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How to play dominoes correctly? How to play dominoes with a computer? Domino rules
How to play dominoes correctly? How to play dominoes with a computer? Domino rules

No, we can't hear joyful cries from our yards: "Double! Fish!" Bones do not knock on the table, and the "goats" are no longer the same. But, surprisingly, dominoes still live, only its habitat is a computer. How to play dominoes with him? Yes, practically the same as before…

Domino. Definition

how to play dominoes

This is a logic game where they build a sequential chain of bones ("bones", "stones") that touch each other in half with the same number of dots (points).


A domino is a rectangular tile with the correct geometry - its length is equal to its width multiplied by two. That is, these are two connected squares, on each of which dots (points) are drawn: from zero to six. This is a kind of flat reincarnation of a dice.

There are twenty-eight stones in a regular set of dominoes. It is made up of combinations with repetitions of two to seven numbers (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). But there are special sets in which there are points on the knuckles up tonine or more. In general, the number of dice in a set is calculated as (n+1) x (n+2): 2, where n is the highest number of points. That is, for a common set, the formula looks like this: (6+1) x (6+2): 2=28.

Make bones from simple or ivory (hence the name), metal, plastic, wood.

domino rules

History of dominoes

From India and China in the eighteenth century the game was brought to Italy. It changed a little and took root very firmly in monasteries where it was forbidden to play card games, so the monk Domino invented this game (legend).

There is another option because of the white dots on a black background, the game began to be called dominoes, like the costume of the Dominican monks.

From lyrical reasoning, let's move on to practice and figure out how to play dominoes.

how to play dominoes rules

General rules

Two, three and four people can play. The rules of the game of dominoes for two differ in that each player receives seven dice, if there are more players - five.

The remaining bones (points down) are set aside - this is the "reserve" or "bazaar". He is called when there is no necessary element for a move on hand.

The player who has the smallest double starts the game (tile with the same score 0-0, 1-1, 2-2, etc.). If no one has it, then they look for the bone with the smallest value, for example, 0-1 or 1-2.

Walk clockwise in turn. The player has no right to skip a move or go to the "bazaar"if he has a stone corresponding to the layout in his hands. Only one dice can be placed per move. They skip the move, "knock" if the stones of the "bazaar" are over, but there is no one needed.

The end of the game round comes when one player runs out of all the dice - he leaves. The rest count the points from the remaining stones in their hands.

how to play goat dominoes

"Fish" - a situation in which everyone still has stones, but there are no more moves - blocking the game. It happens when all combinations of combinations of one number are laid out, for example 5, that is, the bones 5-4, 5-0, 3-5, 5-2, 5-5 are already on the table, and one end of the chain ends with a stone 5-1, and on the second player put a stone 6-5. In such a situation, the person who placed the last bone, "fish" (6-5), is called "fisherman". All points of the participants in the game are recorded on the account of the "fisherman". He starts the next round. They play until the number of points agreed at the beginning one hundred, one hundred one, one hundred twenty five, two hundred.

These are the general rules of the game of dominoes. It is very flexible, so there are many varieties. And by and large, each company that lays bones on the table creates its own individual game, with its own private rules. But there are also individual modifications that have taken root in our country, for example, the "goat".

How to play Goat Dominoes

Since the main points remain unchanged (number of players, tiles, start of the move, etc.), we list only the distinctive goat rules:

  • the last stone from the "bazaar" is not taken away;
  • the next round is started by the player who entered this round, or "fisherman";
  • you can start recording points for yourself only with twenty-five scored at a time;
  • if after the "fish" the players have the same number of points in their hands - "eggs", these points will be added to the loser in the next round;
  • loses the one who scored one hundred and twenty-five points or more, he is a "goat".

Sea Goat

This is a more complex, active, but very popular variety of the game. If there are four players, then they play in pairs (team) diagonally.

domino rules for two

Let's clarify how to play Sea Goat dominoes:

  • the winner of any round takes all the points of the losers;
  • if a player has doubles for both rounds of dice placement, he can place them in one move;
  • The one who first began to record points for himself can start any round with a double of six or six, and if he wins this round himself - "by a hundred", then he will win the whole game, and if he loses with twenty-five points and more will lose;
  • who finished the con with a double zero-zero - the winner, such a draw is called a "bald goat";
  • if the last double is six or six, then the player is also considered the winner, provided that at least one loser has twenty-five points or more left in his hands, if not, then his next hand "one hundred" is mandatory;
  • if on handonly zero-zero and six-six are twenty-five points, only six-six are fifty points, only zero-zero and six-six are seventy-five;
  • if the "fisherman" has fewer stones than twenty-five points, and the opponent has more, then in this round the "fisherman" wins, and his next draw is "one hundred";
  • if after three attempts the "eggs" were not played, that is, they did not start the next round with doubles from one-one to three-three, these "eggs" are "rotten";
  • if in a doubles game one comes out victorious against a pair of rivals, he is the "general".

As you may have noticed, the differences in the rules of the games are very subtle, and you can choose how to play dominoes yourself. There are also "sports dominoes", FSC, "donkey", "telephone", "muggins", "general", "sausage" and many, many others … By and large, each assembled company decides how to play dominoes. The rules are very detailed and detailed. Sometimes they are even recorded before the game.

Playing dominoes with computer

playing dominoes

Now, basically, they play dominoes with a computer (for two), over the network, over the Internet. If you decide to play "Goat" online, then any option is possible in terms of the number of players, these can be simulated people or real netizens.

It is important to read the rules of dominoes very carefully before playing. You have already understood that this is a game of nuances, attention to detail. If you miss somethingthen you can lose at lightning speed.

Each developer puts their own patterns of movement and scoring into the version of the game, so be on the lookout.

It's convenient to play with the computer, because the distribution of the dice and, most importantly, the scoring takes place automatically, you do not need to puzzle over who gets how much in such castling. But you must understand the principle of the program from the rules, which are usually described in detail in a special section, so as not to get into trouble.

Winning Rules

How to play dominoes to win? In any version of the game, there are tactics, combinations, sequences of actions in which the win will be more achievable and real. Consider some of them for varieties of "Goats":

  • always carefully observe and remember the moves of opponents, who put what dice where, this will give you an idea of ​​the set of dice and make your opponents more predictable for you;
  • if you play in pairs (online), decide who is the leader and who is the follower, and stick to this balance of power throughout the game;
  • you have found a "fishy" place, if opponents often miss moves or with the same number of dice they play with the same denomination, for example, only large ones, it's worth the risk.

Domino is very popular right now, especially online. Many resources offer you to play for free and even without registering on their website. This addictive game develops logic and attention, take the time to practice it and…

Good luck in the game!

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