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DIY potato costume: materials and work steps
DIY potato costume: materials and work steps

Preschool children often participate in themed matinees. And then they have to try on different roles. For example, seasonal vegetables. Parents take care of the costumes. We will explain how to make a DIY potato costume. This will save you from looking for it in stores.

DIY potato costume

Required Materials

  • Lightweight fabric (cotton or satin is fine). After all, the child will spend about an hour in an outfit. Velor suits bought in a store look unusual, but in practical terms, their purchase is unprofitable. Preferred color is brown, reminiscent of potato skins.
  • Scissors.
  • Felt.
  • Pins.
girl potato costume

Stages of work on a potato costume for a girl

Having unfolded a piece of prepared fabric, it is necessary to mark the middle in it. From it should be measured ten centimeters to the right and left. These values ​​are approximate, so it is more convenient to work with the individual measurements of the child. After that, you can cut the neck for the suit with scissors.potatoes.

The next step is to prepare the details for the application. They will become the "face" of the outfit. You can cut them out of felt (other suitable fabric will do). Finished parts must be attached with pins in the place where they are planned to be sewn in the future. On a sewing machine, the applique is attached to the front side of the potato suit (photo below). Usually it turns out to be large in size and is located in the center of the outfit.

girl potato costume

Make sleeves

The next item we will analyze is the sleeves. As a matter of fact, they are not provided in this model. Therefore, we conjure over a kind of sleeveless jacket. After pre-fixing the fabric with tailor's pins, it is necessary to cut out a pair of symmetrical armholes in the marked places. There is still quite a bit of work left, and the potato costume for the girl will be ready.

You can use another method: the side parts of the dress are sewn together with the fabric previously folded in half. In this case, the holes for the hands will have to be done differently: they do not need to be sewn. This method will require overlocking the edges.

In the upper part of the back, it does not hurt to make a small cut, then the child will not have any difficulties with dressing the outfit. The main thing is to provide Velcro, a button or a button for fixing (the option listed first is more practical). The DIY potato costume is almost ready.

Now it remains to complete the application. Its form can be arbitrary. In this case, the details willdiffer depending on the sex of the child. Potato "girl" fit long eyelashes. A male vegetable can be supplemented with a made mustache. Further decoration of the outfit depends on the master's own imagination.

How to make a foam rubber vegetable

Do not be surprised: you can make a potato costume with your own hands from this material. It should be thin or medium in thickness. The part cut out of it should represent something in between such shapes as an oval and a rectangle. Make sure it has rounded corners. You will need two such parts.

potato costume photo

If there is a fabric (at least lining, any color), then a couple of parts should also be cut out of it. They should be larger than foam rubber. Fabric-covered foam rubber is required to be sewn at the shoulders and sides. If there is a desire to give the material additional volume, then you can not do without a few darts. By quilting the details in several places, you can get an imitation of eyes. If the fabric cannot be found, then you can resort to dyeing the foam rubber in the selected shade. A photo of the potato costume is posted in the article. So, if there is nothing left before the matinee, you should not be upset. After all, the process of making a potato costume with your own hands does not take much time.

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