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Cloud Atlas: movie and book quotes
Cloud Atlas: movie and book quotes

There is a theory that we have all been someone in a past life, perhaps not even one. Surely every person has experienced at least once the feeling of "déjà vu", which comes from the French expression "déjà vu" - "already seen". In daily movement, we sometimes stop, and we are visited by the thought: “Stop! It's already happened to me." Why is this happening? The answer can be found in the excellent novel Cloud Atlas, which was written by acclaimed author David Mitchell and filmed quite successfully.


You can read the quotes from Cloud Atlas below, but before that, a little about the plot.

Movie characters

The novel "Cloud Atlas" consists of stories about six stories that have some connection with each other in different periods of time - past, present and future. In this case, one plot line follows another, then a third, and so on. The author of the book himself explains this by the fact that the heroes are, as it were, reborn. In each new period, a reincarnation of one or another character occurs.

The novel was filmed by directors Tom Tykwer, Lana and Andrew Wachowski. Shown on the screens for the viewer already in 2012, given that the book was written in 2004.

Cloud Atlas Movie Quotes

Film "Cloud Atlas"

The characters and their quotes will be listed below.

Robert Frobisher is a young English university student who fled because he fell in the eyes of society due to his homosexual relationship with another student. Worked on the Cloud Atlas sextet. Episode "Letters from Zedelgem":

True suicide is a planned, measured and correct thing. Many preach that suicide is a manifestation of cowardice … These words have nothing to do with the truth. Suicide is a matter of incredible courage.

A half-read story is like love left halfway.

Phrases attributed to Timothy Cavendish, the elderly publisher in the episode Timothy Cavendish's Last Judgment:

Freedom… The hackneyed motto of our civilization. Only after losing it, you begin to understand what it really is.

- Do you have a conscience? - A couple of pills and a gin and tonic will help me forget about it.

Critics - they are critics to read books quickly, arrogantly and not really reading.

Sunmi-451 is a girl living in a future where the population is divided into purebloods (who were born) and fabrications (cloned people). The factories were considered the lowest social class and were constantly used as a working class.strength. Episode 'Revelation of Sunmi-451':

There is only one truth, any version of it is a lie…

We are not the masters of our own lives. We are connected to others past and present. And every offense, like every good deed, gives birth to a new future.

Adam Ewing and Henry Goose are characters in the first episode of Adam Ewing's Pacific Diary. Where Adam is an American notary who arrived on one of the Pacific islands to conclude an agreement on the supply of slaves to his father-in-law. He fainted, and Henry Goose tried to cure him, as Ewing thought. In fact, Goose wanted to poison him.

- I don't even know what I would do if our paths didn't cross. - For starters, you would have died.

No less interesting are other quotes from the movie:

First rule of detective: a good lead leads to another lead.

Do what you can't not do.

A violator is a violator, bring him at least golden eggs.

The above are quotes from the movie. In the next section, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with quotes from the book Cloud Atlas.

David Mitchell Cloud Atlas Book Quotes

Book "Cloud Atlas"

Robert Frobisher:

There must be some depth in a girl who appreciates irony…


…your environment is the key to your personality.

Nothing is more eloquent than silence…

Joe Napier is the head of security at the nuclear power plant in the episode“Half-lives. Louise Rey's First Investigation":

You underestimate men's propensity for petty revenge.

Louise Rey is a journalist from the episode "Half-Life. Louise Rey's First Investigation":

I keep forgetting he's dead. All the time I think that he went somewhere on assignment and will fly back one of these days.

Other quotes from the book are also original:

Every conscience has an off switch somewhere.
Despondency makes a person yearn for lives they never led.
Yes, aging damn unbearable! The selves that we were long to breathe the air of this world again, but will they ever be able to get out of these calcified cocoons? Hell yes.
Hug your enemy to keep him from hitting you.
- My name is Gwendolyn Bendinx. - It's not my fault.
Every rising sun eventually sets.
Promises you can't keep are not hard currency.

Most of the phrases carry a deep meaning, and you need to think about what this or that character really wanted to say. And in some, on the contrary, the truth lies so on the surface of the quote that it is simply hard not to notice it.

Despite the sad, but at the same time exciting situations that occur in the story, the author does not get tired of motivating and even supporting with appropriate phrases, as if showing that not everything in life is lost. And even if it is lost in this one, it can definitely be found in the next one, the main thing is to know where to start thesesearches.

Film and book

As we already know, Cloud Atlas is an adaptation of David Mitchell's novel. In the film adaptation, they tried to keep the story described in the book to the maximum. But there are still some clear differences.

In the film, periods are depicted a little differently. If in the book all the stories are described in turn, and at the end they return to the original episode, then in the film the stories are mixed and alternately replace each other.

Another interesting moment. In the book, every key character just had a birthmark that betrayed him. In the film, a stylistic device was used, where in each story the actors repeated themselves, they just already had a different role in the next episode and make-up.

To this day, Cloud Atlas is one of the most intricate novels out there, with a fairly complex storyline that needs to be followed closely. As for the film, the viewer was shown a film adaptation of the novel, which seemed impossible to film.

Second theme

We really hope that after reading the quotes from Cloud Atlas, one of the best and most mysterious works, everyone will want to watch this beautiful movie or read the book.

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