Board game "Mafia": how to win, game rules, plot
Board game "Mafia": how to win, game rules, plot

Surely, each of us at least once in our lives heard the words: "The city is falling asleep. The mafia is waking up." Of course, everyone, albeit briefly, is familiar with this fascinating board game - "Mafia". However, simply knowing the rules is not enough to win. It is very important to have an idea of ​​how to play mafia and win through strategy and the gift of persuasion. If you are an experienced player, you can even plot and plot.

The plot of the game "Mafia"

This team "fun game" has a very interesting detective content that will certainly captivate all participants. Despite the fact that "Mafia" is a game, it was not invented for children at all. Its essence lies in the fact that there are civilians of a certain city who are tired of managing the mafia in it. And now, gathering their courage, they decide to "put behind bars" all the mafiosi. In this they are assisted by the sheriff of the police. The mafia, on the other hand, is retaliating and is ready to destroy everyone whostands in her way.

Mafia drawing

Of course, now there are a lot of amateur versions of this game, with the addition of their own rules and new characters. However, this does not change the essence of how to win at Mafia. Even innovations in the rules and the dilution of the game by other actors do not really change its main essence. The mafia is still killing, the sheriff is still trying to arrest, and civilians are trying to catch the perpetrators of the city's unrest through suspicion.

The basic rules of the game are simple. There is a leader, on whose command the city falls asleep. At this time, the mafia wakes up, gets acquainted and kills a civilian. Since everyone's eyes are closed, except for the "goat nostra", of course, it is impossible to know who is who. Usually the mafia is represented by two people. Their goal is to kill all civilians and go unnoticed.

After the performance of the mafia, the sheriff has the floor. He must point out who, in his opinion, can create a mess. Here is the first advice for those who act as a mafia. Find and kill the sheriff as soon as possible so that he cannot arrest you.

mafia game

The task of civilians is to expose the mafia. After the city has woken up, each of the players must express their suspicions and point out the villains. The person with the most votes must show their card and be eliminated from the game.

Building a strategy

For participants who are sure to crave victory, there are several strategies thatquite easy to do without arousing suspicion. With these tricks you will learn how to play tabletop mafia and win even against the pros.


Mafia is a team game, so the gang of mafiosi can be composed of several people. If so, then this strategy is perfect for those who play for the "evil" team.

Option one - you can substitute one of your own. If the citizens of the city have real bandits at gunpoint, then you can divert suspicion from yourself by agitating others against your companion. With the gift of persuasion and iron evidence, you can easily convince everyone, remove suspicion from yourself and continue to create excesses in a small group.

people play mafia

There is also a second option for building the game - a crossbow. After several moves, a picture of the entire coalition of the Mafiosi gang begins to emerge among the civilians. Imagine what their surprise will be when, on the next night, the mafia kills one of the alleged members of the criminal gang. Such a move would make the townspeople doubt their guesses and, most likely, even look for other suspects.

Last word

If you are lucky enough to become a mafia, by any means try to make sure that the person who closes the circle is from your environment. You will be very lucky if the card falls out like this and everything works out by itself. If this did not happen, kill the inhabitants in such an order that the mafioso speaks last. It has long been proven that players who have the final say have moreinfluence on others. This way, the mafia will be able to control the game.

Of course, an experienced player can guess why the inhabitants are first killed in a certain order, and then abruptly stop. But this game is not always played by professionals only.


In order to defeat the mafia, civilians must unite. Their strength lies in the number of their votes. It is very important to find an ally during the game. Try to support someone's position that makes sense. Soon your union may have other members. If your arguments are convincing, you can defeat the mafia and save the city.

The city falls asleep

However, beware of those who join the majority at the last moment. This person may be the most suspicious.

How to win at Mafia

Remember that everything matters in this game. Try to notice changes in the behavior of the participants, their reaction to the sight of their card and to someone else's accusations. Try to speak with reason and remember who votes against whom. This will help you determine the fictional identity of the player. Let's take a look at some general tips on how to win at Mafia. Some of them are for players with any card, some are specific to the players.

1. Rate your opponents

Before the start of the game, try to talk to all the participants. Note how the person behaves in a normal state. And then see how it will behave during the game. If during the discussionthe participant is visibly nervous, most likely he is a mafia. If a person is calm and measured, most likely, he is not dangerous. However, this does not change the fact that he may be an experienced player and just know how to bluff.

2. Don't make excuses

mafia club

If they decide to throw "all the bumps" at you, you should not rush into excuses and accusations of others. Of all the arguments given, challenge the one that is weakest of all. At the same time, try to speak in such a way that the facts are as believable as possible. If a person does turn everyone against you, convince the other players that he himself is behaving strangely and obviously wants to fill you up. This way you can throw suspicion on him. This method is suitable for both a civilian who wants to stay in the game, and for the mafia, which is close to being exposed.

3. Start with the Quietest

If you got a mafia card, think ahead about your actions. Do not rush to kill those players who are campaigning against you. If you remove the quietest one, you can deflect suspicion from yourself. However, you should not relax, each move can be decisive.

4. Remarks

This item is suitable for all participants. During the game, you can make provocative remarks to those you suspect or want to eliminate. If you give publicity to one weighty, but not necessarily true fact, you have every chance to lure others to your side and "remove" the interfering one.

The heat of the game

Small team

Do you care if you3 people how to play "Mafia"? If yes, then read the following options with a small number of participants. It should be immediately recalled that this will be a game of one move. If you are lucky and there are four of you, then the "Mafia" will have a host, and it can start as usual, with a murder.

If there are only three of you, then the game starts with a "blind choice". The action takes place when the city has already woken up. Participants must guess who is the mafia. It turns out that the vote of one person will be decisive. Here it is important to speak convincingly and lure this one to your side.

It is also possible to play "Mafia" even for two people. This requires three cards, one of which is the mafia. Next, distribute the cards to three. Look at yours, and leave the third untouched. Here one of the players must convince the second to open exactly the unknown card. If it turns out to be a mafia, then the civilians won. If it's the other way around, the mafia will win.

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