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The most expensive brand in the world. Top 10 most expensive brands in the world
The most expensive brand in the world. Top 10 most expensive brands in the world

One of the most exciting hobbies is philately. Collectors who collect postage stamps periodically hold meetings where they exchange rare copies and discuss new finds. At first glance, this activity seems to be just a waste of time. However, over time, it can turn into quite a profitable investment.

most expensive brand in the world

This possibility exists due to the constant rise in prices for rare stamps. Most often, the high cost of a rarity can be explained by a marriage made during its printing. What are they, the most expensive postage stamps in the world?

Holy Grail

This most expensive stamp in the world was released in the USA. At the moment, its value is estimated at $ 2,970,000. This postage stamp, which has a denomination of one cent, was issued in 1868. It depicts Benjamin Franklin, the first US postmaster. The brand has wafering (a lattice pressed on the back). This technique is typical for issues that were produced in the 1860s.

most expensive postage stamps in the world

Currently known where 2 are storedcopy of this rarity. One of them can be admired in the public library, which is located in New York, and the second was bought by a private collector at the Siegel auction in 1998 for 935 thousand dollars. In 2005, this copy was exchanged for the Inverted Jenny quarter block, which was valued at $2,970,000

Sicilian color error

Second place in the ranking of "The most expensive brand in the world" was taken by a rarity worth $ 2,720,000. It was released in Sicily. This rarity opens the line, which includes the most expensive postage stamps in the world with a color error.

In 1859, only one postal series was published in the Sicilian kingdom. It included seven stamps. Already in 1860, in connection with the unification of Italy, defective copies were withdrawn from circulation.

The smallest denomination stamp was released in the correct, yellow color. However, even it has various shades from bright yellow to orange. The price of one copy can differ dozens of times and exceed thirty thousand euros.

Three-skilling yellow

The next most expensive stamp in the world is a copy issued in 1855 in Sweden. Interest in it can be explained by a color error. Three-skilled stamps of correct tones were printed in green. However, due to someone's oversight, a rarity arose that attracted the attention of philatelists. Currently, there is only one copy of this series of stamps. "Swedish unique" in 1996 at the Feldman auction was bought for 2,300,000 US dollars.

Baden color error

This rarityoccupies the fourth position in the ranking, which includes the most expensive postage stamps in the world. The famous "Baden color error" is a copy with a black design printed on blue-green paper.

expensive postage stamps of the ussr cost

The face value of this stamp is nine kreuzers. It is one of the copies of the first series produced by the Duchy of Baden in 1851. This issue included stamps of 4 denominations, which were printed on paper of various colors. Nine kreuzers were printed on a pink sheet. However, there was some misunderstanding. As a result, one of the sheets of this denomination was printed using green paper, which was used for stamps of a lower value.

Four copies of the rarity have survived to this day. In 2008, the Baden Color Error stamp was purchased at Feldman's auction for $2,000,000

Blue Mauritius

This expensive rarity is one of the earliest published postage stamps, whose birthplace is the island of Mauritius. In 1847, two types of these copies were printed simultaneously. One of them had a denomination of one cent and had an orange color. The second, blue, was worth twice as much.

Currently there are twelve copies of "Blue Mauritius" in the collections of philatelists. The cost of one stamp, formed at the auction, amounted to $1,150,000

“The whole country is red”

Unreleased rarities also participate in the ranking of "The most expensive brand in the world". One of them is the series “The whole country is red”. This iscomparatively "young" postage stamp. Its release was scheduled in China in 1968. In 2012, one of the copies of this series was sold at auction for $1,150,000

Pink Mauritius

The original, which is "correct", uses orange. However, the interest of philatelists is "Pink Mauritius". Currently, fourteen copies of this rarity are known. In 1993, a rare stamp was bought at auction for $1.070 million.

Inverted Jennie

This expensive rarity was issued in the USA in 1918. The stamp face value is twenty-four cents. Some of the sheets in this issue erroneously display the aircraft upside down. The marriage was destroyed. However, one sheet still survived and went on sale. In 2007, one of the four copies known to date of Inverted Jennie sold for $977,500

British Guiana

This rarity has been given another name by collectors – “Princess of Philately”. This brand has an octagonal shape. It was released in British Guiana in 1856

expensive brands of the world

Its denomination is one cent. The rarity was printed using black ink, which was applied to red paper. In the center of the stamp is an image of a three-masted schooner. The rarity has a cancellation and E. White's handwritten signature. In an auction held in 1980, the British Guiana stamp was purchased for $935,000.

Tiflis uniqueness

In tenth place in the list of "The most expensive stamps in the world" is a rarity,the cost of which is estimated at 763.6 thousand dollars. "Tiflis Uniqueness" was issued in 1857 for the needs of the city post office. In fact, this is the first brand in Russia. Currently, only four copies of the Tiflis Unique have survived.

Rarities of the Soviet Union

Expensive postage stamps of the USSR are also of interest to philatelists. The cost of one of them, "Levanevsky with overprint", was estimated at 603,705 dollars. There are also many rare stamps that are quite impressively priced and desirable to collectors. This list includes the rarity "To the Stars".

most expensive postage stamps

There are several types of stamp data. Some of them are overprinted and others are not. Rare is the block "Twenty-five years of station SP-1", "Green block", as well as "Filtvystavka". These five stamps are valued at fifteen thousand rubles.

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