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Delicious and cute candy pen: materials, work steps
Delicious and cute candy pen: materials, work steps

The upcoming holidays always turn into thoughts about gifts. If the hero of the occasion raves about the office or his work / main occupation is associated with the constant use of stationery, then in this case a candy pen can be a good gift option.

candy pen
candy pen

Required materials and supplies

The choice of sweets needs to be approached more carefully. These should be oblong-shaped and thin candies. A good option is sweets called "Konafetto". These sweets will need 350 grams. Portioned chocolate, for example, Inspiration, is also quite suitable. You also need to stock up:

  • thin cardboard;
  • metallized corrugated paper (color - blue);
  • cardboard tube left over from cling film or foil;
  • hot glue;
  • double sided tape;
  • beads, satin ribbons, nylon braid - for decoration;
  • chocolate coins (they will be used to make the button at the end of our pen).
DIY candy pen
DIY candy pen

Getting Started

How to start making a candy pen with your own hands? From finding out what the length of the finished product will be. To do this, it must be correlated with the length of the chocolate. Count right away that on the tube that we chose to work with, there are three chocolates / sweets in length. Plus, beads will be laid between them as a decorative element.

The excess part of our workpiece can be cut off with a knife. It is better to use a wooden board for this.

How to make a candy pen: progress of work

We take thin cardboard (thick Whatman paper is also suitable). From one of these materials we make a bag, we fasten its edges with glue. Getting the bow of the future sweet accessory.

Try on how the workpiece will be combined with a cardboard tube, make cuts along the edge and glue. For decoration, you can use white corrugated paper.

Please note: depending on the thickness of the handle spout, a layer of sweets will also lie down. To make it smoother, the nose needs to be made thinner. After that, you need to wrap and glue metallic blue paper around the spout.

how to make a candy pen
how to make a candy pen

The next step in making a candy handle: hide the edge under the blue beads - use hot glue to glue them. Now grab the double-sided tape - it must be placed along the entire length of the tube. It is on it that sweets will be attached. When you start to fasten them, do not forget to alternate withbeads. And also try to ensure that the chocolates are located one under the other without breaking the vertical.

Make sure the chocolate keeps well. To do this, each row can be wrapped with nylon braid. It stretches down the center. Thanks to this method, it will turn out to "kill two birds with one stone." And the chocolates will be fixed, and you will decorate the product.

Finishing work

Next, you have to make a stub. It is necessary to close the end of the edible stationery. Take the cork and wrap it with paper (to add thickness), then paste over with corrugated paper (it should be blue). Decorate the edge with beads. Let's give the piece some authenticity and add a holder. Thin cardboard is the material that should be taken to make the part. And you only need one strip. Wrap it in crepe paper.

Fill the edge of the paper coming from the pen body inside the tube, insert the tip of the holder here. Do the same with the stub. Use glue to secure.

candy pen photo
candy pen photo

If you want to make the resulting candy pen presentable, then make the base. It can be an ordinary rectangle made of cardboard (do not take it too thin) wrapped in gray corrugated paper.

If you are fascinated by the process of making a candy pen, you can also make a pencil. The principle will be exactly the same. As a result, you will already receive a set of gift writing utensils.

Budget optiongift

This present may well please the teacher of any of the students. In this case, you only need two sweets. They must be long. Plus, stock up on one round chocolate candy, crepe paper (two colors are needed), self-adhesive paper, and a glue gun. You can see a photo of a candy pen in our material. In the meantime, let's describe the progress of work.

Steps of work

First you need to glue the prepared sweets using hot glue. Make sure that the drop of glue is not too large, otherwise you will not avoid damage to the package or candy.

Get the rod of our accessory. Given its size, you need to cut out a rectangle (for this you need self-adhesive paper or film). We wrap our sweets and get a cylinder. It is the basis of the candy pen. We make a cone (gold or silver self-adhesive paper or film is used). Turning the cone, we get the tip of the product.

To connect the base and the tip of the pen, you will again need hot glue. The craft is almost ready. It would be nice to get it done. To do this, we will make a rosebud (corrugated paper is needed). From it you need to cut three rectangles (their size is 7 x 5 centimeters). Cut the petals out of them and give them a semicircular shape at the top. Use a toothpick to wrap the edges of the petals. The middle part of each of them needs to be stretched a little.

To form a flower, wrap the petals one by one using glue. Take the green corrugation and cut out the sepals. After attaching them to the flower (hot glue will help out inin this case) carefully tighten.

candy pen for teacher's day
candy pen for teacher's day

It remains to insert the flower into the top of the handle and secure with glue. So, the candy pen for Teacher's Day is ready!

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