How to play "sea battle": the rules of the game
How to play "sea battle": the rules of the game

"Battleship" is an exciting and simple game that does not require special tools and special knowledge. It can be played both on a computer and on paper, and only the second option was once used, since there was no other possibility. Not everyone knows how to play Sea Battle, because either there was no opportunity to learn, or there was no “teacher”. In any case, such knowledge can be useful. The rules of the game "Sea Battle" are simple, anyone can remember them, regardless of age and level of intelligence.


The game "Battleship" has long conquered many people. It is interesting, exciting, and most importantly - does not require any costs. To play with a person together, you will need two sheets of checkered paper (preferably) and two pens (or 2 pencils).

Sea battle on paper

Sea Battle is useful not only because it allows you to have a good time. The game also contributes to the development of strategic thinking and intuition. If you and the person know each other, you have the opportunity to use information about the enemy. For example, your assumptions about how he could put the ships so that there arehard to find how you would bet if you were in his place, can be confirmed and help win.


Well, let's get to the main part. Now you will learn how to play Sea Battle:

1. First you need to draw two squares of 10x10 cells on a sheet of paper (of course, it’s easier to draw on a sheet in a cell). Then, in both figures, put down the letters from A to K on the top row (from left to right, skipping E and Y), and to the left of the squares - the numbers from 1 to 10 (top to bottom).

2. On the left square you need to place:

  • 1 ship, consisting of 4 cells;
  • 2 ships, consisting of 3 cells;
  • 3 ships, consisting of 2 cells;
  • 4 ships, consisting of 1 cell.

Ships cannot touch each other either at the sides or at the corners. It is important that there is at least one free cell between them. Ships can touch the edges of the playing field, and they must be located only vertically and horizontally (not diagonally).

The right square must remain empty.

3. The goal of each player is to destroy enemy ships. The one who goes first (by agreement or by chance (using lots)), calls the coordinates (letter-number), looking at the right empty square. For example, E7. The opponent looks at his left drawing, where his ships are located, and answers:

a) past;

b) injured;c) killed.

The first option means that the player got to an empty cell, that is, he didn't get anywhere. He marks in his right square this place,so as not to choose it a second time (most often with a cross, but you can use any other convenient way), and meanwhile the move goes to the second player.

Rules of the game "sea battle"

The second option means that the player got into a multi-deck ship (occupying from 2 to 4 cells). Having marked the right place on his card, a person has the right to the next move until he misses. So, if after shouting E7 the answer “wounded” followed, the player can call either E6, or F7, or E8, or D7 to finish off the wounded ship (by the way, this is not necessary, you can temporarily leave it alone and look for others). The second player again answers "by", "injured" or "killed".

The third option means that the enemy ship has been destroyed. If this happened from the first move, then it was single-deck (consisting of one cell), which can be called a great success. If from the second (for example, after E7 the player said E6), then it is double-deck, etc. After knocking out the ship, as well as after being wounded, the player moves until he receives the answer "by".

4. The turn passes from one player to another in case of a miss and is delayed by one of the opponents in case of a successful hit. The first person to find and destroy all enemy ships wins.

Other variations

Sometimes "Battleship" is on paper, and sometimes on a computer, as mentioned earlier. And if for the first option you need a real, live opponent, then in the latter case you can play with robots. True, firstly, it will not be so interesting (the reaction of the enemy when you drown himship is priceless), and secondly, the ability to peep into the enemy fleet is absolutely excluded (we all understand that some people strive to cheat).

Sea battle game

One way or another, it's not difficult to come up with other, more advanced versions of the game, it all depends on the imagination of the players and their desire / ability to experiment. It is important to immediately clarify all the rules, because if it is not clear to every person how to play the Sea Battle, the rules of which you came up with, nothing good will come of it, a quality game will not work.

For example, you can add more cells to the "battlefield" (not 10x10, but 20x20, let's say), then either leave the number of ships or increase them. You can complicate the task so much that all the ships that the enemy needs to find are single-deck. You can make mines, when hit on which the enemy misses one turn. There are a lot of options, the main thing is to know everything in moderation.


How to play sea battle

That's all, now you have got acquainted with the new game and you know its rules. The question "how to play Sea Battle" should be settled. From now on, you and your friends will have something to do during boring lessons / lectures or at work, if there is an opportunity to be close to each other and write on sheets of paper.

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