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DIY flower arrangements - interesting ideas, features and recommendations
DIY flower arrangements - interesting ideas, features and recommendations

Creating an unusual composition of flowers today is within the power of everyone: a little imagination, a bit of inspiration, a drop of knowledge (or the ability to search for the right information), free time and the necessary materials. In this article you will find interesting notes on possible and impossible sketches for creating unforgettable decor elements. You will learn about the nuances of a given hobby (or profession) when similar compositions are intended for someone else.

Nature itself in the interior

Today, many people prefer environmentally friendly, natural things: food, clothes, furniture, decor elements. So, in the interior they try to use compositions from fresh flowers. Indeed, it is the most natural material.

composition in the basket
composition in the basket

From bouquets of wild flowers to huge (engineering skills will help) flower walls. Of course, the lifespan of such an ornament in yourthe apartment will last only a few days depending on the conditions of care. But, having removed one bouquet, you can successfully pick up the next one.

When sketching on your own, one of the most important issues is the right combination of flavors.

Who prefers duration

When you get tired of changing fresh flower arrangements, an alternative appears - artificial plants. This option is great for those who:

  • does not like to devote much time to cleaning and caring for bouquets,
  • dislikes the smell of flowers,
  • prefers long-term home decoration.

You can also say that such compositions are for lazy owners. Not in a bad sense of the word, rather, for those who already have enough worries in household or work matters.

composition with bottles
composition with bottles

Another advantage of this choice is the ability to combine scent-incompatible flowers.

And you can also find non-existent species or unnatural colors of flowers. Which will also be an indisputable advantage of compositions made of artificial flowers.

As you can see, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice is yours.

DIY flower arrangements

And now you have reached the most limitless and unimaginable flight of your imagination: how and from what to compose a composition at home.

Fully decorated bouquets consist of the flowers themselves, decorations and a stand. Today, you can use everything that is at hand or in a nearby store. So it's betterdisassemble each of the constituent elements separately.

First, flowers and other plants. They can be live, dried or artificial from any materials. Usually you are used to seeing textile options. But today's range of materials allows you to go much further. So, you can use stucco flowers (polymer clay, plastic), textile ribbons, beads, paper (for origami, corrugated or any other), wooden blanks. In general, any material available to you can be used.

flower animal
flower animal

Second, decorative ornaments. Now plush toys on bouquets, sweets attached to flowers have come into fashion. You can also use any beads, rhinestones, ribbons. Decoration made of artificial butterflies or dragonflies will not go unnoticed. The most important thing is to observe harmony and compatibility.

Thirdly, a stand for your future composition. A classic option would be a flower basket. If you are a fan of originality and excellence, then read below about a non-standard approach to choosing a stand.

Original composition basis

You are all used to seeing flowers in vases or baskets. But when composing flower arrangements, it is worth moving away from patterns and becoming an original florist. What's stopping you from putting the finished bouquet in your shoe? Already there is a touch of individuality, and your creation will not be forgotten. For such ideas, you can use any containers and things.

flowers in an envelope
flowers in an envelope

For example, take any unnecessarykitchen utensils, decorate properly (to harmonize with the bouquet and interior) and use as a base for flowers.

Another option would be to use unused umbrellas. A rather unusual approach, but it looks impressive (and once again you don’t have to throw out the garbage). The biggest difficulty is to place and secure the bouquet. In the case of artificial or dried flowers, it will be easier: just fix it securely. If you decide to use live plants, then you will have to pore first of all on fixing the water tank. Alternatively, use a bag of special flower gel.

If it is not possible to buy a suitable container for a bouquet, you can take an ordinary glass jar (bottle or even a beaker) and decorate with available materials: wrap with twine, decorate with stained glass paints, wrap with wire. The main thing is to blend harmoniously with the bouquet.

In general, any item where you can place or attach a bouquet can serve as an excellent basis for a flower arrangement: shoes, clothing items, chests, kitchen items, various containers made of any materials (non-toxic), garden tools (watering cans), car parts, cases from TVs or other equipment, children's toys.

composition in a chest
composition in a chest

Turn on your imagination, start a general cleaning of the house and find a suitable frame.

