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School kanzashi bow for September 1 - master class
School kanzashi bow for September 1 - master class

Kanzashi technique is very popular in our country today. On the Internet, you can find a huge number of options for making bows by September 1. In this article, we will show and tell you in detail how these decorations are made.

What do kanzashi do?

This technique came to us from Japan. Kanzashi is a traditional hair ornament worn by geisha along with kimonos. This technique comes from ancient times. Historically, traditional Japanese attire could not be worn with bracelets and necklaces. Thus, fabric flowers have become the only decoration for Japanese women.

By what kind of jewelry a woman wears on her head, one could understand her position and status, it was a kind of way of self-expression.

Today, this technique is known all over the world. Now, with the help of products made using the kanzashi technique, they decorate not only hair, but also jewelry, accessories and even clothing items.

Kanzashi school bow
Kanzashi school bow

How to choose material?

As it may seem at first glance, the ribbons from which do-it-yourself kanzashi bows are made are the easiest to choose. However, it is not. More convenient to work withthick ribbons, so special attention should be paid to the density of the material.

If it is not possible to purchase a thick ribbon, then buy a thin one, but be sure to treat the finished product with hairspray at the end of the work. This must be done so that the decoration keeps its shape. Choose a quality ribbon, if it is uneven and twisted, then your decoration will lose its appearance.


This is also worth paying special attention to. Initially, you need to decide what decoration and for what purposes you want to make. Waves and floral prints are suitable for decorations for solemn and romantic settings. Funny inscriptions, cartoon characters will appeal to children, they will make a beautiful, lush kanzashi bow. But peas or a strict stripe are designed for classic hairpins.

Kanzashi satin ribbon bow
Kanzashi satin ribbon bow

Materials and tools

If you decide to make your own bow from a kanzashi satin ribbon, then first you need to stock up on the necessary tools and materials.

Working in the kanzashi technique, like any other kind of needlework, requires the necessary set of tools. Experienced craftswomen who have fully mastered this technique purchase specialized kits for working in the kanzashi technique, however, if you are still a beginner and do not plan to take up this craft closely yet, you can purchase the necessary tools separately. In any case, you can not do without:

  • Tweezers, for starters, you can use the one with which you correcteyebrows, it can also be an anatomical, sewing or surgical instrument.
  • Scissors - this tool is in every home, it is important that they are sharp and not too small, as this can complicate the work.
  • Glue, the most important thing is that it be transparent, since in the process of work you will have to glue not only tapes, but also plastic and metal parts. To get started, you can purchase Moment glue. However, if you plan to do this craft in the future, then it is better to get a glue gun. It is much more economical and convenient to work with it.
  • Thread, you need to choose strong, but at the same time not thick. The color must be selected to match the product being made.
  • Needle. Sometimes, to assemble the product, the parts are fastened together with a needle, it should not be very long and thin.
  • Pins. They are rarely used, but it is better to have them with you just in case.
  • Candles. This is a mandatory attribute when working in the kanzashi technique. With its help, the edges of the tape are processed and fastened. The candle can be replaced by gas burners, igniters or lighters.
  • Tapes. This is the main material in the work. They are available in various widths, thicknesses and materials.
  • Fittings. It is used to decorate the finished product. Interesting buttons, balls, beads, beads and much more can come in handy.

This is everything you need to create your own school kanzashi bows.

DIY kanzashi bows
DIY kanzashi bows

Master class

For this job you needprepare all the tools that are used for traditional work in the kanzashi technique. This lesson will help you make kanzashi bows for September 1st. If you complete this task, then in this technique you can make any hair ornament, relying on your own imagination.

So, getting started, in addition to tools, you will need to stock up on materials from which your jewelry will be made. In order to make this school kanzashi bow, you will need: satin ribbon, organza, beads and wire.

You need to take a satin ribbon 2.5 cm wide, and you will need 22 centimeters for one bow. Organza is taken of a smaller width - 1.5 cm, and 7 centimeters are enough in length. For stamens, you will need a wire with a cross section of 0.25 mm and two types of beads: 6 beads of 8 mm and 15 beads of 6 mm.

Preparing Parts

These are all the necessary tools and materials, now we can proceed directly to the process itself - making school kanzashi bows.

We start the master class with making simple organza petals. We fold the pieces of tape in half and fix the bottom edge with a candle and tweezers. You need to make 24 such petals.

Kanzashi bows for September 1
Kanzashi bows for September 1

Now we make tulip flowers from a satin ribbon. To do this, we retreat 3-4 cm from the edge of the tape and fold it so that the end of the tape is bent perpendicularly up and immediately bent down. We fix the place of the last bend with a needle. To form a flower, you must repeat this procedure three more times. It is necessary to ensure that the ribbons lie flat, without overlap, so that the school kanzashi bow turns out to be even and neat.

The last, fourth time, we bend the tape perpendicularly upwards and leave it in this position. We take out the remaining free edge of the tape and put it on top, securing it with a needle. The excess tape must be cut and fixed with fire. Now, with the help of a needle and thread, we sew our resulting square along the outside and at the end we tighten the thread and fix it in this position.

fluffy kanzashi bow
fluffy kanzashi bow

In order to form a school kanzashi bow of this sample, you need to make six of these tulips. For flowers, it is necessary to make stamens, we string a bead on a fishing line and twist it. For one flower, you need to twist three beads together.

From beads with a diameter of 6 mm you need to make five stamens, from beads of 8 mm - one. To hide the wire, wrap it with a small piece of satin ribbon. Place the finished stamen in the bud and fix it on the back with glue.

Shaping a bow

So, when all the individual components are ready, we can assemble our school kanzashi bow.

On a felt base with a diameter of 5 cm, we begin to glue organza petals with a gun. You should get three rows of eight petals. Next, glue five flowers in a circle and one, with large beads, in the center of the bow.

Kanzashi school bows master class
Kanzashi school bows master class

Decorate a fluffy kanzashi bow with a chain of beads. We insert large beads between the connected flowers. The bow itself is readynow it remains to make the basis for the hairpin. We fold the felt circle of the same diameter and make cuts for the hairpin. Glue the felt on all sides to the hairpin and fasten it to the bow.

You can come up with your own unique kanzashi bows for September 1 and use our master class to make them yourself.

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