Daniel Goleman - the author of the theory of emotional intelligence
Daniel Goleman - the author of the theory of emotional intelligence

Daniel Goleman is a famous psychologist, writer and journalist who introduced the concept of "emotional intelligence", thanks to which he became famous. Who is he? What successes have you achieved in life? What are its main ideas? You will learn about this from this article, and you will also read about what Daniel Goleman wrote books that gained popularity around the world.

Who is this?

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Daniel Goleman was born March 7, 1946 in Stockton, California, United States of America. He first graduated from a local college, and then received a Ph.D. from the renowned Harvard University. Thereafter, Goleman underwent extensive training in India. When he returned to the United States, he began his work in the field of psychology, and for twenty years he wrote articles for the famous New York Times, specializing in psychological topics, as well as the science of the human brain. Throughout his career, he has written over twenty different books, some of which have become real bestsellers and are now leading textbooks in their fields. Studying in India left its mark on the activities of the professor - a lot of his ideas come down tothe need for meditation and paying attention to what is happening around. Goleman believes that a person's intelligence is limited by what he does not notice, and until he can notice this, he will not be able to become smarter. He wrote about this in many of his books, but the Emotional Intelligence project gained the most popularity.


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The first book that became very popular, and authored by Daniel Goleman, is “Focus. About attention, absent-mindedness and success in life. In this book, the author proposes to focus on a resource that in most cases goes unnoticed and is lost. Everyone is talking about time, ability, and other resources that are important for high performance and great progress. But everyone forgets about attention, which is the real secret key to successful work and maximum self-realization. Goleman examines the phenomenon of attention from various angles, showing that people do not focus on it in vain, since it is a very important aspect of achieving success in any field. The main theme of the book is that attention is sorely needed in today's world, as there are more and more distractions that prevent people from achieving success, and only focusing on a specific goal can give the desired result.

Emotional Intelligence

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Well, it's time to talk about the most important book that brought the writer worldwide fame. It was he who introducedthe very concept of EQ, that is, “emotional intelligence”. Daniel Goleman compares this indicator with IQ and considers that it is even more important than simple intelligence. Using numerous examples, Goleman showed that people with high IQ are not always successful, while people with low IQ often become successful businessmen. It's all about emotional intelligence - this parameter helps a person to succeed in modern society. What is the essence of this concept? This is exactly what Emotional Intelligence is about.

Daniel Goleman described in some detail that it is the emotional state of a person, the well-being of his family, the high quality of personal relationships, happiness in his personal life that affect his success at work. If a person is smart, but unhappy, that is, he will have a high IQ, but a low EQ, then his chances of success will be several times less than that of a person whose coefficients are located directly opposite.

Emotional Intelligence at Work

This book is a follow-up to the previous one - it spreads and expands the theory of EQ, focusing on how it matters to the average person in the workplace. How can you measure your emotional intelligence? You will learn all this if you read this work of this wonderful writer.

A variety of meditative experience

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What other books did Daniel Goleman write? As mentioned earlier, for its longIn his career, he became the author of more than twenty works, among which the previously described “Focus” and “Emotional Intelligence” stand out the most. However, there is another work that is definitely worth paying attention to. If you are interested in meditation, then you should definitely read this book. Goleman spent a lot of time in India, he is a specialist in Buddhism, and for many years he studied various meditation methods from different countries, which he collected in this book. So if you are interested in an altered state of consciousness, then this book is a must-read for you. You will learn a lot of useful information.

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