Surprise everyone around you

Not only the basis of the bouquet can be original and impressive. With the right approach to business, you can create a masterpiece from the flowers themselves. Enough to come up with an originalshape: make a smiley, collect in the form of a turtle or hedgehog, car, steam locomotive or other composition with your own hands.

flower turtle
flower turtle

From flowers and additional decorative elements (optionally add credibility) you can make a unique "live" and delicious-smelling item. Your ingenuity and resourcefulness will help here.

Real country house in miniature

Many say that visualization helps in the realization of their desires. So why not do this while constantly admiring the country house of your dreams? Yes, even decorated with flowers? Such a composition becomes not only an element of decor, not only an original bouquet, but also an object for visualization. How many useful and necessary things are combined in one.

If you decide to make a similar section in miniature, then first you need to decide on some details:

  • what the house will be made of (glue it yourself out of cardboard or choose a fish lock at the pet store);
  • what flowers will be used (artificial, dried or live);
  • in the case of live plants, think over a humidification system.
  • flower house
    flower house

Collect all the elements of the future design, combine into one and enjoy the hacienda of your dreams.

A little tip: it is convenient to use real forest moss as grass for the site. Care for him is minimal, but looks very natural in such sketches.

Ikebanas always stay in fashion?

Do not forget about this intermediate option betweenfresh and artificial flowers. Dried plant compositions have been around for a long time. On the one hand, there are a number of positive aspects: minimal maintenance, long-lasting interior decoration (with proper care, they can stand for years), absolutely natural natural material. On the other hand, the disadvantages of such compositions are obvious: extremely fragile bouquets, the natural color is not so saturated, they collect dust perfectly, and there is no longer any aroma.

composition of roses
composition of roses

After weighing all the pros and cons, you decide for yourself whether to choose such decorations for arranging bouquets.

Put meaning into your work

It's one thing when you compose a composition of flowers for yourself, for personal enjoyment. Then only your own tastes and wishes are taken into account. And it’s a completely different matter when you do similar sketches for others. For example, as a gift or for sale. In such cases, it is necessary to take into account some subtleties and nuances when choosing suitable colors.

Firstly, over the centuries, there have been certain associations with each of the colors that define this or that emotion. So, the white color, a symbol of purity and innocence, carries the best wishes. Red is associated with love, passion, strong emotions. Pale pink is tenderness, and deep pink is gratitude. Blue or blue flowers mean longing and fidelity. Purple symbolizes humility. Purple is a sign of friendship. Yellow is interpreted in two ways: treason, betrayal and separation, or joy, we alth and prosperity. orange flowers inbouquet means pride, coquetry.

Secondly, the nationality of the recipient of your flower arrangement plays an important role. Of the colors of all possible colors, it is worth highlighting a few that in some countries will be considered inappropriate as a gift. For example, for a resident of Latin America, a bouquet of red flowers can only be sent expressing sympathy or grief. In this country, red is associated with death, blood. At the same time, in Western European culture, such a present means strong feelings, love. When the countries of the "New World" perceive white flowers as a symbol of happiness, then in India it is the color of mourning. Therefore, one must be extremely attentive to the cultures of other countries. If you make the wrong choice, you may be misunderstood or even offended.

Thirdly, consider the color symbolism of different cultures and peoples. Each of them can find its own meaning for a particular flower. For example, a rose is a symbol of love and beauty, a carnation is a symbol of platonic love, and a cornflower is elegance. Daffodils are associated with selfishness, calla lilies with unsurpassed beauty, orchids with sensuality. Peonies represent we alth, ivy represents fidelity, gerbera represents mystery, and azalea represents devotion. Lotus is a symbol of longevity and a happy life.

All of the above nuances should be combined under one name - florist etiquette, or flower etiquette. It allows you to correctly compose flower arrangements for the interior, taking into account the peculiarities of nations and the symbolism of flowers. If you decide to make your own bouquets, then knowing such etiquette is the key to yourcontinued success in a new kind of creativity.

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