Patchwork. Ideas for the holiday and everyday life
Patchwork. Ideas for the holiday and everyday life

Patch sewing is one of the oldest ways to create household items. It is now considered a type of arts and crafts. And once upon a time, women collected scraps of fabric left over from sewing clothes, and made of them the most common household items: blankets, rugs, capes, tablecloths and napkins. It is believed that this technique arose from economy. Fabrics were expensive, so thrifty housewives did not throw anything away, saving every shred. At the heart of the method is the art of mosaic - the creation of an integral artistic canvas by means of small pieces of stone or glass, assembled together. Here is what a patchwork is in general terms.

The ideas of this skill came to us from England. This is the same patchwork (patch means “flap”, and work means “work”), only assembled into various geometric ornaments, complemented by appliqué, embroidery, curly stitch. Each product made in this style is a real work of art. Decorative panels, bedspreads, pillows, bags, wardrobe items and much more, assembled by craftswomen from patchwork, serve not only for decoration, but also foruse in everyday life. This is what attracts patchwork. Ideas for using this needlework are endless. First of all, this is the interior. It is generally accepted that a place for patchwork is in village huts or in country interiors. However, it all depends on the color scheme and ornament. Muted colors, soft tint transitions, complex ornamental compositions are quite suitable for a room designed in any style: both classic and ultra-modern. And it is not necessary to be limited only to textiles. Various products made in the patchwork style will help to decorate the room. Ideas for decorating furniture and walls are also very interesting. For example, beautifully selected multi-colored patches pasted on drawers and furniture fronts will bloom in a children's room.

Patchwork. Ideas

Strips or circles, assembled from pieces of fabric of similar colors and shades, complemented by cord or embroidery, will serve as upholstery for a classic sofa. Bright pieces of matter can decorate one of the walls in the kitchen or in the youth room.

It is important to consider that the patchwork mosaic itself is very effective. Products from it attract the eye and become the compositional center of the room. Therefore, you should not place too many items in a similar style in one room. One bright spot will be enough, in good harmony with the rest of the color scheme.

Patchwork. Christmas Ideas

Cheerful and bright patchwork will be a great addition to the festive decoration, if you pick up pieces of fabric in New Year's colors (red, white, blue, blue,silver and gold, etc.). In this technique, not only tablecloths and napkins are made, but also Christmas tree decorations. The simplest is a balloon.

Patchwork. New Year ideas

To make it, let's take two types of fabric, say, plain and with a pattern, gold braid and a tassel. First, let's make a pattern in the form of an ellipse. Then, with its help, we will cut out even identical parts from fabrics (6 or 8 pieces). We connect them together, alternating. We fill the resulting form tightly with cotton wool or centipon. Lay the braid along the seams and sew it by hand. The ball will be complemented by a tassel sewn from below and a loop.

Patchwork. Kitchen Ideas

Perhaps the most traditional items for kitchen decoration made in this technique are pot holders and placemats for plates. For beginner craftswomen, this is a great opportunity to master this art. To make the product beautiful and neat, prepare an iron and smooth each seam, and also make the necessary cardboard patterns for cutting fabric. In the creation of ornaments, squares, triangles, rectangles and rhombuses are used. These are the main geometric elements that make up a multi-color pattern. It is very important to choose several fabrics that are combined with each other, of different colors, but of the same composition. You will also need a sewing machine, synthetic winterizer and a one-color lining. Scraps of fabrics are first sewn together, then the finished product is cut along the edge, giving the desired shape, connected with synthetic winterizer and lining, trimmed the edge and quilted by hand.

Patchwork. Ideas for the kitchen

Amazing patchwork art. The ideas for combining patchwork and arranging colorful compositions are endless, and the final result, like in a children's kaleidoscope, can be stunningly beautiful.

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