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How to play "101" cards: rules and features
How to play "101" cards: rules and features

How to play cards in "101", in the territory of our state they learned at the beginning of the 20th century. This European game has become widespread and popular. Its original name sounds like "mau-mau", but we originally called it exclusively as "Czech fool".


Today there are many different variations of this game, each of which has its own name. These are "Pharaoh", "Moor", "English Fool" and "Pentagon". The details of these games are slightly different from each other, but not significantly. How to play cards in "101" and what are the nuances, you should understand in more detail if only the first game is ahead.

Game start

In order to play the card game "101", you will need a standard deck of 36 cards. A minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4 can play. There is no difference in how to play "101" cards - two or four - does not exist. The sequence of actions is identical. The player who makes the first move is determined by lot, then each player moves according toqueues. The person who deals the cards starts the game accordingly.

Everyone is de alt 5 cards, only the dealer gets 4 cards, and the last one is turned over and gets on the line. The deck is set aside without turning it over.


Game progress

The rules for playing cards in "101" are quite simple. This game is not associated with a high level of difficulty, but it develops attentiveness and memory very well. So, the person sitting to the left of the first player must make his move. On the card lying on the horse, you need to put a card with the same value or the exact same suit on top. If the five cards given to him do not contain a suitable one, then he draws one card from the deck. In case of failure, an additional card remains with him, the move is skipped and transferred to another player. The rules of how to play "101" cards have their own peculiarities and nuances. This is written below.

So the process of the game continues until one of the players completely folds his cards, after that all the cards that the players have are opened and counted, points are recorded, and a new distribution follows. The game lasts until the score reaches 101 points. If a player scored exactly 101 points, then his score is reset to zero, but the one who "went through" automatically becomes the loser.


Before you play "101" cards, you should study in detail all the features and nuances of this game. Namely, that cards of a certain suit and value allow severaldiversify the course of the game.

So, for example, an ace placed in a suit or on another ace forbids the next player's move. This is very beneficial when two people play, that is, the right of the next move remains with the one who walked and allows him to throw off one more card.

Queens are profitable cards in the hand, so they can be put on a card with any value and for all suits, while the person who put the queen still has the right to order a suit that is beneficial to him. If the last card in the hand is a queen, then the player who put it down will have 20 points deducted from the account. And if this lady is also of spades, then 40.

The king of spades also has a special meaning. If it is put on the line, then the next player must take 4 cards from the deck and skip his turn.

If the player put a nine on the line, then he must again resemble, covering the card or another nine or the same suit. Moreover, if there is no such card in his hand, he must draw cards from the deck until he covers his nine.


A seven on the line will also cause the next player to skip their turn and get two cards from the deck to load.

The situation is the same with the six, only one new card is taken from the deck.

By learning and memorizing the rules of how to play cards in "101", you can predict the course of the game and always be the winner!


Each time before a new distribution, the cards are counted, more precisely, the points that are left in the hands of the players. The value of each card is such that the ace scoresthe maximum number of points is 11, ten points according to their number 10 points. The same with eights, sevens and sixes - the number of points directly depends on their number. A king is worth 4 points, a queen is worth 3, and a jack is worth 2 points. The nine is not taken into account in the calculation, its value is zero.

If the last card is a queen, then the player who discarded it is deducted 20 points, if it is a queen of spades, then 2 times more is deducted.


With the modern development of computer technology, it is not necessary to look for a company in order to pass the time playing cards. Now you can easily download the installation file and play "101" cards with a computer, tablet or smartphone. The game can be played both with real people over the network and with virtual players.

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