S alt dough flowers: learning how to make them different options
S alt dough flowers: learning how to make them different options

S alt dough - as a material for creativity - has long won good fame. Products made from it are distinguished by their exquisite beauty, strength and durability. Whatever craftsmen sculpt from it: jewelry, paintings, sculptures, amulets and much more. In this article, we will introduce readers to this type of needlework closer. From the following information presented here, you will be able to learn the technology of making s alt dough, as well as how to make different types of flowers from it. Having mastered this craft, you will be able to create real author's masterpieces with your own hands, which will become a worthy decoration of your home or an excellent gift for relatives and friends.

s alt dough flowers

S alt Dough Recipe

How does s alt dough flower making begin? Of course, from the preparation of the material itself for creativity. Doughshould be soft and elastic, and for this you need to be able to knead it correctly. Learning the recipe.

To make s alt dough you will need:

  • wheat flour - 300 g;
  • s alt - 200 g;
  • pharmaceutical glycerin - 4 large spoons;
  • warm water - 125-150 g;
  • PVA glue - 1 large spoon.

How to make dough from these materials? Pour 125 grams of water into a bowl, then dissolve the s alt in it. After that, leave the solution to cool completely. Next, add glycerin and glue, mix the ingredients. Add the sifted flour in small portions and knead the dough. We roll it out until it stops sticking to the table and hands. We wrap the resulting material in cling film and leave it to "lie down" for half an hour. After this procedure, the dough becomes elastic and pliable in work. Now it can be used to make crafts.

This is the recipe that experienced craftsmen use to prepare the material for fine and fine details, and is exactly what you need to make products such as s alt dough flowers.

s alt dough flowers master class

How to make stucco material colored?

Compositions, including pictures of flowers, from s alt dough can be decorated after the work is done and completely dried. But many craftsmen prefer to paint the initially stucco material in the colors necessary to create the composition. How it's done? At the stage of kneading the dough, the most common food colors are added to it.But you can also dye it with natural products. For example, cocoa or instant coffee will give the dough a brown tint, beet juice - pink, carrots - orange. But when adding the latter, keep in mind that this is a liquid, and therefore initially pour less water.

Next, learn how to make crafts such as s alt dough flowers.


Tear off a piece from a common piece of dough and roll a ball out of it. On a board, flatten it into a cake. With a sharp stick (stack, nail scissors or toothpick), we divide the circle into thin petals. We squeeze the dough well, cutting it, while leaving the middle intact. We pinch the edges of each petal, forming a sharp tip. On each ray, with a fingernail or a spatula from a manicure set, gently push a notch from the middle to the edge. With a toothpick, make "pricks" on the central part of the flower. Set aside the chamomile to dry.

making flowers from s alt dough

To make our s alt dough flowers look natural, we will supplement them with leaves. To make these elements, we form a sausage from a lump of stucco material. We flatten it into a cake. Sprinkle with flour and fold in half lengthwise. We cut the teeth along the edge of the product with nail scissors on both parts at once. Expanding the detail. Flatten the incisions. With a stack we make veins in the middle of the figure. Let it dry.

After making about a dozen of these daisies, you can use them to create a whole bouquet of flowers from s alt dough.


The plant element created according to the following instructions looks not only beautiful, but also believable. And it runs very quickly. Try it and see for yourself.

making flowers from s alt dough

Roll out a piece of dough into a layer about 0.5 centimeters thick. With a round object we squeeze out seven identical elements - petals. We lay them out in a horizontal row, while the edge of one figure should be 1 cm on the other. There are sort of stairs. Then, starting from the bottom part, we twist the entire structure into a roll. We put the resulting workpiece with one end side on the table. Spread the petals on top of the flower with your fingers, bending them from the center to the sides. Rose is ready. Similar flowers made from s alt dough, the master class for making which you have studied, can be an excellent basis for hairpins, hoops, brooches, and an element of a decorative panel.


Following the following description, you can easily create charming figurines of this type of flower. Studying the manufacturing instructions.

From a piece of dough we tear off a lump and form a ball from it with a diameter of about three centimeters. We flatten it into a cake, forming one of its edges round, and the other we make a little pointed. We turn the workpiece "roll". At the same time, the lower edge (round) is wound tighter than the pointed one. The resulting petal is slightly turned away from the center to the sides. We sculpt the middle of the flower. From a small lump of dough we swing the sausage, leaving one of its edges thick. We form a ball there. It turns out a blank in the form of a stick withlump at the top. We insert this detail into the flower. On paper, draw a sheet template. We roll out the dough into a layer, put a pattern on it and cut it out. We draw veins with a stack. We make a stalk - a "sausage" one cm thick. We lay out all the elements to dry: flowers from s alt dough, leaves and stalks. After that, we fasten them together with hot glue. Entire bouquets can be formed from such products.

s alt dough flower pictures

How to dry items?

This can be done naturally at room temperature or on a warm battery. You can speed up the drying process by using the oven. We calculate the drying time individually for each craft on the basis that every 0.5 cm of dough dries for one hour at a temperature of 75 degrees.

From the information provided in the article, you learned how to make flowers from s alt dough. The master class, given in three versions, will help you create unique and beautiful products with your own hands. Creative mood and inspiration to you!

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