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Cute plasticine dolphin
Cute plasticine dolphin

At the mention of friendly and intelligent mammals, dolphins are sure to come to mind. Positive emotions, pleasure from their performances are just a few things that give children communication with these animals. Therefore, if a plasticine dolphin settles in your house, a child, especially a small one, will be doubly pleased.

plasticine dolphin

Required Materials

We propose to disassemble the process of modeling step by step. Let's just say that this job is easy. After carefully studying each stage, you can demonstrate them to your child without any fear.

Stock up on the following supplies:

  • Plasticine.
  • Stack of plastic.
  • Knife for mass.
  • Small scissors.
  • Toothpick.

Steps of work

So, the purpose of the material is to understand how to mold a dolphin from plasticine. We start by sculpting the body of the animal. This requires blue plasticine. Also suitable colors would be gray or blue. The bar needs to be kneaded and give it the shape of a ball. After that, you should work on giving it an oblong shape. The main thing is that the tips of the workpiece are sharp. Then bendher and carefully form a narrow muzzle. The lower part of the block should remain unchanged.

You, of course, remember that the tummy and back of the animal differ in color. So, the belly should be lighter than the back. To make the contrast beautiful, it is better to use white plasticine. Having cut off a part from the bar, roll it into a ball. After giving it the shape of an oval, flatten into a thin cake. Attach it to the dolphin's belly. Smooth the edges with your fingers to create a smooth line.

how to make a plasticine dolphin

Eyes and fins

Don't forget the eyes. After you use the semicircular tip of the stack to push through a couple of holes, fix small white cakes in them. They need to attach a couple more black cakes to them. Please note that their size should be smaller. Our plasticine dolphin is almost formed.

As for the eyes, there is an easier way to make them. Need a pen. Through its back, simply push the eyes in the places that you previously designate.

You need to make three fins. Blue plasticine will be used for their manufacture. Roll three balls (do not make them big). Then give them all the shape of flat drops. Cut off with scissors or a knife on each part a wide base, and make the top sharper. The first fin is fixed on the back, the other two - on the side. Believe me, any child will be interested in how to make a plasticine dolphin.

It's time to sculpt the tail. Two large blanks are taken, in shaperesembling flat drops. Attach the finished part to the bottom of the dolphin. And be sure to take care of giving it a shape. Your own fingers or a stack will help with this.

Dolphin wave

You can not only mold a plasticine dolphin, but also fix it in a jump. This is done as follows: a wave is made, on which the dolphin is placed. Plasticine is taken in two colors: blue and white. Blue needs to be kneaded into a cake, then bend it. Get the crest of the wave. White plasticine will go to highlight it. A textured wave will turn out if you draw a toothpick over it.

how to make a plasticine dolphin

It remains to fix the animal on the resulting wave. Draw his tail and the crease on his muzzle. By the way, the craft can be decorated. A few bright elements are enough. For example, starfish. After rolling the orange balls, flatten them slightly, cut out the rays from the edges.

Admire the work done: your plasticine dolphin is ready. So, using a minimum of simple details, it turned out to create a wonderful and cute animal. Very little plastic has been used. It's hard to believe that just twenty minutes ago you were holding a soft mass in your hands, which has now turned into a wonderful craft.

how to mold a dolphin from plasticine in stages

If there is a desire to create further, and the blue plasticine is over, feel free to use other shades. And then rainbow dolphins will settle in your house. We hope that our material on how to mold fromplasticine dolphin in stages. Having understood the process of sculpting an animal, sit a child next to you and slowly explain how he can make the same miracle. If the young master is not yet strong in modeling, you can entrust him with the simplest and most insignificant operations.

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