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How to make board game chips
How to make board game chips

Board game is a favorite pastime for children of all ages. Funny "walkers", developing "monopolies" and other interesting games serve as a great pastime for the whole family. Every home has board games: get them for birthdays, buy them in the store to keep the kids entertained.

Board Games

Children and parents love board games and are happy to devote their leisure time to the family game. However, over time, after a long time of use, cardboard play accessories begin to scatter and get lost. In a particularly incomprehensible way, the smallest and most necessary details disappear - chips. Without chips, the game cannot start and continue. The chip characterizes each player, acts "with the hands of the owner" and "instead of him" moves around the playing field. The loss of such a detail does not mean a tragedy, because you can easily make chips like store-bought ones.

game chips

Replacing chips

If there is no time for the creative process, but playing is veryI want children to use multi-colored buttons instead of chips. It is necessary to select bright fittings that are suitable in size and have strong differences in color.

Creative potential in children is very high, they find a lot of "substitutes" instead of factory "boring" chips:

  • bright caps (from pens, markers);
  • kinder surprises;
  • candy;
  • pebbles;
  • chess pieces;
  • colorful erasers;
  • shells;
  • large beads;
  • chestnuts.

To make the game even more interesting, creative parents or children are thinking about how to make chips with their own hands so that they are interesting, related to the game with a common theme.

game chips

The method of inventing chips

Creating chips is a fun creative process that can keep kids entertained for a while.

Thinking about how to make chips, you can use the following materials:

  • plasticine;
  • paper;
  • fabric;
  • glue;
  • pictures;
  • matches.

If you have the necessary raw materials, you need to figure out what the chips will look like, what game they will match. Creative imagination will allow, before making chips, to come up with funny figures for each game.

It's easy to mold standard chips from plasticine. A piece of the desired color is broken off and rolled with palms to the shape of a pointed triangle. The bottom of the chip must be made flat so that it stands stably. With a largeimagination and the expenditure of time from plasticine create funny characters: little men, animals, who perfectly cope with the role of a game chip.

From fabric, some girls sew small hearts that walk instead of chips on the playing field.

homemade chips

Chip Ideas

There are several ways to make paper chips.

To play "Business" or "Monopoly" players invent "solid" chips. A small image of the rich and oligarchs is cut out of paper or a magazine and glued onto a small piece of cardboard. Cut out the same number of cardboard rectangles corresponding to the size of the pictures with the "rich". An incision is made at the bottom in the middle of the picture, into which a mini-rectangle is inserted. Thanks to the created cardboard core, the new chip becomes stable

homemade game chips
  • The second option, how to make chips, involves matches during the course. A bright picture, suitable for the position of "game element", is attached to a match with glue. A piece of plasticine will help to make the match stable. The pictures can contain images of animals, birds, fairy-tale characters, movie stars, celebrities, funny emoticons.
  • The easiest way to make chips for the game: cut out even identical circles from colored cardboard, colorful postcards. To make the chips voluminous, glue them on the outside or inside of the bottle caps. Lids can be either plastic or tin.
  • Cut out small figurines of animals or fairy-tale characters from books, candy wrappers or draw with your own hands. Glue on a thick sheet of cardboard. Attach a stand from the back of the figure: a piece of cardboard glued to the figure in the form of the letter "l".

Before making chips, you should pay attention to which board game they are made for. To play poker, you need to draw multi-colored circles with numbers in the middle; to play backgammon, cardboard round parts of two colors are enough. "Walkers" become more interesting if, instead of faceless chips, "participants" become thematically made chips in the form of people, animals, emoticons and other interesting characters.

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