Knitted cat hat: description and patterns for beginners
Knitted cat hat: description and patterns for beginners

Cat hat, knitted or crocheted, is one of the favorite models for big and little girls for more than one autumn-winter season. Sweetness and charm - that's what threatens the owner of such a headdress. How to tie it in order to conquer all passers-by with its "cuteness"?

Ears on the hat - the trend of the autumn-winter season for many years

Where did the fashion for hats with ears come from - the question, of course, is interesting, but not relevant, as they are worn by the fair sex of all ages around the world. A knitted cat hat is a modern headdress in both autumn and winter. She looks childishly cute and feminine alluring. Everyone will see something of their own in such a detail of the wardrobe. After all, a hat with ears will seem stupid to someone, and a squeak of fashion to someone. But no matter what anyone thinks, they have been a trendy model for several years and, most likely, will remain so.

knitted cat hat

Which yarn is best?

Hats with ears are worn mainly in the cool season - from mid-autumn to early spring, such a headdress will come in handy, becoming an unusual wardrobe detail. To knit it, you need to choose yarn and knitting needles. Most of all, for hats without inserts, ordinary threads are suitable - half-woolen, acrylic. If you want to linkfluffy cat hat, then you can choose yarn "grass". And such a headdress can be quite complicated when two types of threads are used in the work - for the hat itself and for the ears, and the texture of the threads must correspond to their purpose. Depending on the thickness of the yarn, knitting needles should be selected. Usually, a cat hat is knitted on two knitting needles, and the fabric is then connected with a regular seam, and it depends on the model whether there will be one seam or two. Although you can knit a hat on five knitting needles - in a circle.

hat with ears

Ears on top of head

A cat hat made with knitting needles can be completely uncomplicated - knitted ears are sewn onto an ordinary knitted hat. The headdress itself is more convenient to perform with the front surface. To get a knitted cat hat with knitting needles, the most primitive description will be used. Let's say the girth of the head is 55-56 centimeters. Then 120 loops of semi-synthetic, woolen yarn of suitable thickness are typed on knitting needles No. 3. Yarn and knitting needles are selected as standard - a thread twisted in two additions should be equal to the thickness of the knitting needles. That is, for the proposed model, the thickness of the yarn should be 1.5-2 mm. For more accurate calculations, it is better to first knit a sample and calculate how many loops there are per 1 cm of fabric.

The first 5-7 rows are knitted with a 1x1 elastic band. Then, to the height of the cap, which is about 20 centimeters, knitting continues with the front stitch, that is, the front rows are knitted with front loops, and the wrong rows are knitted with the wrong loops. Having knitted a straight section, you should begin to decrease the loops evenly in a circle,knitting 2 loops together. For a cat hat, such decreases are best done in different places in the row, without marking the seams of the decreases. When a few loops remain in the work, they need to be pulled together with a thread. Sew the finished product along the seam. Now the ears are knitted. Cast on 20 sts on needles and work in stockinette stitch, decreasing from the beginning and end of the row. The height of the cat cap will depend on how the reductions are made. You need to knit 4 such identical parts, and it is in this case that you can make ears with pink, for example, inserts, then the back half of the ear will be the color of the cap, and the front half will be pink. Sew each pair of ears over the edge or crochet with a "crustacean step" and sew in place. Double lugs will be stiff enough not to "fall over". A simple hat with cat ears is ready.

knitted cat hat description

Rubber ears

A funny cat hat for a girl or a girl is obtained by knitting three separate parts - the middle of the hat is knitted with a "braid" pattern, and the way you like it, and the two sides are strips of elastic, due to which the hat not only sits well on head, but also acquires "cat ears". If you change the pattern of the central part, leaving the elastic sides unchanged, you can get many different hats. You should also take into account the thickness of the yarn to get a comfortable knitted cat hat with knitting needles. A master class of such work will begin with the implementation of the central part. It is knitted according to the pattern below.

cat hat knitting pattern

4 rapports should be connected in height. Then you need to make reductions at the crown. To do this, it is most convenient to decrease the loops first in the wrong paths, then in the front ones, knitting two loops together. Close the loops and knit the other half of the hat in the same way. Sew both central parts together from the inside out.

