Fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm "Sweet porridge"
Fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm "Sweet porridge"

German storytellers, brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm left a big mark on history. Their merit lies in the fact that they not only contributed to the development of linguistics, but also collected German folklore. This prompted the creation of a collection of fairy tales called "Tales of the Brothers Grimm".

Their fairy tales became popular, both children and adults began to read them. Many of them have been filmed.

One of the numerous fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm is called "Sweet Porridge". This is a work about kindness and justice, about honesty and sincerity.

Summary of the fairy tale "Sweet porridge"

A long time ago there lived a kind and modest girl. She lived with her mother. They were so poor that they didn't have anything to eat. With this begins a summary of "Sweet Porridge". Once the girl was walking in the woods and met an old woman there. The old woman gave her a pot that could cook porridge by itself, you just had to tell him: "Pot, cook!".In order for the pot to stop cooking porridge, it was necessary to say to him: "Pot, stop it!". The girl brought the pot home and they forgot what hunger is. One day the girl was not at home. Her mother wanted to eat and told the pot to cook porridge. When it was necessary for him to stop cooking porridge, my mother did not know how to stop him, she forgot the necessary words. The pot boiled and boiled, and the porridge filled the whole house, then the whole street and the whole village. Finally the girl arrived. Only she was able to stop the pot, because she remembered the cherished words.

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What does a fairy tale teach?

In a word, a great piece. The fairy tale "Sweet porridge" is useful for both children and adults. She teaches the most important thing - kindness. The story teaches us to always be kind. The little girl was modest and kind, for which she was rewarded: the old woman gave her a saving pot. After all, if the girl had not been distinguished by kindness and modesty, she would hardly have deserved such a gift. The tale shows: one must always do good. The old woman had such an opportunity - to help others, which she did. She saved a little girl and her mother from starvation.

The fairy tale "Sweet Porridge" shows that we need to appreciate what we have. The girl's mother happily used the pot, which cooked porridge by itself, but she forgot that everything has its own measure, she forgot the cherished words and could not stop the pot.Mother and her daughter are opposed in this fairy tale. That is, you need to be like a girl, not like her mother.

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Be as clean as children

Today's society lacks such essential values ​​as kindness and cleanliness. The fairy tale "Sweet porridge" teaches everyone exactly this. Of course, everyone wants a comfortable life. Such as sweet porridge. But in order to get something, you have to give something. Hypocrisy, lies, malice - this is what takes root in modern society. And the fairy tale "Sweet Porridge" teaches that this should disappear. You need to be sincere and pure, like a child who has not yet known all the problems of this world.

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We must not forget that only good will save the world. Mutual assistance, mutual support must overcome greed and become the first step in modern life values. We want such a life as sweet porridge - we will be pure in soul, like children.

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