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Sew a dress from jersey. two ways
Sew a dress from jersey. two ways

In a knitted dress you will be comfortable and comfortable. By adding accessories in the form of a belt or jewelry, it can be turned from casual wear into an evening outfit. Having picked up a beautiful cut, you can sew a dress from knitwear with your own hands, without having the skills of a cutter. Below are two ways to sew a dress without a pattern.

Choose a style

When tailoring a dress, you need to take into account the features of the figure. If you have a tummy, then it is better to refuse a tight-fitting dress, since the knitted fabric will only increase the flaws. But a way out can be found by sewing a small piece of fabric to the waist in the form of a short skirt (basque). Also, this technique will help to hide the extra centimeters on the hips. Full arms should also not be tight, so the sleeve should be loose-fitting.

Sew a knitted dress

V-neckline is recommended for owners of lush and beautiful breasts, and you can also make a wrap neck.

Features of knitwear sewing

To sew a dress from jersey, three measurements are enough. This is the hip measurementchest and waist. You can make a pattern on paper or cut directly on the fabric. It is possible to cut knitwear only along the share, as it is stretched transversely. To do this, we combine the edges of the fabric and fold the front sides inward. Next, to sew a dress from knitwear, we draw a pattern on the fabric, and then we cut off both layers with pins and cut out two parts at once. When stitching knitwear, it is better to use an overlock. If this tool is not available, you can use a zigzag stitch on a sewing machine. To process the neck, the facing must be glued with interlining to avoid excessive stretching. The edges of the hem and sleeves can be hemmed by hand or on a sewing machine with a twin needle. The seam in this case will be elastic and extensible. To sew a dress from knitwear, you need to use special needles, in which the end is round. Such a needle does not pierce the fabric, but enters it, pushing the fibers apart.

Sew a dress on a T-shirt

The easiest way to cut will help you sew a dress from jersey without measuring your figure.

Sew a knitted dress

Although one measurement still needs to be taken. This will be the length of the product, it should be measured from the shoulder to the desired length at the bottom. For these purposes, you can measure your dress with a comfortable length. For tailoring, take your favorite t-shirt or tank top that fits you well. We iron and lay out on a fabric folded in two layers. We pin the T-shirt and fabric with pins. We circle the T-shirt along the contour, not forgetting to leave half a centimeter along the edge for allowances. We measure the length. We cut out the details and grind the shoulder and side seams.The neckline can be shaped by putting on an unfinished dress and noting in chalk what the neckline will be. The neck can be processed in two ways. The first is a slanting inlay. It can be purchased ready-made at a fabric store or cut at a 45-degree angle from fabric for a dress. The second way is turning. For it, you need to circle the neckline from the back and front with separate details and add 4-5 cm to the inside. Sew to the neckline, and sew on the front side with a double needle, or a decorative seam.

Cutting on the fabric of the peplum dress

It is also easy to sew a dress from knitwear in this way. You need to measure the bust, waist and hips. As well as the distance from the shoulder to the chest line, to the waist line and hips.

Make your own jersey dress

Fold the cut lengthwise and outline the length of the product. Now we mark all the measurements on the fabric and cut out two details of the dress. If you want to add a peplum to the dress, then the waist line must be cut. From knitwear, cut out a rectangle with a length equal to the volume of the waist, but doubled. The length is arbitrary - from 10 to 20 cm. We sew the peplum on a machine with a weak thread tension and tighten it. We fold the upper and lower parts of the dress, inserting a peplum between them, and grind. The rest of the sewing is the same as in the previous method.

After reading this article, you can sew a dress from knitwear for yourself or for your daughter. Good luck!

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