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What is the most expensive coin in the world: description, classification and photo
What is the most expensive coin in the world: description, classification and photo

Coins are banknotes that are made of metal or other solid material. They have a certain shape, weight, dignity (value). Usually coins were made and are made by minting to give them the shape of a regular circle.

In Russian history, the word "coin" came during the reign of Peter I. It was taken from the Polish language. In turn, the word migrated to Poland from the Latin "moneta", which meant "mint", "warning".

Brief historical background about coins

The ancient Romans associated the word "coin" with the goddess Juno, since one of the oldest ancient mints was located near the temple of this celestial, in the city of Rome.

Ancient Greek legends claim that the inventors of coins were their mythical heroes. The ancient inhabitants of Rome assured: the gods Janus and Saturn invented metal banknotes. Based on the content of the stories about the life of the Olympians, the very first coins, which depict a two-faced god and a ship's prow, were minted by Janus, dedicating them to Saturn,arrived in Italy from Crete.

The very same word "coin" in ancient Roman - "adviser", "warning".

This word was called the goddess Juno, the wife of Jupiter. She is also known for the fact that she warned the inhabitants of Rome about impending troubles. Archaeologists have established that it was at the temple of Juno (the Roman Capitol) that the workshops engaged in minting and casting coins from metal worked.

The oldest coin

Currently, stater (stater) is considered the most ancient coin. It is made from an alloy containing silver and gold. It has only one image - a roaring lion. The reverse is smooth. Such coins are found among the ruins in Palestine. Their walking in these parts is not accidental, since it was here that one of the centers of trade of that time was located. The age of the oldest stater is approximately 3200 years old.

The oldest coin is the stateir

This money was in circulation for a very long time: from the 5th century BC to the 1st century AD. They were in circulation in ancient Lydia and Greece, as well as among the Celtic tribes.

The most expensive pre-revolutionary Russian coin

What is the most expensive coin of Tsarist Russia? It is considered to be silver, in denomination of one ruble, dated 1705. It also has another name - "Polish thaler". During the difficult period of the beginning of the reign of Peter I, Russia experienced a lack of silver for minting coins, which it really needed to carry out reforms.

Polish thaler

At that time, by order of the king,silver coins were withdrawn, the original metal for which (silver) was brought from abroad. Their design is very similar to the thaler of Poland from 1630. In 1705, a one ruble coin was minted, which had an error in the date.

What are the most expensive tsarist Russian coins? It is these silver rubles. For such a banknote with the wrong date, collectors are ready to shell out more than one and a half million rubles.

Other "Polish thalers" with the correct date are estimated at about 400 thousand rubles.

The most expensive coin of the USSR

What is the most expensive coin of the Soviet Union? The rarest and, of course, the most expensive coin is considered to be a fifty-kopeck coin dated 1929. Collectors estimate it at more than 10 million rubles. This banknote is made of an alloy, copper-nickel, as a test sample.

The most expensive coin of the USSR

Currently, there is information about only one such coin that has survived to this day. Its obverse bears the image of a peasant driving a tractor. On the reverse side is a country road and a row of one-story houses.

It is considered the most mysterious and unexplored coin of the times of the USSR. Information about it is in the archives of the St. Petersburg Mint. In 1929, together with her, a 10-kopeck coin was also developed. There are stamps on the documents. However, there are no manufactured copies (as samples).

Modern Russian expensive coins

Coins of modern Russia, which can be classified as rare and expensive, are those that went tohandling in small quantities. These include commemorative banknotes in metal.

The most expensive coin in Russia

What is the most expensive coin of modern Russia? It is considered to be a metal banknote in denomination of 5 rubles, issued in 1999 by the Moscow Mint. If it has the stamp of MMD on it, collectors can pay more than 250 thousand rubles for it. To date, there is information on only a few copies of this coin.

The most expensive coin of modern Russia

Also, when asked which Russian coins are the most expensive, some numismatists will answer: 50 kopecks, which were issued in 2001. According to collectors, its cost can range from 30,000 to 100,000 rubles. Made at the Moscow Mint. The number is unknown. There is confirmed information about only a few copies. To distinguish it from other similar coins, you need to find the letter "m" located under the horse's hoof on the reverse.

