Rim Akhmedov, "Odolen Grass" - book-amulet, book-healer
Rim Akhmedov, "Odolen Grass" - book-amulet, book-healer

R. Akhmedov's book "Odolen-grass" is named so for a reason. Odolen is an ancient Slavic amulet against all diseases and misfortunes. Plants and herbs have always served to benefit human he alth. Collected at the right time, at the right time, during flowering or just when the first sprouts are visible, in skillful hands they become a truly magical tool in the fight against not only ordinary diseases, but also incurable ones.


Natural healers

This is a book about the amazing property of plants and herbs to heal a person, that, relying on one's own intuition, one can defeat seemingly incurable diseases, such as cancer. A lot has been written about cancer in Rim Akhmedov's book "Odolen-grass": the author gives combinations of medicinal herbs, recipes for infusions and tinctures, which include several different plants that help stop the division of cancer cells. But we must remember that this is not a panacea.

The lively syllable of small stories about the successful appeal to traditional medicine in the most neglected cases inspires hope in many patients who are tired of fighting the illness of people. It deals with diseases such as cancer, pathologies of the liver and gastrointestinal tract.

Science or nature

The book contains effective recipes for herbal infusions that help with gynecological diseases and disorders of the genitourinary system. There are recipes for infusions and lotions that help strengthen male strength, the cardiovascular and nervous systems. In addition, according to Akhmedov's prescriptions, many childhood diseases can be cured, provided that the child is not allergic to herbs.

book by R. Akhmedov

Rim Akhmedov considers "Odolen-grass" one of the serious competitors for traditional medicine, because with the help of plants he repeatedly managed to bring even the most doomed patient back to life. Having long noticed that animals in nature accurately identify magical herbs that can improve he alth, Akhmedov came to the conclusion that if you follow the laws of nature, you can achieve amazing results.

Magic herbs

Knowing the properties of plants and their effect on the body, the herbalist makes infusions that help against a particular disease. For example, the well-known black wormwood, or chernobyl, is able to fight not only mild diseases, but also cancerous tumors.

wormwood chernobyl

Or cocklebur and hoof, which are known as poisonous plants, can, with the right time of collection,special preparation and dosage to cure thyroid diseases, gastric diseases and some types of cancer - these herbs can reduce swelling.

Rim Akhmedov's book "Odolen-grass" contains detailed recipes with the proportions of raw materials, doses of use and time of courses. They are all backed by real stories of healing.

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