How much is the most expensive coin in the world
How much is the most expensive coin in the world

Even at the very dawn of market relations, trying to find the most convenient way to pay for their goods and services, people invented money. At first they were primitive stones, but as soon as mankind discovered the metal and learned how to process it, the era of coins began.

the rarest coins

An innumerable amount of metal money of various shapes and sizes has been minted throughout our centuries-old history. And it is unlikely that then someone could have imagined what value these coins would have after only a few centuries. Of course, the rarest coins are of the greatest interest among numismatists. Despite the fact that in fact they may not cost anything, true collectors lay out fortunes for them at auctions. Each coin has its own unique history of origin and circulation, some of them, without exaggeration, should be called works of art, and this makes them truly priceless.

The most expensive coin in the world

most expensive coin in the world

Todaythere is a certain number of such coins, the price of which is known throughout the world and is measured in millions of US dollars. The first place in the top of such rare specimens is occupied by the dream of every numismatist, the most expensive coin in the world, the price of which at the auction organized by the SOTBIS auction house in 2002 reached almost eight million dollars - this is the so-called "Double Eagle". This coin with a face value of 20 American dollars, made of gold, served at one time as a sign of we alth, symbolized peace, freedom and military prowess. Its obverse depicted the Statue of Liberty with a torch in its right hand and 13 stars representing the 13 colonies of the United States.

The reverse depicted the eagle that gave the name to the coin with spread wings, carrying a bunch of arrows and an olive branch, surrounded by the number of states that were then part of the United States, 46 stars. The most expensive coin in the world was issued between 1842 and 1933, however, then, during the Great Depression, the US government abandons the gold coin standard and decides to withdraw them from circulation in order to melt them back into gold bars. Fewer than two dozen Double Eagles have survived worldwide, all of which are considered the property of the United States Treasury, and only one, the most expensive coin in the world, is in a private collection.

Other equally significant specimens of ancient coins

most expensive coin in the world

The US silver dollar, dated 1804, rightfully takes the second place. An interesting feature of this coin isin that it was practically released in 1834 by order of the US government for gift sets of coins in circulation at that time. And whether by mistake of workers, or for some other reason, the date indicated on the coin read: "1804". This is a year in which it, of course, was not yet. This copy is of great interest to collectors, according to numismatists, the acquisition of such a dollar gives immortality to their priceless collection. In 2008, one of these silver coins was sold for more than three and a half million dollars. Then comes the Dime Berbera, sold in 2007 for $1,900,000. The silver one dollar coin "Seated Liberty" was last valued at $1,300,000. The 1 penny of Australia, minted in 1930 by the Melbourne Mint in just 6 pieces, was sold in 2005 for over $517,000. While not the most expensive coin in the world, it has the advantage of being the most valuable coin in Australia.

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