Such different birds of the Moscow region
Such different birds of the Moscow region

Many species of birds can be found in Moscow and the Moscow region. Neighborhood with a big city is not in vain, but these are their native places. The birds of the Moscow region are different, and not every local resident suspects their existence.

birds of the Moscow region

Chic birds

There are birds that delight with their beauty. Some are on the brink of extinction.

White stork is not a small bird, their beak is long, and their feathers are painted white. It builds nests near human habitation, and flies to the African continent or towards India for the winter. These birds of the Moscow region have been seen in quiet private sectors, where there are small ponds.

names of birds of the Moscow region

The golden eagle is the largest predator in the region, with a wingspan of up to 250 cm. It hunts small mammals, but may attack lambs or young deer.

The bittern is a medium-sized protected bird. Listed in the Red Book of the Moscow Region. Plumage color yellow-black. You can meet her near swamps, the basis of the diet is fish.

Everyone has seen them

The names of the birds of the Moscow region are not known to everyone.Although these birds are often met. Here are the most familiar guests of the Moscow region:

  • Raven is a large bird with black feathers and a large beak.
  • Capercaillie is a representative of the chicken order. Sexual dimorphism is pronounced in plumage color and body size. It flies, as a rule, not higher than trees. During gurgling loses the ability to hear. These birds of the Moscow region attract hunters.
  • Rook is somewhat reminiscent of a crow. Almost omnivorous.
  • Thrush is a small inconspicuous bird.
  • The little owl has the appearance of a small owl. They often settle near a person's home.
  • Yellow Wagtail is the smallest yellow-green bird. Her tail is constantly moving.
  • The green woodpecker is a shy inhabitant of broad-leaved forests with olive-green plumage.
  • Kingfisher is a short-bodied bird with bright plumage and a large beak. Lives near water bodies.
birds of the Moscow region photo

Other birds

The birds of the Moscow region are very different. Each has its own character and special appearance. Sometimes birds become victims of human activities. But it is very important to conserve the population of each species and recognize the birds by their plumage. Here are some more birds that live in the Moscow region:

  • The finch is a small bird with a bright color: a red chest and a green back.
  • The Oriole has yellow and black plumage and flute-like singing.
  • Mallard - the ancestor of the domestic duck, is the object of hunting. Sexual dimorphism developed.
  • Falcon is a small falcon. Predator hunting forsmall rodents.
  • Crake has a length of about twenty centimeters. Migratory bird, but prefers to flee.
  • Gyrfalcon is another representative of falconiformes. Hunts small birds.
  • The mute swan is a bird with white plumage and an orange beak.
  • The coot is a black-colored fish with a white beak. Forehead without plumage.
  • The burial ground is a large predator. It flies and runs well.
  • Muscovite - an inhabitant of coniferous forests, a small black titmouse with a white belly.
birds of the Moscow region

This is not a complete list of feathered inhabitants of the Moscow region. But each of them has its own unique features. Take a look, you might meet them. The birds of the Moscow region are very beautiful. Photos of feathered neighbors can be a wonderful decoration for country houses or themed interiors.

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