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Master class: beaded strawberries
Master class: beaded strawberries

Today, there is a huge amount of material from which you can make very interesting, beautiful and comfortable things. They are used for handicrafts by many craftswomen. In this article we will consider such an interesting material as beads. We will learn how to use it and at the same time we will make small crafts. For example, beaded strawberries.

strawberry bead photo

Required Materials

In order to make strawberries from beads, as well as flowers and leaves as in the photo below, you need the following materials:

  • beads red - pack;
  • beads black - pack;
  • white beads - pack;
  • beads yellow - pack;
  • beads green (light and dark) - two packs;
  • wire;
  • green thread;
  • scissors.

All this will be needed to make five strawberries, three or four flowers and about seven leaves.

Master class for beginners: beaded strawberries

strawberry beading

Let's get to work. For the manufacture ofberries we use a technique such as parallel weaving.

Perform the following actions:

  1. Cut off the required length of the working material (15-20 cm) and bend it in the middle.
  2. Stringing 3 beads. We stretch one end of the wire through 2 beads and gently tighten. It should be a triangle. Rows 1 and 2 are done.
  3. Next, we collect 3 beads on one end of the working material. We stretch through them the other end of the working material. Pulling together.
  4. In the 4th row we collect 3 red and 1 black beads. We do with them what we did with the previous row.
  5. Add one bead in each row, not forgetting to mix with black, until there are 7 beads in a row. We knit another row without adding.
  6. Next, in each row we decrease one bead. And we do this until there is only one left.
  7. At the end, carefully twist the wire.
  8. Make 5 more of these parts and connect them together.
  9. Before attaching the last part, put a piece of red paper or a plasticine ball in the middle of the berry so that the strawberry is voluminous and does not bend in the middle.

Now we figured out how to make a beaded strawberry.

Let's start making a flower. For this we need:

  1. Cut 5-6 pieces of wire and string 13-15 white beads on them.
  2. Next, the ornamental material must be bent so as to make a petal, and twist the edges gently.
  3. Starting to the core of the flower. We collect 6 yellow beads on the wire and close them incircle, threading one end of the craft material through the last bead on the other side.
  4. After that, we collect 3 more yellow beads and thread the end of the wire through the middle bead. Do this until a small yellow ball is formed.
  5. If all the details are ready, then we begin to connect them so that we get a white flower with a yellow core.

The flower is ready!

We start making small leaves. To make them, you need:

  1. We take light green beads, and the required number of pieces of wire. In our case, you need to take 32-36 pieces of ornamental material 10 cm each. This is enough for 5 strawberries and 3-4 flowers. For each you need to make 4 leaves.
  2. For each piece of wire we collect 10-12 beads and connect the ends, twisting them.
  3. After we distribute 4 leaves each and attach them to the bottom of the flowers and berries.

Now let's start making large sheets:

  1. For one leaf, you need to type 10 beads on the ornamental material.
  2. Next, add 15 more beads on both sides and connect the edges.
  3. Continue to do, adding enough beads on each side to make a leaf.
  4. Do this for about 3-4 layers.

Repeat the work, while making 12-13 sheets for the bush. Below you can see a photo of a finished beaded strawberry.

beaded strawberry

When all the parts are assembled, the ends of the wire of each flower, berry and leaf will need to be carefully wrapped in greenthread. After that, you need to fasten all the parts of the bush together. This work also needs to be done with a green thread.

Next, we take a small pot for flowers, dilute PVA glue, gypsum in it and mix with water. Gently stir all this mass and put our strawberry bush in it. Let the plaster harden and paint it in the desired color, or sprinkle it with decorative pebbles.

Embroidery material

In order to embroider strawberries from beads, you need to have:

  • beads red;
  • black beads;
  • green beads;
  • needle;
  • thread (fishing line);
  • fabric or ready sample on fabric.

Bead embroidery according to the scheme

Today, you can embroider not only with thread or ribbon, but also with beads. Such work is very entertaining and painstaking. Although the result will please everyone. Thanks to small beads and a needle with a thread (fishing line), you can create masterpieces, embroider huge colorful pictures.

In stores for needlewomen you can buy a ready-made kit for embroidery with beads, which is very convenient. Well, if you want to create at your own discretion, then pay attention to the scheme for embroidery we have proposed and get to work.

We will consider only a small piece of such subtle creativity. Let's try to embroider strawberries with beads. If you want, you can draw an embroidery sketch.

how to make a beaded strawberry

Strawberry embroidery with beads is done like this:

  1. Take a needle and thread.
  2. Starting embroidery from the top left bead.
  3. In the first row inmust be embroidered from left to right.
  4. We stick the needle from the wrong side and pull it out from the front. Grab the bead of the desired color with the needle.
  5. We stick the thread into the right corner and pull it out from the back. Repeat with the other bead what we did with the first one.
  6. Keeping order. It is important to remember that the needle must always be pulled out from the lower left corner. So we finish the first row.
  7. The second row starts from the top right corner. Now embroider from right to left.
  8. The third row needs to be embroidered, as well as the first one.
  9. If the previous row is shorter or longer, then you will need to get to the next one by making small inconspicuous stitches.

Material for a beaded brooch "Strawberry"

Many girls know that a brooch is a very delicate and exquisite decoration for clothes. But there are times when it is impossible to find a brooch that suits you. What to do in this situation? The answer is simple - you can make it yourself.

To make jewelry you will need:

  • beads red;
  • green beads;
  • black beads;
  • black beads;
  • glass bead green;
  • one large blue rhinestone;
  • base for beading (you can use felt);
  • leather (piece);
  • cardboard;
  • brooch clasp;
  • beading needle;
  • pencil;
  • paper;
  • glue;
  • scissors.

Making a brooch

strawberry beaded brooch

Let's get started:

  1. Forin order to make a brooch, you need to draw a sketch of a strawberry on paper. Cut out and make a pattern based on embroidery or felt.
  2. Next, we sew the contour of the berry. For this we use red beads. How to embroider with such material, we discussed above.
  3. After we start embroidering the leaves. First you need to sew the glass beads so that the veins of the leaf can be seen. The rest of the space is filled with ordinary green beads.
  4. Next, we start to embroider in red. Don't forget to sew large white beads randomly.
  5. After you have filled the entire space of the future brooch with beads, we begin to carefully cut it out so as not to touch the contour thread. Next, cut out the strawberry outline from cardboard and glue it to the wrong side of the brooch.
  6. After that, take a piece of leather and determine the location of the fastener. Glue it together with the skin to the cardboard and carefully cut off the remains along the contour.
  7. At the end of the work, we sew the contour with beads or a simple thread.

The brooch is ready!

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