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How to make origami tanks - step by step diagram and video
How to make origami tanks - step by step diagram and video

Combat equipment is usually made as a craft on February 23 or on Victory Day - May 9. It can be a gun, warship, plane or tank. They make crafts from a variety of materials - from colored paper and kitchen sponges, matchboxes and old shoe boxes, from packaging cardboard and newspaper tubes. You can make a postcard with an application, or you can surprise a loved one with an original craft - folding paper.

In the article we will take a closer look at how to make origami tanks. Those who are already familiar with the ancient art of folding paper figures know that it is most convenient to assemble crafts either according to printed patterns or following the work of the masters on video. Any origami is assembled from a square sheet of paper. To create a tank, prepare double-sided printer paper in green.

Two ways to cut a square

Before you make an origami tank, prepare a square from an A4 sheet. The easiest and fastest way isfolding one of the corners of the rectangle to the opposite side, as in the photo below. The side excess strip is cut off with scissors. Expanding the workpiece, get a square whose side is 21 cm.

how to cut a square

However, you can make a tank out of origami paper, the size of the blank for which should be larger. How to quickly cut a square of a different size so that it is even and the corners are straight. The second way is to use graph paper. You can buy it at any stationery store and, counting the required number of centimeters, cut out a square of any size. This is a convenient way to make templates for origami, so many craftsmen use it when pasting a pattern on cardboard.

How to make an origami tank T-34

During the Great Patriotic War, the legendary T-34 tank was created. This is not only the best and fastest tank of that time, but also a vehicle that brought victory in this terrible war closer. Of course, origami masters could not ignore this popular and famous model.

origami scheme

Above is a diagram of how to make an origami tank from a square, the size of which is 21 cm, that is, made by folding an A4 sheet. You need to read the diagram in the order of the numbers next to each figure.

How to fold the basic Double Square shape

In the origami diagram above, under No. 1, there is an already folded figure. Fans of this technique are familiar with this basic form, often found in the work. For beginners, we'll show you how to do it.origami tank using blank.

how to make a basic triangle

A square of paper is folded in half, first diagonally, and then in the usual way. Turn the workpiece with an angle towards you and press the side squares inward along a diagonal line. The result is a figure in which the lower and upper surfaces are square, and inside they are bent in half and represented by right triangles.

Step by step paper folding

Let's take a closer look at how to make an origami tank step by step from paper according to the scheme numbers:

  1. On the first basic shape, make 3 folds.
  2. Unfold the workpiece to its original position and press inward the central small square, as well as the zipper fold. Gently smooth everything with your hands.
  3. Flip the fold outward.
  4. On the future tank turret, bend the corners on the sides on both sides.
  5. Fold the sides and bottom corner inward, away from you.
  6. Pull up the bottom of the top layer of paper to the dotted line in the picture.
  7. Spread the pockets on the sides, lower the triangle down and turn the workpiece over to the other side.
  8. Repeat the side folds in the same way as the first side.
  9. Raise the triangle up to the level of the dotted line.
  10. Same as on the back, spread the "pockets" and lower the part back down.
  11. It remains to bend the muzzle of the gun and raise the bottom edges inward.
  12. Align the muzzle of the cannon by lowering its top edge down.

To complete origamiit looked like a real tank, complete the work with small elements of colored paper. Glue the track wheels to the hull and the red star to the turret.

3D origami tank

The handicraft of this type of military equipment looks beautiful if it is voluminous. It is made up of several separate parts. This is a paper tube muzzle, tank hull and turret.

paper tank

With seeming difficulty, anyone, even a novice master, can make an origami tank with his own hands. Next, we will describe its production in detail. To work, you need to prepare a sheet of thick A4 paper, cutting it in half lengthwise.

Case making

The size of the strip is 10x30 cm. Bend the extreme corners to the opposite side from one and the other edge. Turning the paper back, you will see diagonal folds. The next step is to turn the sidewalls inward so that the folds are right at the junction of the diagonals. By pressing the paper with your fingers, make a triangle with an "accordion" inside.

how to fold a tank hull

Then, on one side, attach the lower corners of the triangle to its top and iron the folds well. On the other hand, after repeating the procedure, bend the right corners of the small triangles formed into the middle so that they touch each other in the center.

how to make an origami tank out of paper

Bend the long side strips in the middle until they connect with the triangles of the edges. Flip over to the other side and secure the edges of the paperlatch.

Finishing work

Turn the body of the tank upside down and bend all the corners inward, bend the resulting strips outward and iron the triangles with your fingers. Next you need to make tank tracks. To do this, bend the edges of the outer strip to the fold line, and then lift them at an angle of 90 ° to the body.

How to make an origami tank further, look at the video:

Any boy will be delighted with such a toy. It turns out to be durable, so the child can play calmly, without fear that the tank will fall apart into parts. Be sure to try to make the craft yourself. Good luck!

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