over and knit 3 double crochets. Then 3 air loops. Alternate this pattern to the end of the row - we knit each next row in the same way.

how to start crochet for beginners how to start crochet for beginners how to start crochet for beginners

• Crochet (for beginners, the diagrams are shown step by step in the photo) we make fringe brushes. With this operation, we complete the knitting of a children's scarf.

how to start crochet for beginners

You have seen how to start crochet. For beginners, this is also easy - we think you believe in it. Keep improving with this versatile craft that is sure to enrich your leisure time.

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