The Moscow Mint is also known for the fact that in 2001, for unknown reasons, it put into circulation other banknotes that became real rarities. They are among the most expensive Russian coins, they are valued. What are they? These are ruble and two-ruble metal banknotes. Their value for collectors starts from 30,000 rubles. They are distinguished by the presence of the abbreviation MMD under the hoof of the horse.

Which 10 ruble coin is the most expensive

The issue of coins with a face value of 10 rubles began in the Russian Federation in 1991. Almost immediately after the collapseUSSR.

The most expensive 10-ruble coins in modern Russia are considered to be several. Among them stand out:

  • 10 rubles dedicated to the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. The coin was put into circulation in 2010. The cost fluctuates around 16,000 rubles apiece. It is for this price that numismatists are ready to purchase it, which is in good condition;
  • in 2010, 10 rubles "Chechen Republic" were issued. In markets selling collectible banknotes, the coin is valued at 8,500 rubles;
  • 10 rubles dedicated to the Perm region. It was released into circulation in 2010. Estimated in the range of 3500-4000 rubles;
  • In 2013, a commemorative coin of 10 rubles dedicated to the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania was put into circulation. Among collectors, its value is about 3,000 rubles.
The most expensive 10 rubles of the Russian Federation

However, when asked which coin of 10 rubles is the most expensive, numismatists will answer: the most valuable, rare and expensive is the banknote of the St. Petersburg Mint (SPMD). It was released in 2011. It is known for certain that only 13 of these coins were made. Their release in St. Petersburg was erroneous, they were planned to be minted at the Moscow Mint. It is precisely because of this that these 10 rubles have become a real numismatic rarity.

The main distinguishing feature is the presence of the SPMB sign, which is located under the eagle's left paw. Collectors are ready to pay more than 100 thousand rubles for it.

The most expensive coin in the world

Regarding the most valuable, dearworld coin there are discrepancies.

According to most, this is the US silver dollar. At the last auction, they paid $ 7,850,000 for it. In everyday life, the coin is called "loose hair".

most valuable coin

This is a representative of the first US silver dollars, which were minted at the end of the 18th century at the Mint in Philadelphia. Of the batch of coins issued in 1794, of which only 2,000 pieces were made, a few have survived. Most were destroyed (melted down) due to the poor quality of coinage. To date, there is information about the coins from this lot in the amount of about 200 pieces. One of them in very good condition was sold for the above amount.

The head of liberty is depicted on the silver dollar, whose profile was created from the portrait of the daughter of the president of the US bank. Her hair is loose, which was supposed to symbolize the wind of freedom. However, this stroke became the main attraction of the coin, for which it was nicknamed “loose hair”. On the reverse - a flying eagle holding a bunch of arrows and an olive branch in its paws.

According to other specialists, numismatists, when asked what is the most expensive coin, one must answer that it is a US $20 gold coin. On the front of it, freedom is symbolically depicted, dressed in antique clothes. In the hands - a torch and an olive branch.

Image"Golden Eagle" Saint-Godan

In 1933, more than 445,000 of these coins were produced. However, President Roosevelt, as part of the implementation of the monetary reformUS system issued a decree on the destruction of the entire party. But a few of the so-called double eagles of Saint-Godan have survived. At the beginning of the 21st century, one of these coins was bought for more than 7,590,000 US dollars. It is believed that now its value is much higher.


How to find out which coin is expensive and valuable? After all, real rarities can be in the wallet of every person, which he may not be aware of. Ordinary metal banknotes, which are used to pay for purchases daily, can be worth much more than their face value.

Therefore, if it seems to someone that the discovered coin is of value and can be expensive, then it is better to turn to a numismatist for help. Only he can appreciate its real value. Also, this specialist will tell you in detail about which coins are valued. In some cases, you can identify the most expensive metal banknotes yourself using the information in this article.

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