Hat with knitting needles: scheme, description. Knitting hats with knitting needles
Hat with knitting needles: scheme, description. Knitting hats with knitting needles

In recent years, knitwear has become the leader of fashion trends. They can be worn by women, men and, of course, children. If necessary, you can purchase the desired product in the store or in the market. However, many women prefer to create such things with their own hands. At the same time, they save money and put their love into the product.

hat knitting pattern

What to tie?

Homemade yarn product will be a great gift option for any celebration. You can give a hat, scarf, mittens, socks or sweater to just about anyone. Such a gift can rightly be called priceless, because it was created with love.

If you do not have the patience to knit large and bulky work, then choose a small and simple thing to start. One of the most popular activities for needlewomen is knitting hats with knitting needles. Schemes, description and end result will depend on who the model is created for. So let's get to work.

Selection of tools needed for work

Before you start knitting hats with knitting needles, patterns anddescription should be matched accordingly. Decide for whom the model will be made. If you are knitting a children's hat, then give preference to soft, airy yarn. For men, you can choose denser and thicker threads. A women's hat can be created from any material.

After purchasing yarn, you need to select the appropriate knitting needles. Remember that they should not be much thicker than the threads. Otherwise, the loops of the product will not fit tightly to each other. The ideal option would be tools of the same thickness or thinner than the working threads.

knitted hat women's pattern

Hat with knitting needles: pattern

When creating a product, you must act step by step. You will get a good result only if you follow all the instructions. Regardless of which model of headgear you are making, you must first knit a test fabric. This is the only way to correctly calculate all sizes and knit the perfect thing.

Knitting a probe and calculating sizes

So, you have decided what kind of hat will be made with knitting needles. The scheme of the headdress must be memorized by you, otherwise you will need a description with sketched fragments.

Cast on fifteen loops on the tools. Knit fifteen rows with the chosen pattern. Close the product and do the calculations. First you need to measure the created probe and calculate how many loops and rows are contained in one square centimeter. Next, measure the circumference of the head of the person for whom the product will be created. With helpschool mathematics course, calculate the volume of the cap in the loops. You will also need to find out what is the approximate height of the finished product. To do this, measure the person's head from forehead to crown. Remember that this is the minimum numeric value. More needs to be done in the work of the rows. When all the calculations are done, you can start knitting loops.

knitting hat for women scheme

Women's knitted hat: pattern

For women, the so-called hooded hats have recently become very popular. Such products are also called "wide snood". They look like regular oversized scarves, but can be worn over the head and used as a hat if needed.

In order for such a hat to be knitted with knitting needles (female), the scheme for dialing calculated loops must be slightly changed. Knitting of the product begins with the neck, which is why you need to dial the number of loops on the knitting needles equal to the girth of the neck. Remember that such a wide hat should lie freely on the shoulders, and not tighten the throat area.

Cast on the required number of loops on the tools. In order to avoid seams on the product and make it as accurately as possible, give preference to circular knitting needles. Start knitting a hat in a circle using the selected pattern. If you are a beginner needlewoman, then give preference to garter stitch. To do this, knit one row of the neckline with facial loops, and the next with purl loops. Stick to this pattern until the very end of knitting.

hatsknitting patterns and description

Knit a 15 to 20 cm neckline. After that, proceed to create the immediate area for the head. Mark the middle of the product and in each front row knit two loops together in this area. After a few closed loops, a hat with knitting needles for women will begin to emerge. The pattern of knitting joint loops must be observed until the very end of knitting. When you have made the required size of the cap, you can begin to close the circular loops. Do not overtighten the working thread. You want a free edge that will naturally hang off your head. When finished, hide the remaining piece of thread in the product.

Children's headwear pattern

A children's hat can be knitted in a slightly different way. The scheme of the product can be of different options. You can work with regular double tools, or opt for circular or double-pointed needles.

children's hat knitting pattern

Headdress with ears

A hat with knitting needles, the scheme of which provides for the creation of small ears, is knitted quite simply. Cast on a number of loops equal to the volume of the child's head. After that, knit five centimeters with a double elastic band. You need to purl two loops, and knit the next two. After creating the elastic, proceed to knitting the fabric. Here you can choose any pattern, but beginner needlewomen should give preference to a garter, front or back surface. When knitting the front fabric, you will get a two-sided product. Whichparty to wear a hat, only you and the baby will decide.

Knit a product of such a height as the area from the forehead to the top of the head. After that, you need to knit a few more rows so that the hat sits freely. Next, close all work loops, leaving the thread in a free state, and collect the product.

Straighten the resulting corners so that they stick out with the tip up. This will be the ears of the hat. After the child puts on the hat, they will look straight up.

knitting hat for girls scheme

With pompom

A knitted hat for a girl whose knitting pattern requires the use of circular or stocking tools is made so that it fits snugly around the head. So opt for the softest yarn that won't rub or itch.

Cast on the tools the number of loops that is equal to the girth of the head. After that, knit the product with a single elastic band. Knit one loop from the wrong side, and the next - from the front. In this way, tie five centimeters of the fabric, and then switch to garter stitch. For her, you need to knit one row with facial loops, and the next with purl.

When you knit another ten centimeters of the product, start decreasing the loops. This must be done as evenly as possible. Knit two loops together every fiveloops. The number of missed loops may vary depending on how many of them were originally typed on the knitting needles. Decrease every two rows. When there are no more stitches, knit two together and finish.

After that you need to sew on the pompom. It can be purchased at specialized stores for needlewomen or made with your own hands from the same yarn with which the product was knitted. Recently, fur pompoms have become very popular. They look rich and feminine. Therefore, you can give preference to this option. Carefully sew on the accessory, turning the hat inside out. Immediately after that, you can start using the headgear for its intended purpose.

knitting hats patterns description

In closing

When you create a knitted product, remember that the yarn may shrink a little when washing. That is why it is better to make a hat a little larger than to be upset that it is small later. Wash your hat by hand only. Use special products for cleaning woolen products. In this case, the hat will serve you for more than one season and will delight you with its rich and bright color.

Knit with pleasure for yourself, your children, relatives, relatives and friends. Please them, and they will appreciate your work and remain grateful.

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