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Do-it-yourself box for a doll - a step-by-step description, features and recommendations
Do-it-yourself box for a doll - a step-by-step description, features and recommendations

Handmade dolls today are confidently pushing factory products. Such a gift testifies to special attention, the desire for originality. An important role for such a gift is played by its packaging. It is she who will create the first impression of the presentation. So, it should be spectacular, but not overshadow the toy itself.

Because the factory packaging is monotonous, too pretentious and often doesn't fit, it's best to make your own gift box for the doll. How to do this, we will tell in our article.

Before you start

When deciding to create a box for a doll with your own hands, you need to pay attention to some aspects. Otherwise, everything can go down the drain.

The first step is to decide on:

  • package design;
  • her size;
  • materials;
  • items for decoration.

Also, prepare your work area and all necessary tools:

  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • glue.

A lotThe debate is about the need for a cutting mat. Without a doubt, it will be much easier to work with him. On the other hand, if you do not need to use it constantly, it is not advisable to purchase it for the sake of one or two boxes.

Handmade doll packaging design

Among the variety of design options, the following have proven themselves best:

Gift box for doll
  1. Two-piece box. The lower one, where the doll is located, and the lid (with or without a window). Both components are fastened with an elegant ribbon or eco-twin with a wax seal, which is fashionable today.
  2. One piece packaging. When closed, it is very similar to the previous one. However, it consists of only one element, cut out, bent and closing on the side or top. This model is easy to make and practical to use.
  3. Gift box for a doll

There are other varieties, but the main advantage of the two mentioned models is their ease of execution. Therefore, even a not very experienced craftswoman will be able to accurately make such a box for a doll with her own hands without any problems.


For the manufacture of packaging, thick binding or corrugated cardboard is best.

The material is sold in almost every needlework store or building supermarket.

Some sellers can cut or score (mark fold lines) sheets according to the customer's pattern for an extra charge. But if there is no such service, all this is easily done.yourself.

If you want to paste over the finished package with cloth or paper, the parts can be cut out of the box from household appliances or a cardboard folder.

The easiest way to make a window is from a file or from a transparent folder for papers (without embossing). Mica film for flowers is good.

If the size of the box is small, you can use the transparent part from a plastic bottle. It should be exactly colorless, without a slight blue or green tint.

As for the decor itself, here everyone is free to choose for himself, deciding how to make packaging for the doll. You can paste over the box with fabric or designer craft paper, use lace, ribbons, stickers with rhinestones, carton cut-outs, etc.

Please note that eco style is in fashion today. Therefore, you can simply leave the packaging without decor. However, in this case, you should be very careful, as each flaw will be especially noticeable.


In addition to ordinary scissors, you can use a curly device (zigzag, wave) to decorate the doll box.

If there is no specialized tool for creasing, it is done under the ruler using a nail file or a disposable plastic knife.

How to make a package

As for adhesive materials, it is better to choose one that dries quickly and is gentle in work. A glue gun is rarely used to make a do-it-yourself doll box. It may leave traces. And it is not always possible to apply it in a uniform thin layer. Majorityprefers a combination of PVA or "Moment" and double-sided tape. It is worth remembering that the latter can peel off over time. Therefore, you should not use it to connect composite elements.

If the box-box consists of several parts (with further pasting), it is better to use brown masking tape to fasten them.

Indispensable when making a box for a doll with your own hands will be ordinary clothespins. They are used to fix parts in the process of drying the glue. They must be clean, dry and free from residue.

Master class: two-piece doll box

The first thing to start working on the packaging is a pattern. You can make it yourself or use someone else's. In any case, this scheme should be adapted to the size of the toy. The doll should not both fit right into the box and hang around it. The ideal gap is 0.5 cm on all sides.

Gift box

If you are not exactly sure about the dimensions, it is better to make a box with a margin. Then fill the free space with decorative shavings or strips of corrugated paper. And if you are not a fan of such decor, put an additional decorated sheet of thick cardboard into the bottom of the box, to which the beauty will be attached. This can be done either discreetly with wire, or with tape, which will serve as an additional element of decor.

This type of packaging consists of two parts. Before cutting them out of cardboard, you should transfer the pattern to thick paper (drawing paper, wallpaper).You will get not only a template, but also a draft version, with which you can practice and check whether the lid fits well, as well as correct design errors if any are found.

Do-it-yourself box for a doll

The next step is to cut out two pieces of the future box. This must be done carefully, as well as the subsequent scoring. When working with corrugated cardboard, you do not need to press hard on it, since only its inner layer should be cut through.

How to make packaging for a doll

After creasing, the box is glued together in any convenient way.

Master Class

Please note that the window must be cut out before the entire part is glued together. But the film can be attached both before and after that. It must be glued from the inside, so when cutting, the allowances on all sides should be 1 cm. Do not forget that the transparent part should be stretched.

Doll packaging

Once both parts are glued and dry, you can pack the doll or start decorating the box. Here you can give free rein to your own imagination.

Gift box for doll

How to make simple packaging

This type of box is less labor intensive but more expensive. To cut out one part, which will then fold, you need a sheet of large format cardboard. Otherwise, everything is done according to the same scheme:

  1. Tenderloin.
  2. Crease.
  3. Glue.
  4. Decoration.

Both kinds of doll boxes can also bedo without a display window. This is relevant when the content should remain a surprise.

DIY box

Whichever way you choose to make holiday packaging for your doll, remember that your creation will always be unique. Therefore, do not be afraid to experiment, because the main thing is to put your soul into what you do.

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