How to make DIY Christmas toys. How to make a Christmas soft toy
How to make DIY Christmas toys. How to make a Christmas soft toy
DIY Christmas toy

On the eve of the New Year and Christmas holidays, I want to transform my home, fill it with an atmosphere of magic. Of course, in the store you can buy everything you need for this, however, handmade jewelry is perceived differently. To a person who has never had to take part in master classes, it may seem that making Christmas toys with your own hands is just child's play with cardboard and colored paper. But everything is by no means so, sometimes you can create whole works of art from improvised materials, you only need imagination and the desire to create.

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DIY Christmas toys

So, you have decided to bring bright colors and sparkle of tinsel into your home or maybe make original gifts for your loved ones. Let's see what options exist and where you can start. The first thing that comes to mind is Christmas tree toys of various shapes and sizes. They can be made from anything.from paper, polystyrene, cones, fabric, or you can bake gingerbread cookies, tie a ribbon to them and also hang them on the Christmas tree. Garlands and beads are next on our list, they also do not require special expenses, such as a snow-white garland consisting of paper-cut snowflakes. Wreaths will look great and immediately attract the admiring glances of guests, they can be hung on the door and decorate the table. But a sewn soft toy will appeal to both children and adults, take a look, most likely you will find a few shreds that will fit for such a thing. DIY Christmas toys are also good because they can be absolutely any size and color. There are a lot of options, you can’t count them all, a little imagination - and your house will turn into a fairy tale.

christmas soft toy

Christmas wreaths

Hang this lovely decoration on your door and you'll be in the holiday spirit right at your doorstep. This tradition has existed for a long time: it was believed that evil forces, having seen a wreath, would bypass such a house, and good ones would certainly enter. As a basis, you can use a foam frame, or you can weave a wreath of flexible rods or wire. Take a few spruce branches and secure in a circle to the base with twine. You should end up with a lush green ring that you can decorate with your own Christmas balls or tinsel.

Paper, scissors and glue

These are the materials you will need in order to make the simplest Christmas toys with your own hands. Preparecardboard templates in the form of circles with diameters from 3 to 7 centimeters, because wonderful products come out of the circles. You can also use multi-colored ribbons or thin braid and a stapler. This set will make both balloons and garlands.

paper christmas toys

Option one

Take a 6 cm template and use it to draw 12 circles on a sheet of colored paper, then carefully cut them out. It is better to use thick paper, for example, from old postcards. Fold each element in half and fasten with a stapler along the fold line with another, you should get 6 pairs of blanks fastened in pairs. Straighten the circles slightly, glue the halves alternately from below to above. At the end, you will get a chain of glued elements that will fold into a ball. Before fastening the last pair, make a loop from the tape (we will hang it for it), and hide its ends inside the ball, pre-lubricated with glue.

paper christmas toys

Second option

Christmas paper toys are very simple, you can also involve children in their manufacture. Just as in the previous case, cut out circles with a diameter of 4-5 centimeters from thick paper, from 3 to 8-10 pieces can go to one ball. Fold each in half and glue half of the first to half of the second with glue and continue until you find that this is enough for your toy. Then just connect the first circle with the last one, attach a loop of braid - you're done. try alternate colors to make the toy brighter and more interesting.

Thread toys

DIY Christmas toys

Christmas toys can also be made from threads. These will be weightless white balls of different sizes, and if they are sprinkled with sparkles, they will look even more beautiful. We will need threads, but not sewing threads, but yarn, PVA glue, water, fat cream (for children), a plastic cup, balloons. First, inflate the balloons to the required size and tie with a thread, give them the shape of a ball. In a bowl, mix glue with water in a ratio of 3 to 1, take the yarn and measure the required length, cut it off. Put the prepared piece of yarn in a plastic cup, make a hole on the side and pull the thread through it, do not pull too much, a centimeter is enough. Pour the thread in a glass with a mixture of glue and leave for 5-10 minutes. Then, slowly pulling out the soaked thread, wrap the ball with it until it is completely covered with yarn, like a cobweb. The ball should first be smeared with cream to facilitate removal. Glue the end of the thread and leave the workpiece to dry for at least 12 hours. After drying, deflate the ball and carefully remove it, attach a thread or ribbon for hanging. Sprinkle with glitter if desired before drying.

how to make a christmas toy

Christmas soft toy

Fabric toys are available to everyone, they are not expensive, and there will be no particular trouble with them. They will fit both for decorating the house for Christmas, and as a gift. dolls,bears, bunnies, Christmas decorations and symbols of the year - there are a lot of options. Remove unnecessary items, patches and ribbons, or buy more cotton fabric and stuffing material. You will also need scissors, threads, needles, pins, various beads and beads, ribbons and other details for decoration. All DIY Christmas toys can be made by hand, but if you have a sewing machine, it will make your work easier.

Artichoke balls

These are fabric balls, they won't break and look cozier and softer. You will need a fabric, it can be a simple chintz, the color does not matter, foam balls and needles without an eye, which are more like carnations. First you need to cut out squares with a side of 5 centimeters from patches of multi-colored fabric. Take a foam ball and attach the first square to it with pins, secure from four corners. All other fabric blanks will need to be folded in half, then taking a triangle so that the corner looks down, bend the other two corners to the first, you will again get a square. After everything iron, it is necessary, so the product will look neater. Take one square and attach it next to the first piece of Styrofoam with the corner facing up. Continue to fasten them in a circle until you wrap the ball, then go to the next row, and so on. Then it remains only to attach the loop.


Such a Christmas toy, made by hand, is a kind of symbol or amulet. To youall you need is a few scraps of fabric, lace, bright floss and a little cotton wool. Cut out a square with a side of 15 centimeters from the fabric. Then sew lace or beautiful braid around the entire perimeter. Roll the cotton wool in your hands into a kind of ball and put it in the center of the flap, fold it into a bag and tie it with a thread. Cut out another square, but smaller, also decorate it with lace over the entire surface, overlaying each next layer on top of the previous one. These will be the wings, and the lace will act as feathers. Tie the square diagonally with thread and tighten, then the wings will need to be attached to the main workpiece, intercepting the thread in front crosswise. The amulet angel is ready, you can hang it on the Christmas tree. Or make a garland out of many similar ones and decorate the house with it. Now you know how to make a Christmas toy with your own hands, so don't hesitate, sit down to create.

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