The most expensive camera in the world. Camera Rating
The most expensive camera in the world. Camera Rating

In our article we will consider several models of cameras that deserve the highest praise. All of them cost a lot of money, but have completely different functionality. The high price is not always due to the super-modern technical filling, but there are many people in the world who are ready to shell out a tidy sum for a rarity or one of the exhibits of a limited collection.

most expensive camera in the world

It is difficult to name the most expensive camera in the world, because there are many models belonging to different categories. We will classify the most interesting samples into classes and consider each of them.

Equipment for advanced beginners and beginner pros

Some photographers classify such models as semi-professional, but there is simply no classifier as such. Therefore, let us use this conditional and not entirely clear definition.

It only includes a few models. First and foremost is the Nikon D4, which today you will have to shell out about $ 6,000. This is a full-frame camera that can be seen in the hands of many reporters, family and wedding photographers,journalists.

nikon d4 camera

Pentax 645D will cost almost twice as much. In it you will find two slots for memory cards, and rummaging through the settings, you will find several shooting modes. The body, glass, shutter, all components and mechanisms are well-made and reliable. You can work with this camera even at minus 10.

Mamiya ZD is an excellent modern technique, devoid of unnecessary details. Its 21-megapixel camera has a huge resource even by the most modern standards. The price tag for this camera, like the previous one, ranges from 10-10.5 thousand dollars.

Unlike our next category of equipment, absolutely in all three cases the price is determined solely by technical characteristics. You can be sure that you pay only for quality.

Luxurious furnishings

The world's most expensive camera doesn't necessarily take the most beautiful photos. Moreover, some of these models will not be able to take a single frame, even the most seedy one. But they look just like a king! However, the models we are considering are capable of something.

Gold Nikon FA with stock 50mm/f1.4 lens was released in 1984 with a run of 2000 pieces. He also had a predecessor (FM), which did not get into free sale at all. Today you can find a model of the FA series at the auction, the price will be an average of 150-200 thousand rubles. But this camera with film and modest performance characteristics is certainly not for those who earn extra money by shooting love stories on weekends. Don't expect top notch from her. But if you're dreaming ofA beautiful trinket, trimmed with lizard skin and 24 carat gold, be sure to pay attention to this camera.

Sigma SD1 Wood Edition is quite a modern DSLR, the characteristics of which are unlikely to interest a professional. The company, by the way, produces an absolute analogue of this model, made from the most common materials. But the Wood Edition mark speaks of the luxurious finish of the device with noble wood of the amboyna burl. The camera looks very elegant and stylish. However, even if you are ready to part with ten thousand dollars for her sake, do not rush to rejoice. There are only 10 such cameras in the world, and today all of them have already found their owners.

One of the most expensive is the Pentax LX Gold camera, the average price of which is 11.5 thousand euros. It is trimmed with excellent patent leather and 18-carat gold, and it is also limited (circulation in 1981 was 300 pieces).

most expensive reflex camera in the world

Draped in leather and Leica M9 Neiman Marcus Edition. Gold was not used in the production, but the outer lens is made of sapphire glass. Today, one of the 50 released cameras can only be found at some foreign auction for a lot of money. A few years ago, the price in the catalog of expensive gifts was 17.5 thousand dollars.

"Soapdish" among the best

Oddly enough, the company of the most advanced, rare and richly decorated cameras also included a “soap box”. You can’t call it ordinary, because 380 diamonds flaunt on the case. Canon Diamond IXUS- the most expensive digital camera in its class, because you will have to pay at least 40 thousand euros for it. There are no technical features to speak of.

most expensive digital camera

Instant Print

Many of those who saw the crisis of the nineties in their lifetime will surely remember the miracle of miracles that Polaroid seemed to be in those days. The price for it was relatively low, but it seemed simply impossible to get it in the provinces. This camera, capable of immediately printing captured images, was the dream of millions of workers. Its main disadvantage was the inaccessibility and even higher cost of floppy disks. Today, the camera has no particular value (on average, it will cost 250-1500 rubles). But the manufacturer decided to develop the idea.

polaroid price

The Socialmatic model from the Polaroid company, the price of which is about 11-12 thousand rubles, is the best in the class. As in the old days, the camera itself is capable of printing photos.

The most expensive professional cameras

Canon EOS 5D Mark is one of the most popular SLR cameras in the world. On average, the price of a carcass will be about 30 thousand dollars, and you will determine the final cost only by choosing a lens. Professionals call this camera one of the best in the world. Even if you use a regular kit, you will have great opportunities when shooting portrait and panorama, still life and macro, as well as video. What can we say about professional branded optics!

Leica S2-P Camera, Maina feature of which is an advanced sensor of 37.5 megapixels, has another major advantage. The manufacturing company provides customers with a "platinum warranty", which implies full technical support and even a worthy replacement for the period of repair or maintenance work. The price of the gadget is $30,000

The $40,000 Panoscan MK-3 Digital 360 Degree Panoramic lets you shoot 360-degree panoramas. It works about 8 times faster than analogues and is recommended by the manufacturer not only for lovers of beautiful shots, but also for forensic experts.

60, the 5-megapixel Phase One P65+Back camera is a serious contender for victory. This device is not only one of the most expensive (40 thousand dollars for the "body"), but definitely one of the best in its class. It was developed after a full analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of all prototypes, and is also equipped with a unique Sensor+ function.

The Hasselblad H4D-200MS Digital Camera will cost no less than $40,000. The price is due to the presence of a 50 megapixel sensor and the ability to take pictures with a resolution of 200 megapixels. The company's unique Multi-Shot technology is an in-house development that dramatically improves camera performance.

hasselblad camera

Seitz 6×17” Digital Panoramic Camera is the most expensive compact panorama camera. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is devoid of tripods, levers and rotary handles for rotation. The resolution of the device reaches 160 megapixels, and the price is slightly over 43thousand dollars.

A real rarity

Susse Frères Daguerreotype is the grandfather of all modern photography. It was found quite by accident, and according to experts, none of its analogues have survived to this day. The "Old Man" was assembled back in 1839, so there is no question even of a film. The captured image was first transferred to a polished plate using a reagent. Then the process of developing and printing on paper took place.

most expensive professional cameras

This rarity, one of a kind, left the auction for 978 thousand dollars. Today it can be seen in one of the museums in Vienna.

"Leica" No. 0

The equipment produced by this company has never been distinguished by a budget price. The Leica 0-Serie Nr.107 was no exception, which was valued at 500,000 before the auction, but an anonymous buyer from Asia laid out almost four times more for it - $ 1.9 million. At the moment it is the most expensive camera in the world known to experts. Its main competitor (manufactured by Pentax) left the auction for 1.8 million, also to an anonymous buyer.

most expensive camera in the world

Is there a price limit for photographic equipment?

If you are looking for good modern equipment for work and decide to buy the most expensive SLR camera in the world, be prepared for the fact that the starting price is not the limit. Any photographer knows how much money you have to invest in your favorite business. We have considered only a few models, but often no less than the mostcameras are professional lenses. In the work, you will need many more attributes: tripods, trunks, lighting equipment and much more.

However, behind all this, one should not forget that even the most expensive camera in the world is just a tool in the hands of a person. No camera will guarantee a good result and will not become more important than true professionalism, love of art and craftsmanship.

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