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How to play mafia? Rules and recommendations
How to play mafia? Rules and recommendations

Getting together with friends can not only talk, enjoy dinner or drink, but also have fun. There are many different exciting games that do not require certain skills, but only activity and good mood.

"Mafia" - what is this game?

How to play "Mafia"? "Mafia" is a popular modern game for a group of friends. It is useful for training strategic thinking and the ability to build actions based on logic, provided that you know the rules. Of particular interest to the game is its psychological component - participants learn the intricacies of communication between individuals and begin to feel each other deeper.

Many are interested in the question - is it possible for teenagers to play "Mafia"? The answer will definitely be positive. The fact is that this entertainment socializes and adapts the guys within the framework of the team. It is for this reason that it is often practiced in schools, summer camps and other children's institutions.

Suchfun is available to everyone. You can purchase a special set consisting of special cards and masks, or even go to a themed institution. Many novice players find it difficult at first to play the Mafia with cards. However, understanding the rules of the game is not so difficult.

card mafia

The essence of the game

All existing games are divided into two classes: a variant of competition (struggle) and performance (masquerade). "Mafia" combines in its process the characteristics of these two types. The peculiarity of the game is that it is not interconnected with money spending, in comparison with cards, and with the presence of a sports physique (basketball and other sports). In addition, she pleases with intellectual pleasure. In the unselfish carelessness of the game, its possibilities lurk.

This game is exceptional. Its basis is the live communication of the participants, saturated with lies, meanness and deceit, and this, by the way, is the norm. During the game, her condition is discussed - opinions clash in a heated argument, and someone prefers to sit silently, while others actively try to convince others of their words. Thanks to this structure, the game differs from the calm duels of minds that are characteristic of chess, which makes it feel like real life. The goal of the mafia is to defeat a group of citizens, the goal of the latter is just the opposite.

Aspects of the game

Before you play "Mafia", it is important to note that it includes two main components: psychological and mathematical.

The first one means thatplayers must note in their minds who the participants vote against, and who they really are. If necessary, it will be easy to conclude that the mafia usually speaks against an honest person.

The second component implies the presence of minimal acting data, since it will be necessary to convincingly lie or, on the contrary, convince the participants of the veracity of their words. In addition, it is important to have the ability to persuade people to your side (helps in choosing a dishonest player).

mafia game sets

Basic concepts

What are the rules of the game and how to play "Mafia"? The game has the ability to negotiate and adjust the rules depending on the situation, but there are basics that never change. So, for example, every action is performed with the help of a general vote. The game is divided into 3 groups: mafia, civilians and the third category - those in power. The organizer determines the number of people playing. The smallest number of participants: the host, 5 civilians, two people from the mafia. The best composition: the leader, 5 civilians, two from the mafia and the commissioner. It is permissible to play with any number of the assembled company.

Existing roles:

  • Civilian (sleeps at night, during the day - looking for the mafia; if he was killed, he has the right to say the last word - who, in his opinion, the mafia).
  • Mafia (at night they decide who to kill, inform the presenter about it).
  • Doctor (healing any character shot by the mafia).
  • Mistress (plays for the side of the townspeople,comes at night to any player, after which he does not participate in the discussion for one day and is protected from voting against him).
  • Commissioner (identity disclosure - mafia or not?).
  • Maniac (not on the side of the mafia and not on the side of civilians, so his goal is to kill any player).
mafia cards

Without which the game will not take place

Before you play the Mafia game, you need to make sure that you have:

  • Special "Mafia" cards (you can play with regular playing cards by specifying the meanings of the pictures).
  • Required number of players.
  • The host who keeps order.
  • Leaflet and pen for the presenter to write down the key moments of the game.
  • Good mood.

All of the above conditions are important for the company to be able to play this exciting game. In addition, it is worth creating comfortable conditions for the participants, namely: check the number of available chairs in advance so that there is enough space for everyone, and remove unnecessary items from the table. To make your meeting cozy, you can stock up on delicious treats or turn on background music quietly.

mafia game rules

How to play?

