Beaded lariat: master class, weaving scheme and recommendations
Beaded lariat: master class, weaving scheme and recommendations

Beaded lariat is a bright and elegant decoration for the neck. Working on it requires patience and perseverance. Regardless of your experience, it will be necessary to spend a sufficient amount of time weaving a lariat. Let's do it together.

Learning to make bead lariats: master class

beaded lariat

The main question that worries many novice craftsmen is how many beads will be needed to make them? The answer is quite simple - it all depends on how long you want to get the jewelry, as well as how many lines of weaving your lariat of beads should have.

The weaving patterns and tutorial provided in this article will tell you how to make this decoration correctly.

Required materials and tools

Before you start, you will need to collect the following materials:

  • hook (up to 1 mm);
  • fishing line or thread similar in color;
  • needle (you will need it if you start working with thread);
  • a few pins;
  • chipped stones;
  • brown beads: 5g darkshade and 30 g light.

Having prepared everything, let's get to work.

The sequence of knitting lariats from beads

First, imagine how your beaded lariat will look like. The weaving patterns presented in the article will be needed to simplify the work and fully understand the process.

lariat bead pattern

Let's get to work:

  • Take the threads with the hook and make two air loops.
  • You will need to string six beads on the thread and move them to the resulting loops. By the way, if your beads are of a different color, then this is not scary. You can choose the color combination you like.
beaded lariats master class
  • After that, you must knit another loop. In this case, you need to grab the first bead.
  • In the same way you need to knit the rest of the beads.
  • Try to crochet tighter - so that the beads are as close to each other as possible.
  • Form a ring. To create it, you need to crochet a connecting column.
  • String 6 beads on the thread again. After that, insert the hook into the loop under the first of them. Now you need to move the new bead closer and lay it on top of the first from the previous row.
  • Pull the thread through the two resulting loops.
  • Further, without changing the patterns, you should crochet the resulting tourniquet.
  • Finishing the weaving of the tourniquet, you must shape its ends. To do this, crochet another row, butalready without beads.
  • Tighten the thread tightly and hide it inside. Cut off the excess tip.


Making a lariat of beads with your own hands is much more valuable than buying it in a store. You made it, and it's priceless. However, in order to make it look the most rich, we will tell you how to decorate the lariat with chipped stones.

First you need to sew on a piece of stone and a bead. Then again dial a bead and a chip on the needle. In order to pass the working thread through the three beads of your tourniquet, you need to step back a little. Thus, you should decorate the end of the bundle with about seven centimeters in length. Next, consider in more detail:

  1. Following this, you will need to unfold and, repeating according to the scheme, embroider the decoration in the opposite direction.
  2. Secure and cut the thread. Decorate the second tip in the same way.
  3. Then you need to wrap the tourniquet with dark brown beads. To do this, lay out the decoration so that its tips are located at different heights.
  4. Fix the thread at one end. String the required amount of beads on the needle.
  5. Wrap around the ends of the tourniquet, diagonally.
  6. After making two such twists, fasten the thread and go to one of the ends. Tie the selected end of the tourniquet three or four times.
  7. When you finish wrapping, you need to decorate it. To do this, you must string a piece of pebble and a bead on the needle.
  8. Pass the needle through the chip, put it through the 3 beads on the cord.
  9. At the end of the work, fasten the chip to the end of the tourniquet andcut the unnecessary thread.

You can decorate bead lariats (photo below) with stones of various sizes.

beaded lariats photo

You just have to go to the mirror, try on the woven jewelry and smile. As you can see, there are no particular difficulties in the process. Feel free to craft new exquisite bead lariats.

Master class using mosaic weave style

You will need monofilament or thread. You can also use soft fishing line. Consider in advance how you plan to tie, sew on decorative elements and attach the ends. For this you need: needles, pins, rings, beads and spacer caps.

  1. String seven beads on the thread. Pass the needle through the first, closing the ring. In the next row, put on a bead and string the beads of the previous row, through one.
  2. Put on three beads in the second row. You should end up with a circle of seven beads.
  3. Weave the next row like the second and continue until you reach the required length of the tourniquet.
  4. Decoration and fastening of the edges is done after weaving, along the entire length. Without changing the scheme, attach the base.

If the number of beads is large enough, then the beaded lariat will turn out empty and will not keep its shape, which often happens with beginners. The beads in this case bulge outward or fall inward. In order to maintain the shape of the tourniquet, weave it so wide that they hold the desired stiffness on their own.

do-it-yourself beaded lariat

You can braid a tight cord or use fishing line instead of a thread as a base.

Pay special attention to thick plaits. Often, when crocheting more than ten beads in one row, the lariat loses its flexibility. This indicates that the thread is too tight.

Final stage

The finished decoration can be embroidered on the surface, both at the edges, and as a whole, sewing on relief elements with monofilament. The ends of the bundles should be decorated brighter so that the bundle appears more voluminous and heavy, and so that the lariat looks neater and thinner against their background.

Such products can look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing or stand out for their originality. A beaded lariat is not only a decoration for your neck, but also a reflection of your personality.

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