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How to make a beaded spray rose: a master class
How to make a beaded spray rose: a master class

Flowers have been inspiring most needlewomen for a long time. Needless to say, beaded floristry is a special type of hand-made that deserves special attention. Roses take pride of place in the list of inspirations.

Bright, openwork, delicate, bush - in any form and color allows beads to create eternal, beautiful flowers. With it, you can bring to life the idea of ​​any bouquet.

In this article you can get acquainted with the master class of a beaded spray rose. A beautiful, lush composition will be a wonderful decoration for the home, it can be supplemented with other DIY crafts. A beaded spray rose can be a nice handmade gift.

Inspiration for needlewomen

Required material

Even a beginner to master beading can cope with this master class, but it will take more than one hour to create this bewitching composition. Be prepared to sacrifice free time to end up with a really beautiful, lush rose bush. To weave a beaded spray rose you will need:

  • red beads;
  • green beads;
  • green satin ribbon;
  • wire 0.4mm;
  • thick stem wire;
  • scissors;
  • lighter or candle;
  • gypsum;
  • flower pot;
  • drainage.

You can use not only drainage to decorate the composition. Gypsum can be painted, a whole animal world can be placed on it by placing inhabitants made of beads under a bush. A satin ribbon will be needed to decorate the wire, it can be replaced by several skeins of green floss threads.

Get a glue gun ready as well, it will come in handy during the assembly process.

Red beads


How to weave a bush rose from beads? Let's start with the most difficult - with weaving roses, namely with petals. Cut a piece of wire and string 13 red beads onto it. Fold the two ends of the segment together, place the beads exactly in the center of the weave, put one bead on the two ends and tighten. Make sure that the resulting loop is located in the center of the segment. On one of the free ends of the wire, dial 14 beads, then return through the first dialed bead. So you get the second loop. Make exactly 5 of these on a segment.

Next, string 10 beads onto the long end of the wire, pass through the central bead of the adjacent loop, tighten. Then dial 5-6, tightening them into the same loop, passing the end of the wire through the central neighboring one. Then cast on 10 beads again, forming a loop. Twist the two ends of the wire to complete one leaf.

Roll the resulting rings of beads into a tube, wrapping around the same second and third petal.

Twist the ends of the wire tightly together. This way you will get one flower for a beaded spray rose.

You will need 15 of these buds for a small arrangement. To make the bush even more magnificent, you can add even more flowers if you have time and patience.

Roses from beads


Each flower should have a sepal to make the composition look as realistic and complete as possible. Cut a piece of wire, put one bead on it. Fold the wire in half and put two beads on the two ends. Spread the ends of the wire apart, tightly tightening two beads closer to the first. Put 7 beads on each end. Connect the ends together again, threading one bead through both. Tighten, so you get a pointed loop of green beads. To weave the next loop on one of the ends, dial 13 beads, passing the end in the opposite direction through 10, 11, 12. Add 7 beads to the end and pass through the two dialed. Pull tight to get a loop.

To make a sepal, weave 3 to 5 of these pointed loops. Wrap the weave around the rose, twist the ends first between each other, and then with the wire stem. Unfold the green loops.

Sepal for a rose


Unopened buds will add realism to a beaded spray rose. They also need to be woven for composition. They weavevery simple, and only 6-7 unopened flowers are enough for 15 flowers. They will add composition and pomp and naturalness.

Cut off a piece of wire. Stepping back from the edge of 6-7 cm, fold it in half and twist it by about 1 cm. You will get a small loop, the remaining segment will become the axis for weaving. On one side, dial 5 beads, on the other - 7-8. Go around the axis with a long segment, wrapping the wire around the axis several times. Dial more beads, add a few beads for each turn so that they tightly wrap the axis and the previous rows. Do this for 4 circles, fasten the wire with a loop, twisting them together.

This way of weaving is called "French" or weaving around the axis. Very simple, fast and cute - just what you need to weave a beaded spray rose.

Make several of these petals of different sizes, varying the number of circles around the axis and the beads on it.

Don't forget about the sepals for the buds. To make them appear small, make the sepal loops longer by adding 3-5 beads after the first bead. For larger buds, choose larger sepals. And vice versa, for small ones - small ones.

What a beauty!

Foliage weaving

The bush needs green foliage. You can weave it in several ways. A cute and quick way is weaving along the axis, just like the buds were weaving. In total, the bush will need 45 leaves with 5 beads on the axis and 90 with 7. Each leaf should consist of 3 full circles.

Weave all the leaves, fasten the wire tightlyand proceed to the build step. Our master class on a beaded spray rose for beginners has reached the finish line.

Yellow roses

Assembling the bush

When all the elements for the composition are ready, you can start assembling the bushes. Let's start with the leaves. Take one green leaf, the one with 5 beads on the axis. Drip a little glue at the beginning of the weave and attach the edge of the satin ribbon. Wrap the wire with ribbon about 1-2 centimeters, then attach the next leaf (with 7 beads) to the weave, stepping back about a centimeter from the beginning of weaving. A little lower, another 0.5-1 cm, attach another one of the same size. Twist the wire tails together, wrapping them around each other, and then decorate with a ribbon, twisting the branch to the very end with it. Cut off the excess tape, and fasten its edge to the wire with a drop of glue.

Do the same with the unopened beaded spray rose buds.

For one branch for a bush, take one bud, three leaves and one rose. Take a rose for weaving a twig as a basis. Start twisting the stem into a satin ribbon, gradually attaching the bud and foliage to it at different levels.

Collect all the elements of the craft, you should get 15 pieces of beaded spray rose branches.

Master class ends. All that is left is to collect the branches in a pile and "plant" them in a pot. Collect all 15 branches together, arranging the branches in the form of a round bush. Twist the ends of the branches together, secure with a few turns of wire or clamps. Straighten the branches, make surethat the position of flowers, buds and foliage suits you, and take care of the placement and decor.

beautiful composition

"Planting" roses

It remains only to "plant" a spray rose in a pot. Take an unnecessary container in which you can mix the plaster, dilute it with water according to the instructions on the package.

You can put various garbage in the flower pot to spend less gypsum. Pour the solution into the pot and carefully place the bush in it. Fix the weaving with improvised means so that it does not drown in plaster, does not go sideways. You can also put a few stones at the bottom of the pot. They not only make the product heavier, but also give them durability. Between them, you can fix the "roots" of roses.

When the plaster hardens, it can be decorated as you wish. You can cover it with paint or fill it with drainage.

Photo of a beaded spray rose

Bead craft is ready. This is the composition you can get if you follow this master class. A beaded spray rose will fit into any interior, will be a wonderful decoration and addition, in addition, a nice gift. Choose the right place in the room for a potted bush and enjoy the ever-blooming flower.

rose bush

The article was given a step-by-step master class. A beaded spray rose is a great idea to decorate the interior.

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