How to play "Mafia"? The rules are:

  1. Initially, the facilitator distributes cards face down to the participants. From this moment it is clear who has what role. The deck must consist of a number of cards equal to the number of players. The leader is chosen by card or appointed by vote.
  2. First night -the host reveals all the players (who are mafiosi and who are civilians).
  3. Day - members of the mafia are discussed and searched. Meanwhile, the mafia is also involved in the discussion and decides who to shoot. Their task is to frame the townspeople, convincing everyone that he is the bandit. During the voting, the intended victim is identified and killed.
  4. Second night - the mafia wakes up and chooses a victim. They do it silently so as not to give themselves away. Then comes the turn of the commissar, the doctor, the mistress and the maniac to wake up. All of them fulfill their mission. With a large number of people, it is advisable for the host to mark everything on a piece of paper. Before the next day, he says who was killed.
  5. The following days and nights repeat their acts until their logical conclusion - a group of mafia or townspeople killed opponents.
the city goes to sleep the mafia wakes up

Forbidden during the game

Above we told you how to play "Mafia". What you should not do during the game so as not to break the rules is:

  • Speak your opinion out of line or during the night.
  • Contact in every possible way (in particular, touch) with the rest of the participants.
  • Use the word fair.
  • Swearing and insulting the players/presenter.
  • Use gestures at night or voting.
  • Talk to the host.

It is also not recommended to knock on the table and make noise in every possible way. These actions can not only interfere with other participants, but also disrupt the calm atmosphere of the evening. If you don't want to be distracted,You can put your phone on silent mode. How to play the game "Mafia" with the above violations. Anyone who violates these rules is limited to a remark. With the accumulation of three such comments, a person does not have the right to participate in the discussion. He only names the name of the one against whom he wants to vote. Four remarks mean the removal of the player from the game.

Mafia game discussion


How to play "Mafia" on the cards and still win? The most successful patterns of behavior are presented to your attention:

  1. Choose observational tactics. If you are a good observer of others, then you are in control of the situation. It is important to follow the players - how and what they say, pay attention to their behavior and expression of emotions. Capture the details of the game, even those that at first glance seem unremarkable.
  2. Seeing the dropped card, it is better not to express any emotions. The person who got the mafia card can be easily found. It is advisable to take a quick look at your card and remove it from other eyes.
  3. If you are sure that some players are ordinary citizens, team up with them. Thanks to this, your decision will be more weighty than the opinion of a lone participant.
  4. Don't be passive and silent when discussing. First, you may be suspect. Secondly, by activity you can earn credibility in the game, which means that you can have like-minded people.
  5. Take note - vote for a silent person. As a rule, it is not significant for the game,because it is inactive. In addition, the mafia often disguises itself as a silent man in order not to give himself away.
  6. Watch a player who seems suspicious to you. Assess his emotions and reactions to different situations. You can morally put pressure on this character with your "peaceful" team.
  7. Remember who the players are voting against. Use this data during the game.
  8. How to play "Mafia", if you are a bandit, vote for killing active ones, as they can recruit like-minded people. Take suspicion away from the person who also got the mafia card. Don't be too active so you don't draw too much attention to yourself.
  9. Use any arguments to frame a peaceful player by saying that he is a bandit. Pretend to be a simple citizen and team up with them against others.
how to play mafia with cards

The emergence of the game

The psychological game was invented by Dmitry Davydov, a student of Moscow State University (Department of Psychology), in 1986. Initially, it spread throughout the territory of the university and hostels. The youth looked after others how to play "Mafia" with cards. Camps for students, accepting students from educational institutions of all countries, began to promote the distribution of the game further.

After graduating in 1989, the author of the game began to conduct a psychology course for foreign students at his university. The latter returned home and told others about the "Mafia". So, board fun ended up in Europe (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Belgium, Great Britain, Norway), and then in the USAstarted playing card Mafia.

"Mafia" is a modern popular psychological game loved by many. This is a great way to have fun with a group of about 8-13 people. This game is unique in the development of team skills, artistry, memory, attention, logic, as well as the absence of difficult orders and great physical strength. The company will certainly have a fun meeting with this interesting game. We hope our article was useful, and now you know how to play Mafia according to the rules of the game.

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