The sides are knitted in 2x2 ribbing. To do this, dial the working loops from the broaches of the edge loops along the front central part. Moreover, the closer to the crown, the more often you need to dial loops. Then an elastic band is knitted on 23 rows. Close the loops and sew the sidewall to the back center part. The second side of the cat cap is made in the same way. Crochet the bottom with a "crustacean step" and tie ties, if necessary.

cat hat for girls

Just a hat with ears

Another model will tell you how a cat hat can be knitted with one fabric. The scheme of work is as follows, for a head circumference of 55-57 centimeters:

  • on knitting needles No. 3, cast on 56 loops of yarn of suitable thickness and tie with an elastic band 1x1 for a better fit 5-7 rows;
  • knitting is distributed in this way - 1 hem, 12 stitches with a pearl pattern, 30 stitches of a royal braid according to the scheme, 112 stitches with a pearl pattern and 1 edge;
  • knitting continue according to the size of the headdress;
  • knit 5-7 rows in 1x1 rib as at the beginning of knitting;
  • sew side seams;
  • try on a hat;
  • make cat-ear marks on the head;
  • fasten the back and front halves of the hat with a decorative cross fordesignations of cat ears and landing caps on the head.

The royal braid should be knitted according to the pattern.

cat hat knitting pattern

Work completed, the hat is ready.

Easier than ever

You can knit a cat hat with knitting needles in just a couple of hours, if you use a very simple way to get ears on top. Tie it to the size of the head so that it resembles just a bag, and you can do this with any viscous you like, and then sew up the corners to indicate the ears. When you get tired of the cat hat, you can embroider the ears, tie the canvas and get a fashionable beanie hat too. Easy!

hat with ears

Why is Snood not a cat hat? He has ears too

Fashion accessory - hat with ears. Although on the streets of cities you can meet big and small fashionistas not in hats with ears, but in snood scarves, which are also decorated with such a funny element. What to do to become the owner of such an interesting and unusual element of the wardrobe? Tie a snood and put on the ears. A snood scarf can be knitted according to this pattern.

knitted cat hat

Or you can just use a wide elastic band, for example 3x3. Snood is knitted into a ring so that it can be put on the head and wrapped around the neck. The ears are knitted separately and sewn in place. For a little girl, it is more convenient to use not a snood, but a removable hood. It looks like a hat. You can link it like this:

  • on needles No. 2 or 3, depending on the desired size, dial 30 loops;
  • knit pattern "pearl" in length 25-30centimeters - this will be an ear-tie;
  • add 25 more loops from the air loops and knit on 55 loops with a pearl pattern the fabric according to the size of the head - 65-70 centimeters high;
  • then bind off 25 sts on one side and continue knitting on 30 sts to knit a second tie;
  • sew the hood along the back seam;
  • tie the ears according to the description above and sew them in place.

To make the hood look neat, it should be tied around the edge, for example, with a crochet.

cat hat knitting master class

Why only cats?

Knitted cat hat has been a trend for girls and young women for several years. However, you can see not only "cat's ears", but also "ears" of other animals, for example, foxes. There are few differences in the knitting technique of such a funny addition to the hat, mainly color plays a decisive role. The fox hat will be red and white, the wolf hat will be gray and black, the bear hat that the boy will wear with pleasure will be brown or white, and the ears of the bear hat will be rounded, not pointed. Funny hats for children and adults, in addition to ears, can also have stylized faces - eyes, noses, mustaches. For very tiny babies, mouse hats are often knitted. You can knit this hat like this:

  • gray or white threads;
  • needles 3;
  • cast on 73 stitches;
  • 1 hem, 1 yarn over, knit 10, knit 3tog 1, knit 10, 1 yarn over, knit 1, fromtorepeat 1 more time; then 1 yarn over, 10knit loops, knit 3 together 1 knit, knit 10, 1 yarn over, edge loop;
  • purl rows knit according to pattern, yarn overs - purl;
  • at a height of 15 centimeters, knit off, sew the top seams in the form of a tulip, then the back seam.

Sew knitted round ears on the hat, mark the nose in the center with a pink button in front and embroider the mouse mustache with a stem stitch. Funny mouse hat is ready!

hat with ears

Cat hats are worn by adults and kids, however, not only hats with cat ears have won love - the theme of animals is relevant for many reasons, it is becoming a brand. And this allows you to decorate the world and protect the planet.

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